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The Humming Bird – Messenger Of Joy
The Humming Bird – Messenger Of Joy

The Humming Bird – Messenger Of Joy


The Humming Bird – Messenger Of Joy

Some time ago one of my friends sent me a link for a video about the rescue of a baby hummingbird. In the Native American tradition the hummingbird is a messenger of joy and what a joy they are to watch! Intuitively, I feel that this came to remind me and all of us of the need for rescuing the tiny and fragile baby bird of joy in every human heart and soul.

Attending to its special needs is not as difficult as it may sound. It’s done through nurturing our precious inner self with the right kind of food, which means refusing to constantly watch the news on TV and listening to them on the radio and instead focusing on everything that is good in our world. To patiently and lovingly teach our inner baby bird of joy how to fly is everybody’s own task. Yet, with our encouragement and with each passing day it can and will grow stronger, until it is ready to take to its wings and share the joy it is capable of bringing, through its sheer presence, to all who are willing to pay attention to it.

The hummingbird is one of the most precious jewels in Mother Nature’s crown. Its diminutive size represents Universal guidance in itself, because it draws our attention to the fact that the greatest and most lasting joys of our present existence do not necessarily have their origin in the greatest of life’s events. More often than not they are found in its tiniest things and creatures, as well as fleeting moments, like an unexpected smile that lights up someone’s face like a ray of sunshine. A flicker of renewed hope in a person’s eyes. A kind and loving hand reaching out for us, when we are sad, lonely or in pain, maybe all of them at once.

Seeing the first snowdrops in winter, followed a little later by some of their cousins, the crocuses and daffodils. A ladybird, a butterfly – especially the first ones in spring. What joy! A flock of seagulls with their joyous aerobatics displays, and all other bird species. All of them are the Universe’s reminders that, even it is held captive by its earthly lessons, like them our spirit is free. If we so wish, we too can fly to our heart’s content and perform somersaults in the air – the realm of thought and spirit, our true home. And then one of our feathered friends suddenly bursting into song. How glorious!

But when it comes to flying, how does the bumblebee fit in? A creature that, according to the laws of aerodynamics known to humankind, could not possibly lift itself into the air, but is capable of skilful flying. Now, if that isn’t one of the finest proofs we could wish for of the fact that anything can be achieved and is possible with the help and the will of God, what is?

What about modest little flowers by the roadside, raising their heads to the Sun, as much as whole meadows, lawns and bits of wasteland alike filled with the splendour of hundreds of dandelions and daisies? Isn’t each one a small Sun in its own right and a reflection of the glory of the Great Light above, radiating its blessing and healing power into our world? A plant, a tree – especially a blossoming one, showing us Mother Nature as the happy and smiling bride welcoming her groom, the warmth and the love of the life giving Sun, onto the Earth plane.

A beautiful sunrise or a sunset. White clouds, like a herd of lambs, sedately drifting through a blue sky. The first raindrops after a long spell without rain. A rainbow arching over our world and bringing us the blessings of the Highest. The list is endless! And all the things it contains are pure magic and expressions of the loving care of the Highest and the Brightest Star in the whole of Creation, the Universal Christ. What joy they bring to human hearts and souls! Doesn’t that in itself reveal that all these only seemingly small things are of much greater value and significance than is commonly known and accepted?

So much our race has to be grateful for and every human heart and soul will eventually be ready to be filled with the joy the hummingbird brings. To receive it, all we need to do is open our eyes and begin to whole-heartedly appreciate the gifts that are all around us. Then let us give thanks and praise for the many marvels, miracles and gifts the Highest constantly unfolds for all of us through our beloved Mother, the Earth.

May we all open our hearts to hummingbird’s message of joy, regardless of the things that are still happening on this plane of life. And may ever more of us at long last wake up to the realisation that our world is and always will remain a place of great beauty and wonders that will forever rest safely in the loving hands of our true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and Its Angels.

* * *

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25 Feb, 2019
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