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The Jesus Legend
The Jesus Legend

The Jesus Legend


Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged – Part Seven

The Jesus Legend

In my view, there is nothing wrong and everything right with the story of Jesus’ life. The perception of it corrects itself as soon as one recognises why it has been that Christianity for so long insisted that every word of this tale is literally true. God and the Angels inspired its creation to provide humankind, in simple picture book form, with information about the various initiations every human being in the course of its earthly education takes part in. I fail to understand why it should be so difficult for the powers that be to accept the truth that the God-man Jesus is not a historical figure but a thoughtform that was created by God and the Angels trying to help humankind find a better understanding of its own higher Christ nature.

Changing the focus of Christian worship and prayer to the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, is that really such a big deal? After all, it was the Highest Forces of life who skilfully crafted the Christian religion from the components of belief systems that disappeared because they had lost their validity. The image of Madonna and child, for example was well known and loved by the people of ancient Egypt. Christianity’s teachings were purposely designed in a threadbare fashion, so that in due course when ever more of us were waking up from our spiritual slumber, we would begin to doubt and query their contents by thinking: ‘That can’t possibly be true! If it means anything at all, what could it be?’

Reflections of this nature are signals for our inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, that the time has come for entering the consciousness of its earthly counterpart. The higher aspect of our being then begins to provide us intuitively with the answers we are looking for, which in this case is becoming aware that what we are looking for is the truth that has always been hiding behind the surface words of sacred texts of any kind. This applies to every myth and legend that ever appeared in our world, including the one of the Master Jesus’ life.

One cannot help wondering how long it will take until one fine day sufficient numbers of us make a concerted effort to drag Christianity out of the hole systematically suppressing the truth, which it has been digging for itself for around two thousand years. What would happen when, as a result of the scandals that have been undermining Christianity’s credibility for many years by now, the French Catholic authorities, when the doors of the restored Notre Dame cathedral swing open, took the bull by the horns and declared their spiritual independence by revealing that the truth about the Christian teachings? If at first this was directed only at the church’s French followers, how long might it be until the rest of our world paid attention and followed their lead?

How are people going to like it when their religion frees itself of its necromancy and they no longer have to bend their knees in worship before a dying or dead man hanging on a cross? Did they not mind kneeling before such a graven image when their spreading has been expressly forbidden by their church? Which way will they react when they find out that:

1) The man on the cross is a metaphor for humankind’s lower earthly nature. For each one of us, without exception, this aspect of our being eventually dies on the cross of our earthly existence, so that our higher nature can come to the fore of our consciousness and gradually take over.
2) The cross is the oldest symbol of earthly life known to humankind and was not invented by Christianity.
3) Jesus is not a historical figure and his death is not a historical event. He represents humankind’s higher or Christ nature.
4) Jesus’ grave is a symbol for the earthly lifetimes every human being spends in ignorance of its higher nature and the knowledge that in truth we ourselves are God. The duration of three days stands for an undefined number of lifetimes.
5) On our evolutionary pathway in the course of many earthly lifetimes the drives and urges of our lower animal nature are gradually surrendered to our Christ nature and we begin to follow its desires and hopes, dreams and aspirations. When our spiritual nature wakes up from its slumbering state, the lower aspect surrenders itself through freely and willingly responding to the higher one. The dying man on the cross is a symbol of this process that has been taking place for as long as human beings were first introduced onto the Earth. To this day this development is constantly taking place in you, me and everybody else, each in their own individual way.

The way someone reacts to these revelations depends on how far a person has progressed on their evolutionary journey through earthly life. That’s why they will either be glad to hear the truth at last or scream blue murder and heresy! Yet, for all who are ready to understand, how much more heartfelt and sincere their worship and prayers will be when they are sent to the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. How much safer people are going to feel because of knowing that the Divine element of life is very much alive in them and everything around them.

And what if the word gets round and others accept Notre Dame cathedral’s invitation to participate in the Aquarian religion and in ever greater numbers attend the services of the beautifully restored church? Naturally, an enterprise of this calibre demands the courage of a lion, the king of the animal world. As astrologer that points me in the direction of France, the country that is astrologically ruled by Leo, the zodiac’s proud and noble royal sign of leadership.

In Leo the Sun is in its own sign. The Sun in the sky above us is but one of the manifestations of the Great Light, the Universal Christ, the Sun of all suns and the Light of all lights, through which it pours its light, warmth and love into our planet and every form of life that is part of it. The energies of planets in their own sign have particular strength and can manifest themselves in the most positive and constructive ways. When Leos find out the truth about something, for example that the belief they thought of as true is nothing of the kind, it is beneath the dignity of these proud and noble creatures to hold on to that which no longer is of any value. In particular this applies when life and death of their religion as well as the spiritual wellbeing and progress of our whole world is at stake. As much as clinging to anything that in the end reveals itself as being untrue is anathema to progressive and forward looking and thinking Leos, having been instrumental in the greatest deception of all times, inspired and brought into being by Highest, appeals to Leo’s sense for the dramatic aspects of life.

In the human body Leo rules the heart and that is the dwelling place of love, the most powerful force in the whole of Creation that can heal every condition and straighten all crooked affairs, our own and those of our world. More about the theme of Leo shortly, but for the moment let’s stay with the truth. I believe that the more it reveals itself, the more human hearts and souls will be opening to its call in recognition of it. This will provide them with the motivation for doing all they can to make God’s kingdom of peace, faith and trust, truth and honesty a reality on the Earth. I believe that this movement will start in France and that it will not long to radiate from there into the farthest and remotest corners of our globe.

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24 May, 2019
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6 mins
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