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The Lamb of a Demon
The Lamb of a Demon

The Lamb of a Demon

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Chapter 1 Sweets of Summer

"This guy is a fucking troll man. Azriel says seriously into the headset over his black hair that ends at his ear lobes. He then tries to straighten out his headset cause it constantly get stuck in the thickness of his hair. Stupid headset." He says to himself.

"Huh?" He says listening to the voice from his headset.

"Yea man no problem we can try again tomorrow wit a better party since this guy want to troll." He pauses for a moment to listen to the voice again coming from his headset.

"I don't know, depending on what time my shift ends tomorrow at the hospital probably late again. If had to say it probably be around ten a clock again. That's cool man? The voice from the headset responded. Ok, I see you tomorrow then." He says ending the conversation with the person on his headset.

He looks at the time in the right bottom corner of his pc. It says eleven twelve. He decides to put in another hour on the video game grinding to get better gear and leveling up his character. But what seem to be an hour to him was in reality four hours later next time he look at the time on his pc it said three sixteen.

"Shit. And I have to get up at six for work." He says to himself leaning backing in his roundabout chair and letting his head lean backwards while glaring out his apartment window blinds.

"Forget it! Since I'm already up this late might as well stay up till six and sleep all day when I get off." Is what he thought he said to himself but actually said aloud.

He put his hand on his pc mouse, go to icon game menu, and closes the game out. He then put his pc in sleep mode. He never fully turned his pc off. He figure it was no point since he be getting right back on it nine hours later after work if he doesn't sleep his day away that is. He gets up from the roundabout chair and stretch his arms upward. Been bout five hours since his last stretch so he deserved it. He grabs his headset off his head and throws it at the desk his pc is postion on cricket. He miss the desk and it falls to the carpet. He then makes his way to kitchen fridge to find something to snack on. He had a major sweet tooth for sweets and yet still continue to eat them even after having two cavities in the back part of his mouth. He opens the fridge to see if any of his chocolate doughnuts are left in the bag from earlier that he bought. Only a half of piece remains from out of the four.

"Oh come on.." He says reaching for it and grumbling it up in a matter of seconds and licking his fingers afterwards. Yet that didn't satisfied his sweet tooth. It kept tempting at him for more sweets. So he checks his kitchen cabinets like a robber looking for precious jewel of a rich man. Nothing.

"Argh!" You can't be serious. He said slamming the kitchen cabinets

Before he knew it he was in his bedroom shuffling through old dirty clothes to wear to the seven eleven not to far from his apartment. It was the last day of summer so it was good enough weather for shorts and t shirts. Even though that's what he already had on including doughnuts stains from earlier too. He just puts on a wrinkle up blue t shirt that says..

"I Judge my own life." and slips his feet into a pair of green slipper

He grabs his keys and wallet but leaves his phone cause no one calls him anyway. And was out the door on his way to the seven eleven not to far away. The neighborhood he lived in wasn't to bad. The occasional crime here and there but nothing to serious like serial killers or gang activity. The streets was clear as the night the sky without a star in them and the only thing that lit the sidewalk was street poles and the half lit moon. Not a single star in the sky that night. Usually is when he go to the store in the middle of night. Maybe cause the sun was bout to wake up in a few hours is what he thought to himself why there isn't none.

So he fasten his walk so get to the seven eleven and then back home. He cross the street cause the seven eleven was on the other side of the crosswalk. He always walk on the left first, then cross onto the right side once halfway there. He walk past the alley he always walks by so he didn't notice three figure standing there shrouded in complete darkness. He walks into the seven eleven and see's Anna. He guess David was off so this a be his chance to ask her out. But he reminds himself that he left his cellphone home.

"Hey Anna. David not here tonight?" He ask for a conversation starter. Yea he is here but as always he's in his batcave aka bathroom. I heard that sugar tits!." A voice calls out from the employers restroom. Hey Azreil you like sweets rights? Does that include Anna boo...! Shut up David!" She yelled before he could finish his sentence. Azreil smile.

"But anyway the doughnut man didn't come yet Azriel. Late like usually. She said to Azreil. Awe come on I rush out the house cause I thought he be here by now. And by the time I get off later they a be gone. Sorry dude. Anna said apologizing. No worries. I'll be back before I go to work tomorrow then. Azriel said. I'll save you some then babe. Anna said winking. Azreil gives her a little smile.

"Babe huh Anna!" David said yelling from his batcave. "Well here's my babe you haven't meant yet." David said letting out an huge fart.

"Ahhh I don't know how you have girlfriend David." Anna said covering her nose.

"I guess that's my cue to leave now." Azreil said laughing. See you later Anna. Azreil said to Anna waving. She gave him a little smile back and also wave goodbye back. He leaves the seven eleven with a little bit happiness entering into to his life. He passes by the alley and then his footsteps come to a sudden halt.

"Huh?" A confused Azreil said.

He tries to moves his body but before he could he is pulled into the alley with such velocity he has no time to think or react bout it before he is summon before three figures. He is then held more than twenty feet up in the air where's though if he was to be let go he'll surely break a leg or two.

"Hel...!" He tried to yell before something clasp around his throat stopping his words.

His body movements is so restrict to the point where him even breathing hurts. He decided to holds his breath like he is being submerged under water to stop the pain he is enduring from simply breathing. He look down at three figures below him. They look to be as if they're talking but Azriel doesn't see no lip movements. About ten seconds has pass since he starting holding his breath. The figure on the right seems to have physique of a woman while the other two that of man. They're cloak from head to toe in black like robes and not even moving. Their arms are held to their side and their posture is straight as a pencil.

He then looks back up and began to question his situation. A million questions runs through mind right bout now. Why is this happening to him? Twenty seconds now. How can something like this happen to him? Thirty seconds now. What do they want? Forty seconds now. In the end he really hated life and a happily die like this.Fifty seconds now. But does he really want to die like this? Now sixty seconds has gone by and Azreil can start to feel his lungs give away and also his body. He then glances back down and see that two figures who he think were men has disappear and only the woman remains. He's somewhat relived so now he can at least overpower her to escape. But within that same moment Azriel never notice it. His arms and legs were cut from his torso. He coughs up bloods at seeing the sight of his limbs missing from his body. Azriel body begins to be lower towards the figure. The figure continue to stand perfectly still as he approaches. He begins to lost conscious as he get closer towards her. Now he's side by side with the figure and simply hears.

"Now thou can't overpower me." He hears before he loses conscious.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Edit: I'm looking for editor who like to edit stories in there spare time. I need some of my stories proofread and edit. Please contact me on here if you're interested.

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