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The Law of Life
The Law of Life

The Law of Life


Learning To Fly – Part One

The Law Of Life

Love is the Universal law of life for the whole of Creation. All other laws have their origin in this one and radiate out from there. First and foremost there is the law of Karma and another, equally important one, is evolution. Whenever the law of love is broken by any soul, while taking part in its spiritual education on the Earth plane, Karma is created. That is why at some stage on our long evolutionary path, amends have to be made for whatever suffering we have inflicted upon any of God’s creatures – human and animal alike, and also ourselves.

Because life on all levels is imbued with the creative force and the consciousness of God, everything in the whole of Creation is constantly evolving and growing; no soul can escape from this. As pointed out earlier, spirit evolves in matter and the matter surrounding the spirit absorbs the vibrations of that which dwells within it. The matter responds to the spirit and through this also evolves. Whether anyone is consciously aware of this or not, the purpose of everybody’s being on the Earth plane is to become aware of the fact that first and foremost we always have been and still are a spirit and soul who is part of and at one with God.

Each time we are to enter into another material existence, our spirit has to create itself another vehicle. A mother and father substitute for our true parents have to be found; a woman and a man through whom a new physical body can be created, which will eventually be taken from us again. Our spirit is eternal; through our experiences it grows and expands, but our body has its limitations and is a gift only for a time. As the very cells of everybody’s physical body are filled with consciousness and on the inner level we are all one, when one of us learns something and moves forward, each one of us, our whole world and even the planet itself does the same. Every small effort counts and nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted; everything will always be recycled and changed into ever different forms. Not learning means a lack of expansion, stagnation and ultimately decay.

The law of Karma rules the great wheel of fortune and of life in physicality. The zodiac is its symbol. The Karma we all have brought with us into this world are the conditions in which we presently find ourselves. They were created by us in the course of many lifetimes and much of it is likely to be waiting to be redeemed, by none other than us. Yet, being a spark of the Divine, the children of God, everything that is in God is also in us – the very best as well as the worst. We are in this existence to bring forth from within the best and most noble qualities of our Highest Self, which at least in seed form each one of us contains.

This process brings us ever closer into being at one with our God Self, the way we were before the beginning of the evolutionary cycle that took us into the adventure of experiencing life as physical beings on the giant wheel of Earth life going round and round in huge cycles. We are the only ones who can release us from its drudgery. Gradually we need to overcome the desires, drives and urges of our lower animal nature, and instead nurture and develop only the best that is within us, so that our dreams and aspirations turn ever more towards the realms of the highest levels of life.

It does not really matter what happens to our earthly personalities and our physical bodies, even during our worst and traumatic experiences. All is well for as long we learn something and are progressing on our evolutionary pathway of life. But, let us not forget that our physical bodies also are parts of God’s Creation, that God lives with us inside them and that therefore they truly is the living temples of God. It is everybody’s own task to take good care of our body and its requirements. It is our vehicle – the only one we shall get – for learning to differentiate between good and evil, sickness and health, war and peace, life and death, Heaven and Hell. This can only be learnt by each one of us through our own experiences.

The Soul’s Yearning
So long as this you fail to see:
That death precedes re-birth!
A gloomy guest you’ll always be,
Upon this darkling Earth.

From: ‘Seliges Verlangen’

* * *

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11 Oct, 2018
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3 mins
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