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The Light Of All Lights
The Light Of All Lights

The Light Of All Lights


The Aquarian Revelations – Part Three

The Light Of All Lights

The Creation story tells us that God said: ‘Let there be light!’ These words have two different meanings. The Christ Star is the Light of all lights and the Sun of all suns. From it’s light all other Suns and everything else that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation was made and is constantly maintained. Without the light and warmth of the Christ Star there would be no life. But, spiritually light also means wisdom and knowledge and that can only be gained through exploring and getting to know ourselves, each other and the world around us. The light that is found in this manner has the power of transmuting the darkness of not knowing and ignorance into the light of knowing and comprehension.

There are as many names as there have been religions and philosophies in our world for the Great Light. The Divine Trinity consists of the Great Father/Mother of all life and the light of the Universal Christ spirit is their only born Son/Daughter. Each one of us is a tiny spark of this light. The Highest levels of life have always been communicating with us and our world through the parables and allegories of myths and legends. From time to time a new one was created by the Angels and Masters around the throne of God. As executors of the great plan of life, they are in charge of us and our world and the inspiration behind the birth and development of yet another religion that would take us that bit closer to the discovery of God’s true nature and our own.

Every human spirit/soul’s evolutionary journey up the spiritual mountain starts with the lowest class of the earthly school of life. This is an exceedingly long and hard road that is strewn with rocks and boulders of many different shapes and sizes. And because before God we are all equals, there is no preferential treatment for anyone. All of us at first have appear on the great stage of earthly life in the role of one of the meanest and toughest, most sadistic and cruel members of the human race. Although one cannot help the feeling that we are travelling alone and have to find our own way on this plane of life, the wise ones in charge of us – even though they are invisible to earthly eyes – never did leave us. They have always been observing our progress and that of our world. I find it reassuring to know that this will continue forever.

The dot in the centre of our birthchart represents the Christ Star and our Sun sign stands for the Divine Spark, who for a long time merely exists in a slumbering state. This tiny fire is planted in all of us at the point of our departure from the state of Paradise or conscious oneness with God and release into the school of earthly life with its initial ignorance of spiritual concepts. But since the creation of our world, the Christ Star has always been pulling it forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, towards Itself and into Its loving embrace. Naturally, this included humankind as soon as we were first introduced. From that time onwards we and our world together have been progressing at the steady even pace of one zodiacal degree for every day of the year and by progression one degree per year. We shall return to this theme.

Because of the progressions, if for example we were born into the first degree of Libra, it is only for the initial thirty years that are under the influence of the pure Libra energies. At the end of this period our consciousness changes into that of Scorpio and thirty years from there into Sagittarius. While the energies of our Sun sign remain at the basis of our earthly education for the whole of one lifetime, with every move by progression from one sign into the next the new Sun sign’s energies mingle with those of our birth sign. When you look back on your own life, you may be able to recognise how your life lessons changed and with them your interests and how new people entered your orbit who could help you with the phase of your development.

Steadily the energies of the Christ Star are drawing all of us closer to the ultimate aim of our earthly education and that is evolving into a Christed one, a healer and lightbringer in our own right. Alas, nothing of this nature can happen until the Divine spark begins to stir from its slumbering state and starts to develop. Much water has to flow under our personal bridge and many earthly lifetimes are required before this comes about. Only when our development has reached a certain point, does the spark wake up and with it the fire of love. Slowly but surely from deep within our own being, we then start to bring forth the characteristics of our higher or God nature.

The love in our heart at first it is but a small still flame. But each new lifetime in physicality provides us with more knowledge about God’s true nature and our own. Whenever a grain of truth comes our way and we get the feeling that what we heard or read is true, that’s our inner guidance’s way of confirming that something is true. This is how it reacts each time someone mentions the joyous prospect of being released from the obligation of further earthly lifetimes and of our permanent return into our true home, the spirit realm.

The more our higher or God nature takes over its earthly counterpart, the stronger the light of our inner fire becomes. This continues until it has grown into a mighty flame that has the power of absorbing that which is left of the dark and evil elements in our own nature and of those around us. God and the Angels can then uplift and transmute them into blessing and healing energies for all life, not merely our world but the whole of Creation.

That’s how, as time goes by, in each one of us the awakening of the love and wisdom, truth and honesty, loyalty and integrity of our higher nature absorbs the negative character traces of our lower earthly self. When they have been shed once and for all and the last one of our Karmic debts have been redeemed, so that the balance of our spiritual bankbook has been restored, we have evolved into a Christed one in our own right. Then at last we are ready to continue our studies on the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

Because love is the law of the Universe, no-one every forces us to do anything. We ourselves are ultimately the bottom line as far as our evolutionary pathway is concerned. But in spite of that, spending an indefinite number of lifetimes on the material plane is compulsory. And if we wish to make the developmental progress that is necessary if one fine day we wish to leave the school of earthly life behind, there is nothing for it but applying for our next lifetime.

While resting and recuperating from the stresses and strains of earthly life in the spirit world, we ourselves, i.e. our spirit/soul together with the wise ones in charge of us, choose the pathway for our next earthly sojourn, where and through whom we shall be entering it. That’s why Samuel Butler said: ‘Whatsoever we perpetrate, we do but row. We are steered by fate.’ English folk wisdom adds to this: ‘We all have to row with the oars life has given us.’ And the Greek statesman and poet Solon, circa 638 – 558 BC, having grown immensely wise in the course of many lifetimes, noted: ‘If all our misfortunes were laid in a common heap from which each has to take an equal share, most people would be content to pick up theirs and depart.’

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13 Apr, 2019
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