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The Light Of All Worlds
The Light Of All Worlds

The Light Of All Worlds


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Thirteen

The Christ Star is the symbol of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. It is the light of our world and all others and the Universal Christ is the Grandmaster of all lodges of consciousness on the Earth plane, i.e. philosophies, religions and belief systems. To this day they are speaking to us, for example through the legend of the life of Jesus, the Christed one. In the Native American tradition the eagle represents the spirit and a lodge is a dwelling place such as a hogan, wigwam or longhouse. The group living in such a place is also called a lodge.

In my view, the names White Eagle and the White Eagle Lodge and what was to become its mission were not chosen to represent one particular personality in the world of spirit. It stands for a whole group of wise ones through whom the Angels from the highest levels of life chose to bring to our world fresh insights into and updates for the existing spiritual knowledge. The Lodge was founded in 1936, three years before the outbreak of World War II, at a time when the clouds of darkness, destruction and death were gathering with increasing force over our poor beleaguered world and there was a particularly great need for the light of God’s wisdom.

In the Lodge’s own words, the White Eagle guides once worked through the spiritual mediumship of Grace Cooke for the purpose of helping our race to find a better understanding of its true spiritual nature, so that through this our love for all lifeforms that share our world with us could grow. How well they have always succeeded in fulfilling this task. However, the time for imparting fresh wisdom through spiritual mediumship is over. No successor to continue Grace Cooke’s work has come forth to this day, probably because this aspect of humankind’s spiritual development has run its course and the role of spiritual mediumship is changing.

It is every earthling’s birthright to eventually evolve into being its own recipient of Divine wisdom and truth that flows intuitively into their hearts and souls from the source of our being. When our earthly self regularly tunes the receiver/transmitter station of its mind into the frequencies of the highest levels of life, the Divine spark in our heart and soul wakes from its slumber. That’s the beginning of its transformation into the living God within, the wise one who really does know the answer to all our questions.

The White Eagle teachings, the same as any other item of spiritual knowledge that was ever given to our world by the Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, were never intended to be set in concrete or hewn into stone. Spiritual knowledge is of a fluid nature and is intended to enlarge and expand, as we and our world move through various evolutionary cycles and with it our ability to comprehend God’s sacred wisdom and truth increases. Keeping pace with our race’s continued progress, groups of Angels and Masters, guides and helpers have always been working in the background of life to gradually guide us into a constantly improving understanding of God’s true nature and our own, as well as our special relationship with the Divine.

On the mighty wings of Its sacred wisdom and truth the Great White Eagle wants to lift us all above the Earth plane and carry us onto ever higher levels of awareness and understanding. Because of a better perception of their present existence in the Cosmic context and the presence of the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers who are constantly surrounding them, even the last one of God’s beloved children of the Earth will eventually reach the developmental point when they will no longer feel lost on the physical plane of life.

Book knowledge and learning parrot fashion is well and good, but any information that comes our way has to be integrated by us and that can only happen through testing and trying it out for ourselves. Unless we apply the spiritual knowledge we are finding along the pathway of our lives to every one of our daily encounters, it will remain what it was in the first place: book and head knowledge that has no spiritual value whatever. Only through conscious application can it sink into our consciousness and in this way become the spiritual property of our eternal inner self. This is the only type of possession we take with us into the world of spirit, when our time for departure from the physical plane has come; no-one can ever take it from us. It accompanies us into Eternity and will forever stand us in good stead, as it can be drawn upon whenever the need for it arises.

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19 Feb, 2020
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4 mins
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