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The Loving Eyes That Never Sleep
The Loving Eyes That Never Sleep

The Loving Eyes That Never Sleep


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Amazing Grace – Part Twenty-Seven

My inner guidance continues: ‘God and the Angels are the loving eyes that never sleep. Nothing happens in the whole of Creation without them knowing about it and agreeing that it should come about. Naturally, your world is not exempted from this rule. It’s for the wise higher reason of teaching humankind the most important lesson of all – the one of honesty and truth – that, with the help and will of God and the Angels the greatest scam of all times was allowed to happen. And that’s also the reason why, on the surface of things, the pharma industry seems to be getting away with ever more outrageous lies and deceptions.

‘First the bird flu and later the swine flu provided your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers with plenty of practice. Each time, the wise ones in charge of your world stopped them from blowing each one of these bubbles into the proportion of a plandemic, for the simple reason that the time was not yet right for it. On this occasion, however, the industry was allowed to succeed, but only up to a point. Their greed has blinded them to recognise that a plandemic would be the best way of how the industry itself could produce its own rope for hanging the faith and trust that people used to have in any of their products. This is why increasing numbers of you are in the process of discovering the true intentions behind any of the pharma industry’s efforts and that, for a long time by now, none of them have truly been for the benefit of humankind’s wellbeing.

‘In truth, the whole operation from its very beginnings has been nothing but one gigantic money-spinner. When looked at from the right perspective, you will be able to see for yourself that this has been one of the pharma industry’s easiest enterprises ever. All it had to do was walk in the footsteps of your world’s old religions with their by now well known lying, cheating and deceptions, of the self and others. It did not take the pharma industry long until it dawned on the companies involved that the more monstrous a lie about the threat of an illness they invented, the easier it would be to frighten the living daylights out the masses. Like sheep they would follow the industry’s invitation to mass vaccinations, not just one, but two or maybe even three.

‘The sky seems to be the limit, but is it really? How long will people allow themselves to be led by their noses, like sheep to the slaughterhouse or, in this case vaccinations that make them feel as if they were safe and protected against a non-existent health threat? This, however, is only intended to continue for a predestined time. The more people realise that the pharma industry’s money-spinning exercise is the true reason for and the driving force behind the plandemic, the more they are going to lose faith in whatever this industry may still want to present to your world. And that’s how the industry itself is turning the ideas they received from God and the Angels into a cuckoo’s egg. It was deposited in the nest of the natural healing methods that many wise ones in your midst to this day have not forgotten. Their ever increasing popularity is living proof that they really are returning to your world. More about this in a moment.

‘First let’s take a look at how ideas for effective healthcare products were initially placed in humankind’s nest of consciousness. Just like the ideas for your world’s old religions, they appeared one after the other. This was because God and the Angels gave their ideas to people who in those days really were interested in improving humankind’s living conditions and health. Intuitively, they were shown how to go about developing remedies that would help to conquer the main illnesses that up to then had been the scourge of humankind, for example polio and smallpox. Through the products of those early days and other excellent ones that followed, like antibiotics, humankind’s faith and trust in the pharma industry’s products was steadily built up.

‘Alas, eventually the time would come when the ideas for new pharma products would be turned by the companies involved into ever more cuckoo’s eggs. Each hatchling would do its best to push the already existing eggs and hatchlings out of the host’s nest. The host was none other than humankind. That also happened to your world’s old religions. Yet, the deeper your world penetrates into the age of truth, the more clearly steadily increasing numbers of you will be able to see for themselves how, one after the other, religions as well as pharma products are being pushed out of humankind’s nest.

‘This creates the necessary space for natural healing methods. Ever more of you theses days are reaching out for the blessing, healing and helping energies of God and the Angels. This is because the knowledge is spreading that in truth there is only one God, the God of love and one chosen people, the whole of humankind, and so forth. Combining these two natural healing methods is the most effective one of all. This is how ever more of you discover that with the help and will of God and the Angels any kind of condition really can be healed. And that applies in particular to your world’s present sickness. Find out more about this by following the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

‘After having worked exceedingly hard and that for quite a long time, on forcing the natural methods out of their nest, ever more of you recognise the true intentions behind any of the pharma industry’s products. That’s why they are losing their faith in all of them. Do you recognise the pattern of what goes round comes round? You are witnessing the closing of another circle of experiences and that’s because the time has come when the pharma industry slowly but surely succumbs to the same fate as your world’s old religions.

‘We, your spirit guides and helpers, are glad to see that steadily increasing numbers of you these days are searching for more reliable and trustworthy healing methods. That’s why the age-old natural ones are enjoying a great revival and their popularity is constantly increasing. Also, inspired by God and the Angels, new natural healing methods are being discovered and developed in your world.’

On 21st May 2021 something came my way that had been written by a lady who has first hand experience of how the pharma industry has been working for a long time: ‘I worked for over ten years in pharmacy and trained to be a dispenser. I did consider becoming a pharmacist, but saw the concern especially with 'old school' pharmacists about the changing role of pharmacy, and the concern they had about the hold of BigPharma on the entire profession.

‘I was blessed to work with pharmacists who treated me as an equal. It was the advantage of working for an independent community pharmacy. It was my experience and what I had been told during the H1N1 swine flu pandemic of 2009 and the complete contrast back in March 2029 to all I had been told in 2009 that alerted me to something not adding up. Masks were an absolute no no when people came in to the pharmacy wanting to purchase them, natural herd immunity was talked of, and when the vaccine was introduced in the autumn of 2009, the Superintendent Pharmacist was emphatic that she was not having the vaccine, and strongly advised us not to have either, because – using her words - vaccines generally take ten years to develop safely.

‘I started to do research and came across many eminent medical professionals such as Prof Michael Levitt, Professor Delores Cahill, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Judy Mikovits of Plandemic fame, Dr Vernon Coleman and more besides. Eventually late last summer I discovered UKColumn and that has been such a breath of fresh air. Journalism with integrity. This is now my only real news resource and 'go to' if I want to find well researched information.’

From ‘The UK Community’

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7 Jun, 2021
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