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The Magic Of Music
The Magic Of Music

The Magic Of Music

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From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

When The Curtain Goes Up (10a)

Music is one of the most essential parts of the great Mother of all life. I am the feminine wisdom and love aspect of the Divine Trinity and the soul of the whole of Creation. Music is My voice that informs your world about the harmonies of the Heavenly Fields, on the highest levels of life. With the help of poets and composers who are serving Me, I share them with you on the earthly plane. The magic of My music has always captivated the senses of human beings, so that I could communicate with them more easily. Since time immemorial, making music and listening to it has had the power of lifting humankind above the trouble and strife of their earthly existence and lifting them into My loving arms.

I inspire the making of instruments and the musicians who use them. They, like everything in the whole of Creation, are constantly moving forwards and upwards on their personal evolutionary spiral of life and that of the whole humankind. That’s why I constantly encourage them to aim for ever better sounds that please them, their listeners and also Me. I am mistress and servant alike, not only of those who dwell on the earthly plane but also those who on that plane are believed to be dead, when in truth the essence of their being, their spirit/soul is alive and well in My world, the spirit realm. That’s humankind’s true home, from which you emerge at the beginning of each lifetime and return to when it has run its course.

As the feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity, I am eternal and immortal and so is every one of you. My music responds to the needs of all who are taking part either side of the thin veil that separates your two worlds from each other. In days gone by, I used to accompany you into battle and was there each time some physical remains were laid to rest in a grave. My vibrations have the power of making humankind laugh and rejoice, weep and mourn, wonder and worship. My sound can tell stories of love and hate, of souls who have been condemned as well as redeemed. Your prayers fly on My wings and take you into My world.

I am part of the smoke that falls over battlefields, where people are dying and thinking of their loved ones. Each one of you can only learn through their own experiences that there is no glory in warmongering, merely suffering and dirt, pain and blood, as well as tears for your own misery and of those you are leaving behind.

I reach and comfort human spirit/souls when their earthly selves have to wade through the depths of depression and despair, because of the karmic debts they themselves have created in other lifetimes or earlier in this one. I open human hearts to love and I am as much present and at home on marriage altars, as christening fonts and funerals. Each time someone stands at the open grave of a loved one, who has been called home into the world of light, I console those who are left behind. I heal the inner wound that was caused by the other person’s leaving.

I am but one of the many qualities and gifts of the great Father/Mother of all life. I am the Goddess and God is My masculine counterpart. I serve Him and the whole of our creation, and vice versa. Before Me everybody is equal. Kings and their servants alike are My slaves. In the school of earthly life, I communicate with you in many different ways. The birds of the air, the insects in the fields, the crashing of waves on ocean shores and the wind sighing in the trees, all are speaking My language. And once you have become aware of My presence, you can perceive me anywhere, even in the chatter of voices and the clatter of wheels on city streets.

All life is My family and you are as much part of Me as I am part of you. The very best as well as the worst is in every one of you. And all of you are instruments that were created to serve us, the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and our only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ spirit’s light. We in turn serve you. You are like us and we are like you. We have never left any one of you. During your race’s most traumatic experiences, the voice of My music has always served you upfront. I was there and I will never leave you. Each time one of you is wounded in mind and body, spirit and soul, listening to Me comforts and heals.

I am the inspiration behind all works of art. That’s the way I enjoy expressing and experiencing myself through you most. I have always inspired your world’s writers of poetry and prose, as well as your composers. To this day, I get some of you to write poems and others to set them to music, so that My messages can reach millions of you in this way. Some of you can use words and music together for the blessing and healing of the whole of humankind. Such gifts take many lifetimes to develop.

Everybody is gifted in some special way and the quality of what you produce depends on which evolutionary level you have reached, at any given moment and how well the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind is tuned into our frequencies. That’s how I inspired Aquarius to bring this to you. I hope that it encourage ever more of you, My beloved children of the Earth, to take to the wings of your own creative imagination. The Angels and I can then assist you to lift yourself, the whole of humankind and your world, to experience ever higher levels of life, whilst still taking part in earthly life but adding a touch of the magic and beauty of My world to everything you do.

The cosmic dance of your solar system’s planets is constantly making a sound that in your world is known as the music of the spheres. It’s My voice that always has and forever will be accompanying every one of you and the whole of Mother Earth with all here kingdoms on their journey forwards on an upwards winding spiral, in keeping with the Father’s great evolutionary plan. Every planet and house of the zodiac has a different lessons to teach and therefore plays a unique kind of music, during the times you spend attending the earthly school of life.

Whilst there, learn to pay attention to the birds, but not only their songs. They are My messengers and I am the one who orchestrates them and their movements. If you watch them, their behaviour patterns can give you valuable clues about your own motivations and what’s happening in the world around you. Their mere presence has always been trying to tell you that, in spite of the fact that you are tied to the earthly plane by your physical body for a certain length of time, your spirit/soul remains free. Every one of you has been provided with wings, just like the birds, and that’s your imagination because it enables you to go wherever and whenever you wish. As soon as you think of a place, even if it is in one of the farthest and remotest corners of Creation, you are instantly there.

And when you do not listen to the song of birds with your mind alone, you can sense the vibrations of their joy and happy feelings stir in you. They too are wings on which every one of you has the power of lifting themselves above the conditions of their earthly existence onto the higher and eventually highest levels of My realm. That’s how you can release yourself, at least for a while, from whatever could be troubling you at any given time. Music vibrations sometimes have the power of lifting you into My heart, to which yours responds with feelings of happiness. Regardless of how anxious and frightened you may sometimes feel about what’s happening in your world, when you listen to music whose vibrations deeply resonate with your innermost being, gladness fills your whole being and that increases your faith and trust in the goodness of the life that has been given to you.

Birds belong to the air element, the region of thought. They are telling you that your spirit/soul is part of their realm and that in truth it is as free as the birds. Try it out for yourself and observe how your thoughts can instantly take you into a distant corner of Creation. Every human spirit/soul has its own song. As soon as yours has become as pure and clear as that of the birds, nothing in the whole of Creation will even try to stop you from lifting yourself and the whole of humankind into the blessing and healing rays of the Universal Christ, so that all can share them with you.

The music of times gone by is living proof that I, the Great Mother, the love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity, never left you. This applied particularly during the six thousand years of patriarchy with its dominance of the masculine and the make-believe world of a nonsensical all-male Godhead. During that time, your whole world was particularly in need of Me and My gifts.

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1 Apr, 2022
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