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The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth


From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

In St. Matthew 5:5 of the Jesus legend I told you: ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.’ This message to your world is as valid and true now, as it was when I first gave it to you. Many of you, My human children, are among the meek who are patiently and willingly beavering away in the background of life working on your own healing process. Even if nobody in your world has ever heard or seen them, every step of the way we, the Angels, Masters, friends and helpers and I are observing, guiding and protecting them and keeping them safe.

In spite of all that the only true meek ones your planet has ever known were never human souls, but the small creatures of the Earth. Since time immemorial, they have been her true inheritors, especially the worms and insects that crawl about on her, and the microbes and bacteria that are invisible to earthly eyes without a microscope. Pay your respects to the essential work these labourers are doing for and with Mother Earth and therefore also on your behalves. They do not expect anything in return and demand nothing apart from being allowed to pursue the lives they have been given without too much human interference. These creatures are the great recyclers of the Earth who were there long before any of you appeared on the scene. They will still be there and continuing with their work long after every last one of you, my beloved human children, has outgrown their need for spending further lifetimes in physicality.

Once more I remind you that there is no death. There is only one life that is constantly pushing forwards and upwards in vast evolutionary cycles. It will forever move you, your world and all worlds on to new and higher levels of existence, bringing new learning and understanding through fresh first hand experiences for every single one of you. Many by now are realising the dreamlike quality of life in physicality. They are right, it really is a dream and an illusion, but nonetheless it has to be dealt with in the appropriate manner by each one of you. Your earthly education can only be left behind when your thought and behaviour patterns prove to Me that your time for doing so has come.

Each one of you has been placed on the Earth to eventually wake up to the realisation that you yourselves are God. It was you who created the earthly dream world and simultaneously you are the dreamer and the dream. You and I are one. I dream My dreams and speak My sacred words and prayers through you. Those who listen intently enough can join them and consciously become one with Me. Humankind’s age-old yearning for a peaceful world to come is a manifestation of My vision in you. Although thus far it had to remain but a dream, now the time has come when hand in hand with the Angels and Me you will be making this dream into a reality.

The wars of your world have been and still are My teaching aids to show all of you the value of peace, so that when it finally comes you are sure to cherish, value and support it with all your might. Having known wars and all manner of other troubles and strife in the past, you will then sing My praises for having found true and lasting peace, within and without. From then onwards this is going to be your most treasured possession. You will safeguard it and make sure that no-one and nothing can ever disturb and upset it again. Unfortunately, this is the only way I could teach you, my human children of the Earth, the value of peace.

You are experience. You are life itself and you are life experiencing itself. Over the ages, through your prophets I told your world many times that earthly life is but a dream. Yet, for a long time you could not grasp that these words were trying to make it clear to you that in truth you are always in Eternity. The deep inner understanding this requires can only grow in human souls, each through their own first hand experiences and learning from them. But now that you are at last waking up to the realisation of your true nature, I beg of you not to delay putting into practice whatever wisdom you find until you have reached what you once used to think of as Eternity. Your work is on the earthly plane. This is your school and here you must learn.

Those who diligently pay attention to the education it can provide will never fail and whatever may befall them, they cannot lose. There are no losers in the whole of My Creation. As long as you learn willingly and apply your whole being to making the Earth a better place for everybody, you can be sure of counting among life’s winners. There is every reason why you should trust Me implicitly because it always has been a vital part of My great plan of life that good must prevail in the end. No matter how dire things may sometimes look on the surface of life, good will eventually triumph over every bit of evil that still exists in you and your world. My light is My knowledge and wisdom, your power and Mine. I share them with you to assist you with conquering every last shred of darkness within and without.

Rest assured that you, your true eternal Self, will never, never die – it cannot die. As I rise into your conscious awareness and gradually take over your whole being, you will discover that you yourself, each one of you, are the resurrection. You are the life, the way and the truth. Live it, take possession of it and endeavour to use whatever comes your way for the highest good of all life, for you yourselves are God and everything that is in your world and all worlds has been placed into your care and ultimately is your responsibility. The people you encounter in our earthly existence and also the things you require for your stays there were never meant for you to cling onto like grim death. Each one is a gift from Me. You borrow them for a certain predestined period only. I expect you to return them to Me in at least as good condition, ideally in an improved one, as you once received them.

For as long as your race has populated My beautiful planet Earth, I have allowed you free access to all lifeforms that share it with you. Now that you are evolving into spiritual adulthood, your hearts and souls are beginning to understand Mother Earth’s suffering and dilemmas. As a result, the wise ones among you are now willing to take better care of her and all life that is in her loving embrace. Having learnt from the mistakes of the past, these pioneers and pathfinders for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius are showing their love and respect to all of you by acting in ever more responsible ways. By living simply and modestly, they have left behind their role of one of Mother Earth treasures’ plunderers and are now playing the part of one of her guardians and safe-keepers.

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20 Aug, 2018
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