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The Middle of the Road
The Middle of the Road

The Middle of the Road

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Today I'm walking in the middle of the road.

Most people say that it's a dangerous thing to do and most would believe that you would get hit which is why most people wouldn't do it, but today is different. Today I felt like I had to like I needed to walk in the middle just because I was destined to.

Today was a bad day, the teacher had gotten angry at all of us because she was aggravated, but for some reason, I felt like she was talking to me. I felt as if everything she said was directed towards me. Snotty, annoying, horrible, the list of words goes on. After she said all of that my own delusions added on making her words sound like disgusting, irrelevant... pathetic.

I always told myself that those words would never hurt me anymore for the voices had told every single one of those words to me along with others for a long time. In fact, I had heard those words so much from them that I soon became numb to the sound of the words, but for some reason when I heard it from someone I looked up to and thought was this amazing person, it hurt. The feeling pierced my well being, surrounding me in a cloud of suffocating sadness. It made me feel as if I was really never wanted this whole time... as if the voices were right my entire life.

So this is why, on this rainy day, I walk without a jacket. I walk with the rain dowsing my hazel hair, the water pouring down my face mixing in with my salty tears.

This is why, on this sad day, I walk down in the middle of the road. I walk with the sadness lingering around me as my thoughts swirl in my head, not allowing me to hear the car beeping loudly as it heads straight towards my slumped form...

Author Notes: This story is something that I came up with as I was walking home from school. It started off as a horrible poem I made up, but then I turned it into this. The ending is specifically supposed to make you think and make you come up with your own possibilities. My friends asked me so many times, "What does the ending mean?" so I just wanted to clarify that before I get questions about it or make you wonder all your life. I hope you guys liked this and comment any of your question or corrections if you want.

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4 May, 2018
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1 min
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