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The Miracle
The Miracle

The Miracle


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Nineteen

After having reached his eighty-third birthday on 8th January 2020, when the Sun was in Capricorn, my husband of fifty-six years and best friend of sixty-nine years departed from the earthly school of life on Saturday, 25th January 2020 in the morning. Will you believe me when I tell you that I am glad about it? The 8 is ruled by Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn, and that made my husband a double Capricorn and that is the hallmark of a very old and experienced soul. In keeping with his Saturnian style, he left our world behind on a Saturday, the day ruled by guess who? Saturn!

Knowing that, if he managed to get things right towards the end of his present lifetime by patiently enduring whatever came his way, he would be released from the compulsion of having to take part in further earthly lessons. And so he refused chemotherapy and bravely battled with cancer of the waterworks until the state of his health got so bad that he had to be taken to our local hospital less than a fortnight ago. In the morning of the above mentioned date, one of the nurses saw him contentedly sipping his cup of tea. When she looked again less than ten minutes later, he was leaning back and the colour of his face had changed. Very quietly he had just slipped away.

Together we have been working on a miracle for quite a while and only the day before he departed from our world I told him that the miracle could happen quite suddenly. Little did I know that it did and how it would manifest itself in the end and that in God’s time and God’s way – not ours. My thanks to God and the Angels for this blessing. It’s a great relief to know him safe and sound, alive and well, starting to enjoy the greater freedom of the spirit realm. All along I have never given up hope that one of these days a miracle would happen for him and that he would then be writing the last chapter of this part of my jottings.

Through his suffering his karmic debts must have been paid and the balance of his spiritual bankbook restored. The slate was wiped clean through clearing out, down to the last one, the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that were stored in his soul memories. With this the conditions were right and nothing stood in the way of a miracle, so that it really could come about quite suddenly. Knowing where he was going and what awaited him, made it easy for him to let go without a struggle when the Angel of Death took his spirit/soul by the hand and said: ‘You’ve suffered long and hard enough, old boy, come along with me! I’ll take you home.’

One part of me cannot help feeling guilty because sadness when someone passes into the world of light is the traditional thing of the past. Yet, the other much stronger spiritual side of me just feels happy and relieved that he no longer has to suffer. That’s why God and the Angels have decided in their infinite wisdom to write this last chapter of ‘Be A Miracle Worker’ through me, the same as all other parts of my writings always have done and to this day are coming into being. As this outcome is much more beautiful, good and right than any other one could possibly have been at age eighty-three, I am glad to oblige.

Let’s steal away, let’s steal away,
No reason left for staying.
For me and you
Let’s start a-new
And quietly steal away.

Let’s leave behind the city streets,
The gloom and desolation,
Of earthly life.
The rain, the cold,
Growing older and older
That’s too tough a station
For you and me.

The Fureys
Edited by Aquarius

I hope that one of these days the same kind of miracle is going to happen for me and that I too will be allowed to quietly slip away. And it’s not a goodbye or farewell we are saying to each other now, my Beloved, merely ‘au revoir’ and ‘auf Wiedersehen’ in the world of light. This is humankind’s true home from which we emerge at the beginning of every new lifetime and return to when it ends, at whatever earthly age this may come about. It’s no big deal really and nothing to be afraid of. And because in spirit we are one, until then you will be with me in any case and never be more than a thought away. What more could anyone wish for?

For me it’s a comforting thought that everything in the whole of Creation is wheels within wheels and cycles within cycles, and that this also applies to our earthly existence. On the whole human lives unfold like the seasons of the world around us, never stopping or even resting, merely slowing down towards the end. In both cases spring, summer, autumn and winter quite reliably are followed by another springtime that brings a renewal, regeneration and rebirth. In the case of human beings this happens in the world of light, our true home. There we rest and recuperate from the stresses and strains of earthly life until we are ready to either apply for another earthly lifetime or being allowed to move on to exploring the next higher level of the spiritual realm that is ready and waiting for us.

The outcome depends on which degree someone’s development has reached. But whatever happens, without interruption every one of us at all times is taking part in the flow of the great river of life and evolution. All of us are constantly proceeding forwards and upwards, each on their own individual spiral as well as that of humankind and the whole of Creation.

* * *

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15 Feb, 2020
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4 mins
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