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The mirror man
The mirror man

The mirror man

3 Reviews

Have you ever seen your reflection move when youre looking in the mirror? Have you ever been in the bathroom and felt as though someone was watching you? Well that would be the mirror man.

The mirror man is the second you stuck in the mirror. For the most part you have nothing to fear, for they won’t bother you. But if you anger them, or notice them, then you better watch out.

When you anger, or notice them you are in grave danger. They will wait until your back is turned and reach out and trade places with you. Then they will trade places with you. They know all your secrets and will act exactly like you. So no one will notice that they aren’t you. They will live the rest of your life while you are stuck in the mirror.

And once you are in the mirror there is no way of getting out. You are stuck in the mirror forever. And when they die, you just cease to exist.

How do I know all of this? Because I am the reflection in your mirror. And now that you know about me, you better not turn your back to me. Or you’ll be the one stuck in the mirror for eternity.

Author Notes: I'm open for any feedback good or bad. Just tell me how I did please.

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27 Jan, 2021
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