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The Mistakes Of The Past
The Mistakes Of The Past

The Mistakes Of The Past


Is There Any Need For Praying? – Part Two

The Mistakes Of The Past

God’s great plan of life always has been and forever will continue to unfold the way it should. We can be sure of this and that it applies as much to our world and all its lifeforms as anywhere else in the whole of Creation. Yet, because we are allowed the freedom to choose how we react to what happens to us, many things can go wrong. They frequently do and there is no need to get unduly upset about it, because the plan provides that plenty of mistakes should be made along our individual and collective evolutionary pathway.

Everything in our world has always worked on a trial and error basis. Without this it would have been impossible for us to learn anything and no progress could have been made from the earliest stages of our race’s development. The Angelic hierarchy is in charge of the great plan and its executor. They, together with innumerable groups of spirit guides and helpers, are our siblings in the great family of all life. All of them are our friends and their task is showing us the way and assisting us – their younger and less experienced and evolved siblings – with the imbibing of our lessons. With their guidance and under their protection, each one of us will eventually be able to do their share of putting things right again, in our own lives and our world. However many earthly lifetimes this may take for each individual, they will be granted.

During the first stage of our earthly education we are allowed to hurt and wound others as much as we like. However, when we have reached the second phase we are finding ourselves at the receiving end of what we once dished out to others. For as long as we are familiar with the processes of life and the existence of the Universal laws, even if we are living a good life and are an example of a citizen, we cannot understand for the life of us why difficult and traumatic things should be happening to us. Find out more about this by following the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

After having tried everything and nothing brought us the relief we were hoping to find, in our present state of ignorance about the spiritual background of our existence, we eventually reach our wits end. It then occurs to us, only seemingly a propos of nothing: ‘Why don’t I try praying?’ This is the most important part of the waking up process of our higher or Christ nature and its superconscious capabilities. German folk wisdom tell us: ‘Wenn die Not am größten, ist uns Gott am nächsten,’ i.e. when our need is greatest, God is nearest. That’s very true! In reality, God is always very close to us because S/H is part of us and we are part of Him/Her, but no help can come to us until we ask for it.

Our first prayer establishes a conscious contact with our friends in the spirit world and every subsequent one strengthens this connection. They are working for and on behalf of the Highest Forces of life, commonly known as God. They have been observing our suffering for quite some time. It has drawn them ever closer and they desperately want to help, but can only do so when the communication channel between their realm and the sufferer at last begins to creak open.

The first prayer also causes something that acts like a chink in the coat of armour that for a long time has surrounded our earthly self. It kept us enclosed as if we were living in a black box whose walls could not be penetrated by the slightest ray of light, in the form of spiritual wisdom and truth. This continues until for us the time has come for our spiritual awakening and the end of our lack of knowledge about God’s true nature and our own. And each time we pray the size of the opening increases and the energies of our spirit helpers can mingle with ours that bit better. This brings us the measure of relief that is right for that particular stage of our development. The more we pray and call for their help on a regular basis, the more of it gets through to us.

If, before this part of my jottings entered your field of vision, did the thought of God’s great plan of life ever set you wondering whether there is any need for praying. Considering that God and the Angels are in charge of us and our world and everything is part of the grand design, including our world evolving into a place where all lifeforms co-exist in peace and harmony, is there any point in it. If we wish that kind of a world come into being, sitting on our behinds and doing nothing will make sure that slowly but surely things on our planet can only get worse because in that case its negative and destructive forces will keep growing more powerful and dominant.

The Age of Aquarius is the period in which humankind’s highest aspirations and most daring dreams are going to come true. And as soon as another one of us decides to do their best to make a valid contribution towards changing our world into the kind of place that could so far only be envisages in our dreams, God and the Angels are happy to respond and do the rest. After all, that’s what they also want because it is written in the great plan of life. The time has come for learning how to work together with the natural forces of Mother Earth, instead of against them the way we used to do in the past while we falsely believed that we could subdue and conquer them.

God and the Angels are the only ones who can show us how to go about it and they do not mind the many mistakes humankind has made in the past, because through them they in their infinite wisdom and kindness and the greatest of patience have been teaching us that conquering and subduing our planet’s natural forces is impossible.

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1 Feb, 2019
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