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The New Earth
The New Earth

The New Earth


On the new Earth our physical existence will be a very different one. Sickness and disease, hunger and starvation, warmongering, violence and crime have been dealt with and left behind for good. They merely existed for a certain time so that, each through their own experiences, could see what kind of an effect every human thought, word and action produces in the course of many previous lifetimes.

When Mother Earth’s transformation is complete, all manifestations of life will have learnt how to exist together peacefully and harmoniously. The only ones who can dwell upon her will be those whose energies have been cleansed sufficiently so that their whole being vibrates on the right frequency. Because their karmic debts have been paid, the balance of their spiritual bankbook has been restored. The light of their bodies will have increased so that their whole being is in harmony with the planet’s energies. None of them has any desire to own or rule the world, this one or any other. They are happy and grateful that the Angels are attending to this task because of their familiarity with the Great Architect’s plan of life.

The Angels are visible to everybody on the new Earth. We all have constant and conscious access to their wisdom, and they are guiding and showing us how to go about our task of making Mother Earth an ever more beautiful and desirable place. Acting as her guardians and caretakers is our only desire. The temptations of Earth life of bygone days have long been left behind by us. Having overcome them, they seem quite ridiculous from where we presently are and we ask ourselves: ‘How could anyone ever go for that?’ We smile because we realise that we all did once upon a time.

Aware that everything in the whole of Creation belongs to God and that in truth we ourselves are God, we are happy to know that everything belongs to everybody and is therefore everyone’s responsibility. The thought of staking claims for anything would seem very strange indeed to us now, when we are living in a golden age of peace and plenty. It has come about because all of us are aware to take out only that which we need and leave the rest for everybody else to enjoy. This ensures that there will always be plenty for all.

In this world each one of us at all times gives of their best and the Universal laws ensure that only more of the same returns to them. Greed, cheating, lying and deception have been overcome and are no longer known. Honesty and truth reign supreme. True socialism and communism are part of the reality of the new Earth and everybody conducts their life by the principles of ‘One for all and all for one, and everything belongs to everybody.’ These codes of practice have existed as ideas in the consciousness of our race for a long time, but in the days of the old Earth the time was not yet right for experiencing their true meaning. This was because great numbers of young and inexperienced souls were taking part in its lessons through finding out what these two social orders do not represent.

I believe one of these days the way of living described above will have become Mother Earth’s only reality. At the moment we have reached an essential point of the preparatory stage now, but these conditions will come to pass – in God’s time, not ours. We have to be patient because the Divine great plan of life never hurries. Wise ones know that everything rests safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels and that helps them to control their impatience and undue haste. Whilst waiting for the new way of living to manifest itself on the Earth, there will be plenty of opportunities for getting to know the kindness and goodness of the all-embracing wisdom and love of the Highest Forces of life for us and our world.

There is no doubt in my mind that a carefully designed, well laid out and clear-cut beautiful path of eternal progress awaits us individually and collectively. Knowing that it is meticulously executed by the Angels fills me with the certainty that everything in the whole of Creation in the final analysis will always work out for the highest good and the greatest joy of all life, not merely ours. How else could it be when the Angelic hierarchy is the executor of the great plan of life? Accepting this into our consciousness brings the deep inner peace and trust in the life that is our birthright to find eventually.

No time is ever wasted by attuning ourselves to the eternal life. When we do, everything falls into place and begins to work together to support us and our aims. This tuning into the frequencies of the Highest is very simple. All we have to do is give our heart in childlike faith to our Creator and rest safely in the knowledge that God and the Angels are as much part of us as we are part of them. The awareness of this builds a deep inner faith and trust into our earthly self of the goodness of life and its trustworthiness. From time to time Its voice quietly speaks to us from our heart: ‘I am with you My child, be not afraid. I am not only by your side, I am part of you. I have always supplied every need of yours and this will forever continue. My ways are wisdom and love. Whatever life brings you is there by My love and My will. I know your needs long before you become aware of them and My love has no beginning, no end and no limits. I will provide for you, always.’

A good and glorious future is in store for us and our world, of that I am sure. We are currently coming out of the mists and darkness of the past’s ignorance and are moving into the bright light of God’s wisdom and truth. Silently and unseen, the only born Son of the Great Father/Mother of all life, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, is awakening from its slumbers in ever more human hearts and enters into our lives. And the Angels on the higher and highest planes sing: ‘Peace and goodwill to Mother Earth and all her kingdoms.’

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16 Jun, 2020
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5 mins
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