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The New World Teacher
The New World Teacher

The New World Teacher


Messengers And Their Messages

Part Two

The New World Teacher

Becoming a saviour and redeemer first of yourselves and then also of your world is every human soul’s highest potential. To achieve this, each one of you first has to learn how to work hand in hand with the Angels and Me, your Highest Self, the living God within. This is done by praying for our guidance and protection, so that we can come to your help and even for the most mundane things show you how to go about things. The more you learn to do this and the more highly evolved you become, the more you discover that you no longer have any need for the teachings of those who came before you, be they legendary figures or people who really once walked the Earth.

Try us and you will soon find out that I, your Highest Self, truly do know the answer to all your questions. They are coming to you intuitively = your inner teacher. As soon as you appoint this part of your being as your guru, you no longer require the prophecies and forecasts of others. I am the wise one who has always dwelled in the core of your being, your heart. I am the small still voice of conscience. I have always tried to bring you the wisdom and truth of your Highest or God Self, the living God within, so each one of you can find out for themselves that I do know the way of all things.

I am the long awaited new World Teacher, promised of old. For aeons I have been waiting for the time when increasing numbers of you will be calling upon Me and be willing to listen to Me and follow My guidance. Neither the man of the Jesus legend nor any of the Sainted ones of your world of past ages are going to appear in your midst, to lead and show your race what is expected of all of you. The Age of Aquarius is with you now and it is an age of equal rights and opportunities for all. This quite naturally also means the same duties and responsibilities. In the not too distant future neither human leaders nor followers will be required any more. All shall lead by giving of their best for the highest good of all and everyone will be glad to follow their example.

Occasionally you will find that the insights I am giving you into one theme and another differ from those that already exist in your world. This is not surprising because I am trying to help your world to find a better and more advanced understanding of the spiritual background of earthly life. As I have pointed out many times before, spiritual knowledge was never meant to be carved into stones, cast into moulds or set in concrete. It grows and evolves like all other parts of life throughout the whole of My Creation, including humankind. Evolution is an essential part of the law of life and constant expansion is of vital importance for it. The evolutionary spiral of life never stands still or moves backwards, only forwards and upwards. Naturally, your race’s understanding of My wisdom and truth is subject to this law. It too has to grow and expand with the passing of time.

For a long time now Stargazer writings have been providing Me with a channel for bringing new hope, faith and trust in the basic goodness of My great plan for all life. The development of your race is an integral and important part of it. This applies as much to your present existence on the Earth plane as to all other levels of life you will eventually be reaching, individually and collectively. Stargazer’s jottings are constantly bringing you fresh interpretations and a renewal of understanding of My sacred wisdom and truth, My true nature and your own. These writings are doing their share of establishing My Kingdom on the Earth. They are an integral part of restoring the balance of your world. This will continue until genuine and lasting peace has come to every part of it.

Rest assured that all your prayers are heard and especially those who ask the way St Francis of Assisi once did:

Make me a channel of Your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me bring Your love,
Where there is injury, Your pardon,
And where there is doubt, true faith in You.

Make me a channel of Your peace.
Where there is despair in life,
Let me bring hope.
Where there is darkness, only light
And where there is sadness, ever joy.

Make me a channel of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me bring Your love.
Where there is injury, Your pardon
And where there is doubt, true faith in You.

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
In giving to all people that we receive,
And in dying that we are born
To Eternal life.

O Master, grant that I may not seek
So much to be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand
And to be loved as to love
With all my heart and soul.

No-one can tell you how to open your inner doors for entering into the oneness with Me and My Divine life, which exists on the inner level of life and not as once believed somewhere ‘out there’. Trying to do this mentally is pointless. On the contrary, it is necessary for you to let go of all thinking, so you can connect with Me through the world of your feelings and the love you feel in your heart for Me and the life I am creating each day anew for all of you.

The only way of reconnecting with Me and My world is by making every effort to bring forth from your innermost being My characteristics of meekness, gentleness, humility, patience and peace of spirit, for they too are yours. In your meditations and quiet contemplations dwell on nothing but peace, goodwill, thankfulness, joy, beauty and as many of your own highest attributes you can think of. The more you become like Me, the more you are at one with Me.

So, in all your endeavours attune yourself to My Spirit as best you know how to. When faced with a particularly difficult situation, before acting think to yourself: ‘How would God react to this?’ Contemplate on My nature, My compassion, wisdom and love. Let everything else go and dwell with Me in My spirit. By constantly living this way the small point of light, the Divine spark in you, gradually expands more and more until your whole being has become a golden Sun and a Christed one in its own right.

* * *

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11 Jul, 2018
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