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The Origin of My Truth
The Origin of My Truth

The Origin of My Truth


The Origin Of My Truth

‘In the fullness of time, we shall no longer learn from others or from books. We shall find all knowledge within ourselves, for we are part of all that ever has been and all that ever shall be,’ White Eagle. That’s what for many years has been happening to me. The knowledge the Angels are bringing you through me are coming from the feminine aspect of the Divine, the Great Mother and soul of the whole of Creation. This soul is the storehouse of the memories of everything that ever happened anywhere and the wisdom that was gained from it.

The human soul is the soft, sensitive and vulnerable aspect of our nature, women and men alike. Our soul is an integral part of the soul of our world as well as the Great soul, the Mother of all life. Through re-establishing our inner connection with the Goddess’s wisdom, in the fullness of time all earthly selves will eventually learn how to tap directly into Her knowledge. This is our Divine parents’ way of helping us to release ourselves from the bondage with earthly life by finding the answers to all the questions we may ever need to ask. The replies received from this source are the truth.

As we know by now, everything in the whole of Creation is connected with and responding to each other. All life is subject to the Universal laws and on the inner level everything is one and functions as one. In the great plan of life all things have their allocated space and happen at predestined times. Our race’s earthly education is not excluded from this. As early on God’s spiritual wisdom and truth are too hard to grasp for earthly minds, with the passing of time on the Earth it has been changing and presenting itself in many different forms.

This explains the need for the new myths and legends that appeared from time to time. They are living proof that spiritual knowledge should not be stored in waterproof containers and that there is no point in trying to be too precise in defining it. The best we can do whilst playing the role of earthlings is to accept that the Divine plan and its laws are perfect and harmonious. The evolutionary process sees to it that everything in the end works out for the highest good and greatest joy of all, regardless of the fact that God’s way of going about it are frequently extremely hard to comprehend for human minds.

For some time now the Age of Aquarius has slowly but surely been moving us and our world forwards into a period during which all of us eventually will be freeing ourselves from slavery and oppressions of all kinds, especially religious/spiritual ones. The autonomy of the new age consists of being free to believe and follow what our heart, the dwelling place of the living God within, tells us is true. Let’s take a closer look at the structure of the energies of the Aquarian Age. The deeper we move into this age, the more powerfully they will be influencing us and everything else in our world.

Astrologically the heart is the domain of Leo, the Sun’s own sign. Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites in the zodiac. One is the sleeping partner of the other. Aquarius as an Air sign is of the head and its energies on their own are cold, logical and reasoning. In contrast to this Leo as a Fire sign is of the heart, loving, warm and feeling. Together they are the perfect combination for bringing God’s wisdom and truth down to the Earth. An excessive amount of Leo’s fiery nature, which may itself show as too much and misplaced enthusiasm, Aquarius cools down to a warm and agreeable temperature. In return for this Leo adds the warmth of its love to the coldness of the Aquarian energies. The combined force of the two signs makes the Divine Waterbearer’s knowledge pleasant and agreeable to us earthlings.

It takes many lifetimes round the zodiac and in Leo to acquire the ability to love wisely from the heart, the way our Creator loves us. Young and less experienced souls during their times in Leo tend to put loved ones on a pedestal to worship and adore them. This way of loving eventually lifts itself onto ever more highly elevated levels. The more we mature spiritually, the more the energies of Leo and Aquarius in us join forces and work as one. During the early stages of our earthly education Leo’s extreme selfishness and egotism are our hallmark. But with the passing of time when our time in physicality nears its end, this transforms itself into a love for humankind that worships and adores the One who brought all of us into being, who nurtures and cares for us and is sure to continue providing for any needs we may ever have.

For as long as our earthly self still functions predominantly on the outer level of our being, the desires of Air and Fire, head and heart, being polar opposites, are frequently at loggerheads with each other. But once we operate as well on the inner as the outer plane, they learn how to work as one, ever more peacefully and harmoniously. Aquarius represents the voice of God, which by the way I only found out recently. Leo rules the human heart, which is the receptacle of the creative ideas that are constantly flowing forth in great abundance from the heartmind of the spiritual Sun above and beyond the Sun in the sky above us, directly into our human hearts.

That’s how God’s wisdom and truth are presently finding their way ever more freely and powerfully into any heart that is open to receive it. This brings us the knowledge we need to release ourselves and our world into the religious/spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age mentioned earlier. For some time this kind of information was given through spiritual mediums, like Grace Cooke. But because we are constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, this by now has changed into direct transmissions from the Highest levels of life.

My writings have always been part of this new approach. They represent my truth, which never was based on speculations, myths and legends. It consist of the knowledge that for some time has been flowing with ever increasing force from the source of our being directly into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. What a long time this kind of knowledge had to wait until the time was right for at last revealing itself intuitively and directly to us earthlings.

Bearing in mind that a human lifetime, even if someone lives to one hundred, is but the twinkle of an eye in terms of Eternity, I perceive the White Eagle quote at the beginning of this chapter as a peek into humankind’s future. It speaks to us of something that is going to happen in earthly life when our planet’s transformation has been completed and our world is at peace. I do not think for a moment that the words had ever been intended to undermine the importance and validity of the teaching work of the institutions that are presently so well love and cherished by many.

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16 Aug, 2018
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