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The Pandemic : So Far And No Further!
The Pandemic : So Far And No Further!

The Pandemic : So Far And No Further!


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Forty-Eight

There’s None So Blind . . .

The higher spiritual purpose of our world’s present state will have been fulfilled when the majority of people at last become aware that their earthly existence is by no means a one-off thing. How long will it take until what’s left of our world’s religions grasps that it is nothing of the kind? In truth every lifetime we spend on this plane is but a temporary stop-over. Each one, however, is a necessary part of humankind’s individual and collective eternal journey that will forever continue to move us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

It’s good to know that ever more of us by now are sufficiently highly evolved to participate in bringing about the greatest healing miracle that has ever been experienced on the Earth. Hand in hand with God and the Angels, we are destined to counteract the professional scaremongers who, from behind the scenes, have manufactured the present pandemic. Their hopes that it would be possible to once more manipulate our world’s masses and, with the help of fear, relieve them of sufficient amounts of their resources to satisfy the greed and avarice that are the driving force of the troublemakers’ lower nature.

God and the Angels are only allowing them to go as far as they have done, because it was necessary for the redemption of the karmic debts of many who are presently taking part in earthly life. The debts were accumulated during lifetimes spent on the giving end of suffering, in the course of approx. six thousand years of patriarchy, with their unnatural all-male religions and dominance of the masculine over the feminine. Read more about this by following the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

The experiences of the latest pandemic up to now were necessary for the completion of one great cycle of events, whilst providing valuable learning opportunities for everybody else. However, the patriarchal karmic debts raised their heads for the purpose of redemption and nothing more! And that’s why God and the Angels are now saying: ‘So far and no further! No matter how hard anyone may try, the individual and collective progress of your race’s evolutionary journey and that of your world will never come to a halt or move backwards, not even by an inch. The purpose of the exercise has been teaching humankind the value of honesty and truth through the absence of it. This would enable to you to cherish and treasure these qualities when the Zeitgeist of the Aquarian age returned them to your world.

‘Their own experiences will soon teach your troublemakers that what was right in the days of the patriarchy is no longer good and desirable now. Irrespective of how hard they may try, as surely they will do, their hopes and dreams of ruling your world with fear and, with its help, mercilessly exploiting humankind’s resources to their heart’s content, no matter how much suffering their behaviour causes, are not going to find fulfilment. For wise higher educational reasons the religions of the past once were allowed to get away with this kind of thing. But this part of humankind’s development has run its course. Rejoice! You and your world together are moving into experiencing the greater freedom of the Aquarian age.

‘The spiritual expansion of your world’s consciousness can only come about through the peacemaking efforts of all who are aware of what is at stake and therefore are willing to contribute towards making your planet into a better and more peaceful place. Every kind and loving thought, word and action that any one of you sends into your world adds to its positive stream of consciousness. Through this, with the passing of time, that stream slowly but surely becomes so powerful that it absorbs ever more of that which is evil and negative in its dark counterpart. Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and love is the first and main law of life. When the two come together, their joint strength is greater than twice the amount of each of these energies on its own. This transforms them into such a powerful force that it’s hard to imagine in your world.

‘In the temple of healing on the highest level of life, the Angels of healing and peace for some time have been working exceedingly hard with these energies to uplift and transmute all your world’s harmful influences of into beneficial ones. For taking part in the blessing and healing process the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind needs to be tuned into our frequencies and your energies in harmony with ours. For all healing work in your world we require your help as much as you need ours. And even the smallest efforts that one of you makes is of the greatest value and counts. Not your world alone gains from them, but the whole of Creation.

‘Never forget that every one of your kind and loving thoughts, words and deeds you send into the Universe joins others with the same energies in the stream of light and that adds to its power of attracting ever more thoughts of this nature. As a result, when in due course your thoughts return to you – as they surely will – they are going to be greatly enriched. Alas, this also happens to evil and deceitful, treacherous and hateful, destructive and vengeance seeking thoughts, words and deeds. So you can see for yourself that there really is no point in fighting evil with evil. All that can hope to achieve is creating more of the same and increase the power of the dark forces that to this day are at work in your world.

‘Every loving and forgiving thought one of you sends to the professional scaremongers and troublemakers of our world creates more light. It adds to the light stream’s strength that flows in their direction. With your help, their Divine spark then absorbs ever more light. Eventually, their Christ nature begins to stir from its slumber and its characteristics start moving into the foreground of the troublemaker’s earthly self’s consciousness. The love of honesty and truth are the most outstanding features of everyone’s Christ nature. Christianity’s birth of the Christ child is a metaphor for this process. It’s easy enough to send kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to your world’s troublemakers. And that’s just one of the many ways every one of you can act as their own saviour and redeemer, and that of your younger and less experienced siblings, as well as your whole world.

‘For a long time, all spiritual youngsters are unaware of their true nature and the spiritual background of their earthly existence, its laws, obligations and responsibilities. That’s why those in your midst have no idea what, because of the Universal laws, will eventually be winging its way to them. In one of their future lifetimes, when they are financially and spiritually weak, like many of you are today, they are sure to find themselves at the receiving end of the suffering they, in their youthful ignorance, are now inflicting upon millions of people and your whole world. They will then have to endure something that is similar to what they are presently doing. Isn’t there anything you, their older and more experienced siblings in the family of humankind, can do to prevent this kind of thing from going round in circles and endlessly repeating itself? Everybody can, if they so wish. How about you?

‘Every human being in your world is your brother or sister and that includes the scaremongers and troublemakers. Young and inexperienced as they are, they do not yet know that life in the whole of Creation, therefore also your world, is subject to My Universal laws. The main ones are love and evolution, and that means evolution based on love. Anyone who trespasses against them deserves your compassion. While these spiritually poor ones are wallowing in material riches and greedy to possess ever more of them, they are blind to what they are doing to themselves and what, unless you assist them in the suggested way, is sure to happen to them in one of their future lifetimes and that could be a long way ahead. My justice is perfect, it does not forget anything. It’s so perfect that it is hard to imagine when you first hear about it. Bearing this in mind, why not forgive the trespassers? And that does not mean you are condoning their behaviour.’

* * *

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27 Jul, 2020
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