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The Patriarchal Religions
The Patriarchal Religions

The Patriarchal Religions


No Fall From Grace Or Original Sin – Part Two

The Patriarchal Religions

The Angels purposely designed the patriarchal religions of your world so that, with the passing of time, the masculine forces would increasingly be left to their own devices and do as they pleased. Through supporting and encouraging the growing expansion of the masculine lust for power, warmongering and destruction, seeking dominion over people, their belongings and their land. Especially at the administering end of these belief systems they have been bringing out the worst in human beings.

The result was conditions the likes of which had never before existed on the Earth. These lessons had to continue for such a long time in order to create sufficient opportunities for all of you to learn, each through their own experiences, about the suffering the lower and lowest desires of the masculine forces are capable of inflicting upon you and your world. Every spirit/soul needs to eventually recognise for themselves the ultimate futility of these things for the simple reason that nothing in earthly life ever belongs to any one of you.

The behaviour of the masculine gradually got ever more out of control. Young and inexperienced spirit/souls, for as long as they are unaware of their true nature and the higher purpose of their existence, to this day tend to be vain and arrogant, aggressive and full of their own importance as males of the species. They like to think of themselves as the owners and masters of their particular small patch of My Creation. Lost in the illusion of earthly life frequently finds them in pursuit of what they believe to be their rightful share of the power, glory and wealth of your world. It takes a long time before such youngsters, independent of the age of their physical body, finally grasp that everybody is equal before Me, that all of you have the same rights as well as duties, and that every right is accompanied by a corresponding duty.

Independent of where anyone finds themselves at present on the spiral of their personal evolutionary journey, everybody has the right as well as the duty to be educated on the Earth plane, because that is the only way human beings can evolve and grow in wisdom and understanding. Even the last and slowest one of you in the end will reach the developmental point when they realise that everyone’s most honourable right and duty is having sufficient input into transforming your planet into a better and more peaceful place that can be enjoyed by the inhabitants of all its kingdoms. They too will then become aware that the only things they are meant to control and master are the desires, drives and urges of their lower animal nature.

For those who wish to make the progress that is their birthright and potentially possible, their first duty is practising patience, tolerance and kindness with those who are not yet as highly evolved as they are. When they observe the misbehaviour of these people, wise ones are comforted by the knowledge that everybody eventually gets to where all of you are going. And when you bear in mind that all of you can only do so at their own pace and in their own time, it will no longer surprise you that so many in your world are struggling with their awakening, just the same as you once were and in spots still are likely to do.

Refuse to believe that any of the latecomers and strugglers you see around you is lost. They are not! Rest assured that no spirit/soul will ever be left to its own devices or lost, neither in earthly life nor in the spirit world. Every human being is working as hard as you have been and still are on transforming their weaknesses into strengths, even though they may as yet not be consciously aware that this is the evolutionary process in which every all of you have always been involved. Independent of where it is on the evolutionary spiral of life, deep down every spirit/soul knows it possesses My highest qualities and strengths, even though at first only in seed form. And assisting those who are having difficulties with the development of their higher nature is the noblest task for aspiring healers and lightbringers. To be one of them is the easiest thing in the world. The only thing you have to do is being true to your real self, behaving towards everybody with equal kindness and friendliness, with compassion and loving in thoughts, words and deeds.

Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and yours have a far greater effect, not only on the development of your own spirit/soul but also on that of others, than you would ever have believed to be possible. Just think of each one you encounter as one of My children, just the same as you are, and recognise that everybody in the long course of their own individual and collective evolutionary journey basically has identical needs. All have to endure the same tests, trials and tribulations on the road of transforming their inner darkness into light and their weaknesses into strengths. This is the only path that in the end leads each one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, back home into the conscious awareness of your oneness with Me and all life.

Focus your attention on the image of the rising Sun as an outer manifestation of My Light that by now ever more forcefully radiates into your race’s individual and collective consciousness. Let the light of My wisdom and knowledge guide, protect and help you find your way through any experiences that may still have to come your way as part of the redemption of your most ancient karmic debts. Turn your face towards the Sun in the sky above you and in your imagination lift yourself and the whole of your world into the power of My radiance, so it can flow through you and manifest itself in everything you come into contact with.

Make peace with Me, yourself, your life and everything it has ever contained. All of it happened for the wise higher purpose of teaching you some kind of a lesson that at the same time helped you to redeem your Karma. Refuse to exploit anyone and give of your special talents freely and lovingly. They could have taken many lifetimes to develop for this particular purpose. Let every one of your thoughts, words and deeds be simple, true and pure. Do not lean unnecessarily on other members of the animal kingdom, for each one of them also is your sibling in the vast family not only of Earth life but the whole of Creation. Do whatever is in your power to alleviate the suffering of your world, wherever you encounter it. This alone can move you and your whole world onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth and of the re-discovery of the Great Mother and the value of the love and wisdom of the feminine. Every earthly mind is potentially a receiver/transmitter station for My ideas. And the deeper you and your world are entering into this age, the more the Angels will be bringing the parts of My wisdom and truth, directly from My loving heart, that will help all of you to move ever forwards and upwards. Everything is given through the inner guide and teacher, the wise one or living God within, i.e. intuitively to those whose minds are sufficiently tuned into My frequencies and theirs. The Angels and I are delighted to observe how ever more of you by now are conducting their lives in keeping with the truth My messengers have already brought you. That is the only way that true and lasting peace can slowly but surely come to the Earth.

Knowing and appreciating the value of truth and peace, wise ones cherish and treasure both and are willing to defend them, if need be with their earthly life. That’s no longer such a big deal for those who have discovered that life is an eternal and never ending process and by no means a one-off thing, and that no-one is snuffed out like a candle when they leave their physical bodies behind.

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17 Jul, 2019
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7 mins
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