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The Patriarchy’s Death Struggle
The Patriarchy’s Death Struggle

The Patriarchy’s Death Struggle


The Pigeon/Dove As Animal Totem

Messenger Of Peace – Part Three

The pandemic is the final instalment of your world’s dramatic lesson of teaching the value of honesty and truth. Just like all other qualities, the wisdom of the Great Father/Mother taught it through first providing plenty of experiences for every one their beloved children of the Earth. They knew that there is nothing quite like taking part in something, in this case witnessing how much damage lying and cheating, dishonesty and deception, corruption and the spreading of untruths is capable of doing. Dove, as our messenger, has come to let you and your world know that this lesson has been dealt with sufficiently and that, therefore, the time for making peace has come. That’s why the truth about the machinations of your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers is surfacing ever more forcefully into the consciousness of humankind.

What you are presently experiencing is the death-struggle of the patriarchy. Masculine aggression and ambition are having their final fling! That’s why some behind the scenes of your world to this day are dreaming that it will be possible for them to rule the whole of your world, their way – not God’s – with fear. We have come to tell you that they could not be more wrong! All around you signs are clearly visible that the Great Mother’s love and wisdom and an appreciation of the civilising and beautifying influence of the feminine are returning to your world with ever increasing strength.

The increasingly powerful influence of the Mother’s feminine creative energies, for some time by now has slowly but surely being restoring the balance of your world. A difficult task, if ever there was one, you might be tempted to think. Ah yes, but with the help and will of God and us, the Angels and Masters around His/Her throne, all things are possible and any condition can be put right and healed. That’s why dove with its gift of prophecy has come to tell you that your home planet, because of humankind’s presence, has suffered long and hard enough. And because love and evolution are the main laws of life, the Great Father/Mother do not wish that any of their beloved children should unnecessarily. This is why the truth about the pandemic by now is emerging ever more forcefully.

We, your spirit friends and helpers, love to watch how the people of the Earth responding to the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist. We are whole-heartedly supporting your efforts of rebelling against the yoke that was created by a small minority of immensely rich people for the sake of satisfying their greed by exploiting your world’s resources some more. They are in for an almighty surprise when the whole enterprise blows up around their ears. This also applies to governments who are nurturing the hope that compulsory mass vaccinations can, one way or another, be forced upon the people of their countries with serums whose effectiveness is at best extremely doubtful and at worst downright dangerous. And what about the pharma industry who is producing them, just when they thought they were on the verge of hitting the jackpot this time? It’s anybody’s guess how their shareholders will react when the industry’s promise that vast dividends will soon be pouring into their pockets to line their already splendid nests with some more of what magpie calls fake gold.

Some in your world believe that the plotting and scheming of these people is the work of a creature called the devil. See the link for the open letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano to Donald Trump at the end of this chapter. In God’s time and at the predestined moment, the Archbishop as well as anybody else who to this day shares his beliefs, will discover that the devil is a symbolism for every human being’s untamed lower nature. They will also know that Jesus represents their higher God or Christ nature. Heaven and hell are not places anyone ever went to, but states of consciousness everybody has the power of creating for themselves and those around them.

How this manifests itself on the earthly plane depends on whether someone is still taking part in the lessons of experiencing the lower aspect of their being. But if you are already in the process of bringing forth, from deep within your own being, the qualities of your higher nature and developing them by using them in your daily encounters, you are unlikely to have difficulties recognising that the driving force behind the pandemic 2020 is the pharma industry and the greed and avarice of the spiritually immature leaders and shareholders.

We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, so far have allowed it to happen. It was necessary for the redemption of the karmic debts the more highly evolved ones in your midst brought with them from previous lifetimes, when they were as ignorant of their true nature and their responsibilities towards all manifestations of life, just like your world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers. And because the Great Father/Mother of all life does not wish any of its beloved children of the Earth to suffer unnecessarily, the dove is entering your world’s consciousness with the promise of peace.

As pointed out before, we are the eye that observes everything that happens in the whole of Creation. Naturally this includes your world and all thoughts, words and actions of every one of you. We assure you that there will be no Great Reset. Nothing in your world, or anywhere else, is beyond our reach or takes place without our permission. The lack of honesty and truth has been part of teaching humankind their value. And the need for redeeming some of your most ancient karmic debts, individually and collectively, has been the reason why your whole world for such a long time had to endure being at the receiving end of the mischief making of your spiritually less experienced siblings in the family of humankind. But enough is enough!

Yes, the pandemic came about with our help. Rest assured that nothing in your world or anywhere else in the whole of Creation happens without it. There is a big difference between your efforts and ours. The motivation behind everything we do are two wise higher reasons: a) teaching someone and sometimes your whole world a lesson and b) redemption of Karma. As co-creators with God and assisted by us, everything that exists on the earthly plane was created by all those who ever took part in it and those who are doing so at present.

That’s why the robbers and plunderers of this lifetime, who do not yet know any better, during one of their future lifetimes on the material plane, when they have matured into spiritual adulthood, will be robbed of their material possessions by a new generation of spiritually immature people. This is how, in the earthly school of life, everybody sometimes takes on the role of teacher and on other occasions as pupil, many times simultaneously. Like all truly great ideas, your earthly existence is that simple! Simplicity is the greatest gift God can bestow upon any human being.

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15 Nov, 2020
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