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The Penguin As Animal Totem
The Penguin As Animal Totem

The Penguin As Animal Totem


The well mannered penguin addresses threats by looking from the side by turning its head. It sees much better in water than on land and enjoys superior camouflage in water. With its dark back it blends with the water when hunted from above by birds of prey. Its white belly blends with the lighter top of the water when hunted from below, for example by sea lions.

Equipped with poor vision and sense of smell, the many unique and fascinating evolutionary adaptations of penguins are quite necessary. It is not uncommon for penguin people to have poor vision, but they make up for it by being very talented in other areas, among them swimming and feeling at home in water. They can be very dexterous and sociable, and often successful in business and society. It is usual for penguin people, especially as they grow older, to be very popular with those around them.

Penguins cannot fly, but they are highly talented aquatic animals. Some of its most important characteristics as a totem animal for penguin people, aside from their aquatic deftness, are their social and family abilities, their politeness and good manners. Through their good example they can teach these qualities by showing their consideration for others in social and family situations.

Even a brief study or reading of the penguin’s social organisation, regardless of what type of penguin, demonstrates the importance of these attributes to those who have and work with penguin medicine. In fact, penguins and penguin people cannot stand to be alone. This can be as much a strength as a weakness, as in their desire to be around others they can sometimes be too kind for their own good, just to attract some company.

The penguin’s bolt-upright manner and orderly way of doing things, especially while on land, denotes more than just good manners and properness because they are very focused and orderly in many ways. Such attributes often about in penguin people, though these abilities may take time to develop throughout childhood.

Despite the penguin’s awkwardness on land, it is graceful and fluid in water. This may show itself as being a master swimmer or at least having a potential for it for people who have penguin as their totem. Penguin’s water acrobatics are highly impressive, from diving into the water to leaping out again and landing firmly on its feet. On land the penguin has adapted its agility to be useful as well, for example by tobogganing. This technique allows penguins to travel greater distances and move with speeds of up to twenty-five miles per hour.

Penguins, especially during mating times, bow to each other before leaving the nest and may walk about the area in a show of respect. Penguin people tend to be formal. Their totem animal reveals this by its formality and looking as if they were permanently dressed for a dinner party. The same formality and care are shown by those who hold this totem, who prefer to mix in upper class circles. Many choose careers that allow them to do this.

Penguins mate for life and have complex courtship rituals and one of the most important life lessons this animal can teach is self-confidence. Once this ability has been developed, penguin people can make good leaders, who are outgoing and confident in all social situations.

Penguin people tend to dream vividly and can benefit greatly from paying attention to their dreams, as they are more likely than most to receive messages through dreams and in meditation. The penguin with its striking black and white colouring is gifted in understanding that which is unknown and hidden from common view and knowledge, black, but also the awakened consciousness, white. This rare combination provides the penguin with balance and poise, which is difficult to achieve even for those who hold this totem. In fact, their natural potential and the need to balance these opposing realities cause some penguin people to suffer from bipolar disorder and similar problems. Working more closely with this totem as their teacher and guide can help them to find the balance they need to bring healing.

If penguin suddenly comes before you, the way it is doing right now with this new chapter of my jottings and especially the video – one of the finest nature displays on film that has ever come my way –, this animal totem could carry a message for you that something in yourself and your life may be in need of attention and possibly could do with changing by applying some of the penguin characteristics.

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