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The Power Of The Real You
The Power Of The Real You

The Power Of The Real You


The Age of Aquarius has been with us
For quite some time by now.
That’s why it is becoming ever more widely known that
It is the age of truth which has been in preparation for a long time
When the truth from the Highest levels of life will gradually be flowing
Into the hearts and minds of those you are ready to
Receive and understand it, so that
Eventually, it will be reaching all who,
At any given time, are attending the lessons
Of the earthly school of life.
Because of this, nobody will soon be able to
Hide the truth behind our world’s present state
From common view and knowledge.

The Aquarian age is also the age of
Friendship and siblinghood with any kind of
Manifestation of life everywhere
In the whole of Creation, not merely on our planet.
With this the time has come for renewing
All our relationships, especially the most difficult ones.
First in line is the one with ourselves and also
With our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.
All relationships are waiting to be healed and transformed
Into bonds of friendship and love, so that once we have
Created them, they can never again be taken from us.
And wherever our evolutionary journey may still
Have to take us, they will be with us.
They are going to be ours to keep in all Eternity.

Our love for each other, the whole of humankind,
Our world and its Creator act like spiritual wings.
They enable us to rise above our lower nature’s
Meanness and selfish desires.
At last, we can peer beyond the ends of our noses,
To perceive the greater picture of our existence,
Its outer and inner counterpart where all is one
And there’s no separation between anything.
Honesty and truth are its supreme rulers.
The knowledge that everything on the earthly plane
Only ever happened for the wise higher purpose
Of teaching humankind every one of the lessons
That are needed, individually and collectively,
On the evolutionary journey that will forever
Take all of us forwards on the upwards winding
Spiral of life.

The Universal Christ’s light and warmth are known as
The Christ Star and that’s the strongest and brightest light
In the whole of Creation.
Let’s tune into its energies and ask God and the Angels
To teach us how they wish us to bless and heal,
Hand in hand with them, our world.
Every human being contains at least a spark of
The Christ light, even though in many it has not yet
Woken from the early state and as yet hasn’t gathered
Sufficient strength to take over its counterpart,
The lower earthly personality.
Nonetheless, the spark is there and that’s
The Christ child that the Jesus legend places
Into the crib among the animals and that’s
A symbolism for everybody’s lower human animal nature.

God and the Angels place a spark of the Christ light
Into the heartmind of every human being
When it’s first being released into being educated
In the earthly school of life’s lessons.
By taking part in them in the course of many lifetimes,
Every spark is constantly growing stronger.
This continues until the Christ nature has taken
Over its counterpart, the lower earthly nature.
That’s how every one of us is taken, time and again,
Through all signs and houses of the zodiac.
The Christ child in the manger is a symbolism
Of this process and that’s the beginning
Of the wise one or living God in every
Human being’s heart coming ever more alive.

The highest and noblest qualities displayed
By Jesus are in every human being,
Even though at first only in seed form.
Don’t allow this to discourage you,
Because the God-man is not a historical figure.
The story of his life is but a legend
That was created by God and the Angels,
So that in due course we would be able to
Recognise that the Divine qualities are present
In every human being, although for a long time
They are inactive and therefore invisible.

And yet, we can only see in others what’s also in us.
Therefore, Jesus’ characteristics and abilities
Must also be in us,
But where?
Deep within our own being.
Everybody has the very best as well as the worst within.
The best is meant to be brought forth and developed
And everything else needs to nailed to the cross of earthly life,
To bleed to death.
Jesus dying on the cross is a symbolism
Of this process which every human being experiences
Sometime on its evolutionary journey.
From the lowest up the highest,
That’s how each one of us has to travel.

The end of our earthly education has been reached
When we have evolved into
A Christed one, in our own right.
We are then aware of our true nature
And the high and holy destiny that awaits
Every human being at the end of being educated
In the earthly school of life,
At that stage of our development we know
Who and what God is and who we truly are,
As well as what kind of relationship every human being
Has with their Divine parents.
No further earthly lifetimes will then be required
By us and at the natural end of our last one,
We are released into the greater freedom
Of the spirit realm and continuing their studies
By exploring its higher and eventually highest realities.

On the long, steep and narrow road that leads
To this goal, refuse to pay attention to the shouts of
Those who think they know the way,
Even though their behaviour shows they have no idea
Of what truly is at stake in our world.
As the pioneers of the Aquarian Age, we have learnt
To pay attention to our inner guidance and
Following its directions and that’s the right road for us.

Hand in hand with God and the Angels
Each one of us is required to walk this road alone.
And it’s good to know, that although they are invisible
To earthly eyes, they really are there,
Always have been and forever will be.
In truth, none of us has ever walked
The earthly plane alone.
Under their guidance and protection,
Eventually, every human being’s task consists
Of bringing down to the earthly plane ever more
Knowledge of God’s great evolutionary plans
For the whole of humankind, our world
And everything within it.

We are here to share, with as many as possible,
Our understanding of the wise higher purpose
That every human existence ultimately serves,
So that ever more of us can bring forth and develop
The spiritual wings of the real you.
They alone enable us to lift ourselves above
Whatever may still have to happen in our world.

Every human being, without exception, has an eternal and everlasting spirit/soul that cannot be harmed, hurt or destroyed by anything. Never having been born on the earthly plane, this part of our being will never perish or die. When, in the course of many lifetimes, the Divine spark in us has grown strong enough, this aspect of our being provides us with the spiritual wings that empower us to lift ourselves above what’s happening on the earthly plane. This enables us to recognise what’s behind the present situation and what kind of purpose it serves.

That’s the power within everybody, at least potentially. With the passing of time, it enables us to not only lift ourselves above what’s happening in our world and take ever more of our siblings in the great family of humankind with us. That’s why whatever we have learnt along the pathway of our present lifetime, needs to be shared so that others can do the same for themselves – if that’s their desire. Nobody ever forces us to do anything. The freedom of will to draw our own conclusion and make our own decisions is one of the main gifts that the Highest Forces of life have always granted every one of Its beloved children of the Earth.

The God-man Jesus is a symbolism of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature, which in the course of many lifetimes spent in the earthly school of life everybody develops towards the end of being educated there. Each one of the miracles and wonders that, according to the legend of his life, Jesus brought about is filled with symbolic meanings. Every one of them is waiting to eventually be performed, by none other than God and the Angels, through everyone whose higher nature has been developed. And that’s the power of the real you.

Andy Murray
Edited by Aquarius
Updated January 2022

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9 Jan, 2022
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