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The Power Of Thought In Spiritual Healing
The Power Of Thought In Spiritual Healing

The Power Of Thought In Spiritual Healing


White Eagle On The Power Of Thought – Part Five

The following was inspired by a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 1 – Healing from the Spirit’: ‘Every earthly human mind is an extension of the Great Universal intelligence or God mind and is ultimately capable of creating anything, just the same as God. Because they are part of the Great intelligence, every spirit/soul – even the youngest and least evolved ones – always contains a certain amount of it. However, during the early stages of your earthly development the upper higher part of God’s nature does not yet manifest itself. Therefore, do not be deceived when some of those around you are acting in what to you appears to be a downright stupid manner. It’s just that their intelligence has not yet had sufficient opportunities for developing and unfolding.

‘Yet, even at that stage of your development your earthly mind is a powerful tool that is capable of creating good health, wellbeing and happiness, but alas also sickness and pain. The mind can take you into the depths of depression and back out of it again. Learning to send nothing but good and kind, loving, forgiving and understanding thoughts into your world is why you have been placed there. Through the experiences of your life, you are meant to grow in wisdom and understanding and eventually discover God’s true nature and your own. That’s how, in the course of many earthly lifetimes, every human spirit/soul slowly but surely develops the power of filling your world with ever more goodness and light. All your thoughts, words and actions then feed into your world’s light stream of consciousness and that enable is to absorb ever more of that which still is dark, ugly and evil on your plane.

‘Hateful and destructive thoughts feed into the dark stream and increase its strength and the strength of that which feeds into it. Refuse to respond in that way to the troublemakers and scaremongers of your world. They are not your enemies, nobody in your world is. There are merely teachers and pupils in the earthly school of life. Troublemakers are merely your younger, i.e. less highly evolved siblings in the great family of humankind, and they have no idea about what they are doing to themselves and what, in due course, with the help of the law of cause and effect or Karma is bound to find its way back to them. If you send these people nothing but kind, loving and forgiving thoughts, you are helping not only them but also yourself when, in the fullness of time, those thoughts return to you – as surely they will – instead of hateful and destructive ones.

‘Learning to control their thought processes is a great need for everybody in your world. Without it you will never be able to free yourself from the bondage of earthly life. You need to firmly take charge of your thoughts and send them where you really want them to go, so that they are helpful for your own evolutionary progress and that of your whole world. It’s the only way of mastering your earthly self’s drives and urges. All suffering that has ever been experienced on the earthly plane was brought about by faulty and confused thinking. Its cause is the lack of knowledge and understanding of humankind’s true nature and destiny, as well as the processes of life in which you have always been involved and forever will be. The true reason for all sickness and disasters, natural and human-made, are the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, which were spread by your world’s old religions, about the purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence.

‘The worst offender is the belief that was spread by the religions of your world that your life is a one-off thing. The teachings of your religions were purposely designed to stop humankind from discovering too early the truth about God’s nature and its own, that all human existence is eternal and that in truth there is no death, merely a moving into different dimensions of life. The fear of not knowing where you have come from and where one day you will be going to, that’s what makes people ill in the first place. When someone is so convinced that their beliefs are true, they cannot throw them off when their time for departure from the physical plane has come. Through us the age of Aquarius is bringing you the truth about these things and many others. This will continue until the last one of you, with the help of a better understanding, has been brought to perfect health in a perfectly natural way.

‘Bearing in mind that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation, we, your spirit friends and helpers, endeavour to work with the constructive power of positive thoughts and words that avoid anything destructive. And whenever we are trying to help and give advice, we make it a rule to see nothing but good. We are doing this even though many on the earthly plane, who are as yet unaware of such things, are likely to call our attitude as foolishly optimistic. Rest assured that this is most certainly not the case. Because we are fully aware of the creative power of thoughts and words and what kind of effect they are having, we are not foolishly but wisely optimistic. Knowing that by thinking and advising good, we are doing our share of manifesting good things and conditions in your world, and that our expectations of positive outcomes helps them to come about, that’s what we do. And this is why you will never find us thinking and speaking in terms of pessimism and sadness about the death of your physical bodies. If your inner guidance says we are speaking the truth, take care not to allow anyone around you to stop you from following our example.

‘Living on our side of the veil, we have all the evidence anyone would ever care to have that life truly is eternal, that there is no death and that life will forever keep on unfolding and progressing and that in keeping with God’s great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation. Naturally, this includes every one of you and your world. Never tell anyone whose present lifetime has reached the departure lounge that they are going to die. If the person does not yet understand that there really is no death, try to explain in kind and loving words as simply as possible what you think will happen to you when you, one of these days, are ready to leave the earthly plane behind. And then in your mind’s eye visualise how the person easily and safely slips into our world. Observe the whole process as part of the ever changing and unfolding eternal life.

‘Never forget that wherever there is life there is also hope and do not anticipate anything but the best possible outcome in any kind of situation. Your trust and confidence may help to disperse the other person’s doubts and fears about being placed into the hands of the Highest, as whose channel all spiritual healers are working. Your attunement to the Highest forces of life has the power of assisting and easing the passage of those in your care from your world into ours. When you sense that one of the Angels of Death is holding their hand, quietly speak to your patient along these lines: ‘I do not believe that there ever were places like Heaven and hell. They are states of consciousness those in the earthly school of life, during the early stages of their education, are good at creating for each other. In my view, there is only one place where anyone can go at the end of each lifetime and that is the spirit realm. It is a world of light and love, honesty and truth, where nothing is hidden. When your hurting physical body has been left behind, you may think you are in Heaven. Well yes, in a way, you are and the earthly life you are leaving behind hasn’t that been hell enough for you?’ As far as possible, every patient should be encouraged to at least begin to develop a spiritually healthy outlook on life.

‘Right thought is God thought and that means balanced and loving, pure and holy, kind and friendly, tolerant and generous thinking. Whenever a steady stream of such thoughts is flowing from your earthly mind into the Universe it can bring benefits to every aspect of those around you. This kind of thinking is a natural process for those who perceive the world around them with the help of God’s vision. The Divine healing energies that are flowing through them are driven by the power of that person’s sincere aspiration. When your whole being has totally and unconditionally surrendered itself to the Universal Christ, you are in harmony with the Christ energies. The receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind then works on its frequencies. As a result, the Christ rays can penetrate the cells of your physical body and flow through you into everything you come into contact with.

‘These Christ energies can change all things that to this day are dark and evil in your world into good and right ones. This also applies to people whose whole being is in need of healing. Through the connection with you, their spirit/soul fills with the Christ light and from there flows into every cell of their physical body and bring healing to it. And as soon as the patient’s Karma allows it, God and the Healing Angels in close co-operation with the Lords of Karma, can create miracles. Because of the utter fairness and justice of the Universal laws and the accuracy of the Akashic Records, there is no need for anyone to doubt the decision of the Lords. All kinds of healing work are carried out under their supervision. This is how the right kind of thoughts, with the passing of time, develop the power of creating miracles, hand in hand with God and the Angels. The more such thoughts keep on flowing from pure and loving hearts into their frequencies, the more easily miracles can come about. The Divine energies they activate have the power of changing your world’s spiritual darkness into the light of wisdom and the ability to understand it. That’s how that which to this day is dark, ugly and evil on your plane is at present occupied with changing into something that is good, right and beautiful.

‘Jesus is a symbolism of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. The legend of the Master’s life demonstrates in picture book fashion how every aspiring healer and lightbringer are advised to proceed. Jesus’ words of: ‘I and my Father are one,’ now that you have reached the age of truth, need to be paraphrased into: ‘The words that I speak unto you, are not from me but from the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. They are as much part of me as they are of you. On my own I am nothing, neither are you. They and the Angels are doing the healing work through all of us.’ On their own nobody can heal anyone. But whenever one of you makes contact with the Christ Spirit and the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly mind is tuned into the frequencies of the Highest, the Divine healing power is released into them and from there flows into their suffering patient. Sometimes this helps that person to quietly slip away. One of the Angels of Death lifts their spirit/soul into our realm, where their whole being is recharged with the Divine blessing and healing energies.

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23 Nov, 2020
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