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The Power Of Thoughts And Words
The Power Of Thoughts And Words

The Power Of Thoughts And Words

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The Power Of Thoughts And Words

Taking the religious teachings of your world at their face value and believing that every word of them should be understood as being from God and true, for a long time has served the wise higher purpose of making human beings think during the early stages of their earthly education: ‘Great! No need for doing anything. I can satisfy my lowest urges and desire and behave any old way. It doesn’t matter, no-one is watching me.’ The earthly curriculum of young and inexperienced spirit/souls contains that lesson to this day. It was designed that way by the Angels and Me.

However, the small earthly self of every human being eventually reaches the developmental point of waking up from their spiritual slumber and finding out about their true nature and the spiritual background of their present existence. For quite some time this has been happening to steadily increasing numbers of you. This is an essential part of the long awaited spiritual rebirth and the birth of the true Christ child, the saviour and redeemer of humankind, for whom your world for aeons has been preparing itself.

Christianity proclaims this event as the ‘Second Coming’ when in truth it is the first one. The Master Jesus is not a historical figure who once walked the Earth. The story of his life was merely the birth of a new legend, which the Angels and I gave to your world as a preparation for what is presently taking place. The birth of the legend’s Christ child in the stable, one of the humblest places on Earth, is the symbol of this event and the stable represents all human hearts. Bethlehem is a metaphor for the whole of humankind.

The awakening brings with it the realisation that each one of you through their own thoughts and words are constantly in the process of creating something, like Me. You are personally responsible for the conditions of your life because you yourself created them. And on the spiritual pathway, which eventually takes every one of you back home into the conscious awareness of your oneness with Me, there never was any room for easy options and escape routes and there is no substitute for hard work in life on all its levels. Spiritually, everything that happens anywhere in the whole of Creation is for real and has weight and value, and that includes every thought you think and every word you speak.

All of them are noted in the Akashic Records, as you will be able see for yourself when you have once more returned to your true home, the spirit world. As soon as you have rested and recovered there sufficiently from the trials and tribulations of earthly life, the wise ones in charge of your development – with the help of your very own Akashic Record – invite you to take a look at the sum total of the understanding and wisdom you gained from all your lifetimes, including the most recent one. Nobody sits in judgement over you. You are the only one in the whole of Creation who assesses what your weaknesses and strengths are. You decide which lessons you feel strong enough to tackle in your next lifetime and which karmic debts you will try to redeem.

The Angel merely suggests the best ways of going about this, but you are the bottom line. The choice is always yours and nobody ever forces you to do anything. But you know that if you wish to make the progress that is potentially yours, you have to go forward. Wishing to be released from studying in the school of earthly life as soon as possible, so you can continue with them on the higher and eventually highest levels of the spirit world, you agree. And that’s why wise ones in your world, who are aware of what’s at stake, before speaking take a deep breath that allows them to think carefully about what they are going to say. This they do because they appreciate that, even though on the earthly plane words seem to be worthless unless they are followed up by positive and constructive actions, every one of them leaves an impression on the etheric level and weighs either for or against people in the unerring scales of justice of their spiritual bank account.

If you want to establish reliably what is right and wrong for you in given moment, instead of asking other people or looking for books for advice, call upon Me, your inner teacher or guru, who knows the way of all things and the answers to any question you will ever care to ask. I have always been with you and for a long time have been trying unsuccessfully to communicate with you through the world of your feelings. I am the small still voice of your conscience. Alas, initially you push Me away, so I cannot warn you whenever you want to do something, which in the final analysis turns out to be damaging and destructive for you. You ignore this voice and the feelings that rise from your innermost being to your detriment, as you are going to discover later. In itself there is no harm in this because it is a valuable part of your learning curve in the academy of earthly life.

But when your spiritual development has advanced enough for you to know about the importance of paying attention to the reactions of your inner world, you discover that beliefs like taking the religions of your world literally and their teachings at face value are no longer valid for you. You realise that they were part of the illusion that humankind’s earthly existence is a one-off affair and that when one of them hands their physical body back to Mother Earth, they are snuffed out like candles. The knowledge that the essence of your being is eternal and immortal and therefore can and will never die, tells you that nothing could be further from the truth. As a result of this awakening your whole attitude towards life changes and with it your thinking and behaviour patterns.

The Angelic hierarchy are the executors of My great plan of life and the small plan for ever individual being within it. The Angels and Masters, together with countless numbers of spirit friends and helpers on many different levels, are in charge of you and responsible for everyone’s development. The degree of your spiritual maturity reveals itself through your thinking and behaviour patterns to those who are toiling without respite for the wellbeing of your whole world and everything that takes part in it, including you. And because they know that the outcome of their soul’s destiny influenced beneficially by even the smallest efforts at bringing forth the best that is within them, wise ones at all times strive to develop the character traces of their Christ nature. Being aware how important every choice they make is, encourages them to stop and think before speaking and swinging into any action.

It has ever been true in your world that in the land of the blind the one-eyed is king. Such people are placed on thrones and declared to be leaders. People willingly allow themselves to be led by your noses and like sheep to the slaughter by them. For a long time that’s much easier than thinking and deciding for yourselves what is right or wrong, but such behaviour seriously hampers people’s spiritual progress. A great awakening is waiting for anyone who is still going for that only apparently easy option, without knowing what they are doing to themselves. And when they return to the world of spirit, at the end of their present lifetime, they are likely to be sad to realise they have been wasting a whole lifetime.

Never mind, they can apply for another one that provides plenty of opportunities for their earthly self to discover – and hopefully that’s what it will do – that there is only one guru in the whole of Creation, who is truthful, utterly trustworthy and reliable, and that this is Me, the wise one or living God within, who communicates with you intuitively. And that’s the long promised world teacher, who cannot be found anywhere in the world around you because connecting with Him/Her is an inner experience. Oh, how I am waiting to be asked by ever more of you, to show you how to sort the wheat form the chaff, and to tell truths from untruths.

A long time ago, I told you through the Hebrew Bible and Christianity’s Old Testament in Psalm 107:20: ‘He sent out His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.’ But before any healing can take place for any one of you through My words, you first have to find out where they are and what they truly mean. This is what, through reading this, you are doing right here and now. The key to unlocking the healing power of the words of your religious texts is the discovery that none of them should be taken literally. Yes, I have tried to communicate with you through them, but their language could only be understood by those who learnt to decipher the higher esoteric meanings of the symbolisms and metaphors the Angels and I have been hiding behind the surface words of our world’s sacred texts.

Until fairly recently they had to remain that way in the many myths and legends the Angels, on behalf of Me, the indivisible Divine Trinity, have been giving to you during the rule of the six thousand years of patriarchy. The Angels and I decided that for this time span the feminine influence would be more effective if it were withdrawn altogether from your world. The most effective instrument for bringing this about were the religions of your world. The truth had to remain hidden in the background of their teachings and would gradually be revealed when the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, had been reached. You would then receive ever more of My wisdom and truth directly from My realms and understand why for such a long time it had to remain hidden in the background of the sacred text, for which the Angels and I provided the inspiration.

I am the Holy Trinity that cannot be divided into separate parts, even though the will and power of My masculine aspect is the God, the Great Father of all life. The love and wisdom of My feminine part is the Goddess, the Great Mother. The spirit of the Universal Christ is My only born Son/Daughter, the Light of all lights and the Sun above and beyond all Suns in the whole of Creation, through whom Father and Mother bring their creations into being. The three aspects of My nature are perfectly balanced and are constantly working harmoniously together. And you are a spark of Me and a ‘chip off the old block’, as the saying goes in your world. Every one of My powers and characteristics are also in you and it takes a long time until you are capable of mastering them, the way I do.

An essential part of My powers is the ability to create through thoughts and words. Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and every word you speak is an outer expression of an inner thought. It is essential for you to become aware that your thoughts are by no means secret, as you would like to think. Because of the imprint they make on the inner etheric level of life they are visible to your spirit guides and helpers. To them it is as if you were shouting your thoughts from the rooftops.

That’s why every one of your prayers is heard by those who are working very hard on your behalf in the background of earthly life to fulfil your wishes, whenever possible. It’s just that sometimes for your own protection and highest good, the reply has to be a firm and decisive: ‘No!’ It makes no difference to the wise ones behind the scenes of earthly life whether a spirit/soul is young or old. All of them need their care and attention and receives them, depending on which earthly lessons they are taking part in at any given moment.

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