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The Prophet : About Teaching and Learning
The Prophet : About Teaching and Learning

The Prophet : About Teaching and Learning


A Celebration Of Kahlil Gibran

About Teaching And Learning

Then a teacher said: ‘Speak to us of teaching!’
And the Prophet said: ‘In truth, no-one can reveal anything to you,
Except that which already lies half asleep
In the depths of your own inner knowledge.
Even a teacher who walks among his pupils
In the shadow of the temple, does not give of his own wisdom.
All he can share with you is his faith and lovingness,
And if he is truly wise, he will not ask anyone to enter into
The house of his wisdom. Instead, he will guide each one who
Comes to him to the threshold of their own understanding.

‘An astronomer may speak to you of his understanding of space,
But he cannot give you this understanding.
A musician may sing to you and even explain about the rhythm
That is in all space, but he is not the one who can give you the ear
To hear the rhythm or the voice to echo it.
And those who are fluent in the science of numbers,
Can tell you all about their fascinating world,
But again, they can only guide you to it.
One person’s vision cannot lend its wings to another.
In just the same way, each one of stands alone in their knowledge of God,
And their understanding of the purpose and meaning
Of life on the Earth and all life.’

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

‘A wise person tells you what you already know deep down to be true – they just use the words that let you see it clearly.’ Anon.

* * *

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23 Jun, 2018
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