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The Quantum Leap
The Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap


Miracles And Wonders – Part Eight

Mother Earth and every one of her creatures, including humankind, for quite some time have been undergoing a major frequency shift that represents a quantum leap in the development of your race’s spiritual awareness. The knowledge of this is helpful for those who are spiritually sufficiently mature to play an active part in your planet’s transformation into a more spiritual and ethereal one. Aquarius is one of the Air signs and the most essential requirement of the Aquarian Age are physical bodies that consist more and more of air and light for getting around on Mother Earth. This is because with every passing day you are moving deeper into this age and the power of its energies are constantly increasing.

That’s why, in keeping with My great plan of life, the Angels in charge of your planet’s wellbeing for some time have been changing the physical bodies of humans and animals alike from consisting mostly of water into being predominantly filled with air and light. It stands to reason that, when the cells of your body contain less water, there is more room for the atoms of My light. As the amount of light in your physical bodies increases, the vibrations of their atoms at the same time are being stepped up to a higher frequency. Through this your whole being is more in harmony with the higher levels of life.

And because your soul memories are stored in your waterbody, the more you work with the Angels and Me and let go of the shadows of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of past lifetimes, the more room there is in your physical body that can be filled with the light of Divine wisdom and truth. Each time you have worked your way through yet another difficult day of shedding another layer of your soul’s reminiscences, making you feel as if you were not progressing at all, you will notice on your next easier day that new knowledge has come to you. You will be astonished about how much you have grown not only in spiritual wisdom but also in understanding it and the ability of assisting others with their grasp of these matters.

You will then know with great clarity that for quite some time you and your world have been going through the major transformation of humankind’s rebirth into the awareness of its true higher God or Christ nature. Many in your midst are finding the changes this inevitably brings for every one of you extremely difficult to cope with. This applies especially to those who are insufficiently evolved and therefore unable to take part in the present evolutionary march forwards. In due course, one way or another, the lower selves of these spirit/souls are going to leave the earthly plane behind.

And that’s because their vibrations will be unsuitable for Mother Earth when the present transformation is complete. They will be reincarnating onto a younger and less evolved planet whose energies better suit their requirements. The soul memories and any credits and debts that have accrued in your spiritual bankbooks accompany every human spirit/soul wherever it may eventually find itself for continuing its learning process. That which was acquired in the school of earthly life will enable young and inexperienced soul/spirits to play the role of pioneers and wayfinders on their new home planet for those who are even less evolved than they are.

If your soul memories show the wise ones in charge of you in the spirit world that you departed from one of your previous earthly lifetimes through suicide, they know that your earthly self has already taken part in the lesson that there is no point in ending your present existence by your own hands. This is because the problems you hope to escape in one lifetime most certainly have to be faced by you again in the next one and however many more it may take to deal with and resolve the questionable issues satisfactorily. Suicide attempts can only be successful for those who still are in need of this essential part of your learning.

Whatever happens to you and wherever you are going to find yourself, your spirit guides will always be with you and doing their best to show you the way. However, they are not allowed to do the work on yourself, your earthly character and its soul memories for any one of you. They are constantly hoping that, when someone has tried to kill themselves unsuccessfully often enough, they will eventually come to their senses, go down on their knees and pray for the help of the higher forces of life. Without this no help from the Angels and Me can come to anyone. And that is why no matter how often and how hard some people may try, they will never succeed to end their present lifetime by suicide. The spirit guides and helpers are not going to allow you to do this. The only thing they can hope to achieve is creating more entries on the debit side of their spiritual bank account because of the suffering and heartache they are bringing to those around them.

The trouble is that, if one of your most recent earthly sojourns ended in this manner, your desire for running away from the obstacles that are presenting themselves on your pathway through life could be so strong that you cannot resist having one go after another. As you will not be allowed to indulge in your escapist tendencies, regardless of how many attempts you make, the wise ones will bring you back from death’s door time and again. That’s why we advise you to take note of the people around you and look out for those who do not understand why such things are happening to them.

Many want to end their lives because they are feeling lost. Do your best to reassure them that all is well and explain to them what is happening to you and your world. Some people want to hide and countless numbers are seeking refuge in the products of the pharmaceutical industry, because so far they have no idea of the wise higher purpose their earthly existence serves. Explain to them that a complete overhaul is taking place on the inner level of every human being and that of your world. Take heart, beloved children of the Earth, keep on keeping on, live in faith and with trust and hope filling your whole being that eventually your own and Mother Earth’s transformation will be complete. A new team of guides from a higher level of My realm is then likely to accompany you to show the way.

Every one of you was created for playing a specific role during this transformation. When it is complete you will have been instrumental in creating a New Earth and the new Golden Age of peace and harmony and of plenty for everybody. So do your best and pour all your energies into working for the whole of humankind and its world during this time of ever more rapidly expanding consciousness. Knowing that you are walking hand in hand with the Angels and Me will help you to focus your entire being on fulfilling the high and holy destiny that is in store for every human being at the end of their education as a physical being in a world of matter. Each one of you eventually evolves into a Christed one in their own right. You will then freely and willingly and unselfishly serve the Angels and Me as pioneer and wayfinder, healer and bringer of light in the form of Divine wisdom and truth, so we can bring them to wherever someone is in need of them.

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17 Jan, 2020
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