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By deborahinwi - 1 Review

Going, Going, Gone! One small sized, white human sold for 500$!

Dannie blinked in confusion. What had just happened? Where in hell was she?
The last thing she remembered was sneaking into the deserted mall with Jan and Lana.
They had decided it would be fun to see what was behind that weird door the old gypsy lady had warned them about.

They had walked only about 1000 feet, and then came across strange scratch marks in the floor. They almost seemed as if they were directions to someplace. Laughing, they thought it would be a great adventure. Walking on another few yards, everything suddenly gave out beneath their feet.

She turned her head to look down the long row of girls, and saw her friends crying and being led away. After that day, she never saw them again.

"Ok you nasty little creature." Said a rough voice behind her. "You are now slave

number 1-2-7. You belong to mistress Two-foot, she does not like to be kept waiting."

Looking up into a cruel face, ugly and mis-shapen, she shrank back with a sharp cry.
Before her stood a huge rat, at least Eight feet tall. It was holding a short length of rope in its gory paws. "You will not need that anymore, you will do as you are told."
The horrid creature reached out and gave her a shove towards a small group huddled around
an even uglier rat in the middle of the court yard.

"Slave 127, you now are my property. You will serve me all your life. You have taken away
my ability to do for myself, so now it is my great pleasure to use you as I wish."
She held out two front legs with no paws, two hideous stumps.

"We waited, and grew stronger. We built the tunnels, and failed many times. We started again.
All that time we watched people destroy us and our homes. We waited yet, for we saw that soon
you would destroy yourselves with greed and hate. It was an easy thing, taking for ourselves
what you had built. People were so busy trying to grab everything for themselves.
We watched you kill your own families, and in the midst of the insanity, we
slowly increased in numbers. You foolish humans did all the hard work for us!
Are you shocked by how wise we are? You shouldn't be, we learned it all from you!
I suppose it is inappropriate for masters to thank their slaves!"

"THIS is what you have done! All because of your filthy traps! Now you will pay for it!"
Noticing the look of sheer horror, she let out a low laugh. "Yes, it has taken us a few
hundred years, but we are now the rulers of the earth! No more traps or poison- death!
No! Never again!"

"The human race is now our slaves!"

As she was led down a horrible dark tunnel, the only sound to be heard on the wind was the sound of her sobs.

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3 Sep, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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