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The Real Devil

The Real Devil

By shadygirl55

"Maya, time to go to bed!" my mother yelled from outside. Ugh. Bedtime? I hate bedtime. I have been living in fear every night. But he won't come. It's different here, and nothing bad could ever happen to you. But would it matter? Does anybody care? Nope. But I do.
But, remember, he's never come here before. But he came near here....and he took Jac, my cousin. I shivered, I can't think of that. Not now. Not here. I got in my blanket of a bed and shut my eyes. Just go to sleep...he's not coming.....just go to sleep. Eventually, I forced myself to sleep, just like a normal night. Normal.

Ah! What was that noise? I open my eyes automatically. Was that a scream? Was it just the wind? Was that a gun? I quickly and quietly slip out of my blanket. I go into the other room and see my four year old sister lying dead on the ground.
I feel hot tears running down my dirty face. No, it can't be! And then I saw him. Him, actually standing there over my dead sister. that him? The Joseph Kony?
"Well, hello, little girl!" the evil man says. "How would you like to join your sister? Or would you rather do what you're told?!" his voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard. His face was a dirty as mine, maybe worse. He wasn't ugly, but not handsome.
"What do you want with me?" It was hard to speak through the fear. I cleared my throat. Kony just laughed.
"You know, don't you? Here..." he handed me a small gun. "Now, shoot" he pointed to my parents room. I couldn't do this. No! I seemed to be saying that a lot lately. I had to make a choice...I had to.
"No. I'm not killing them." I dropped the gun. I'm an idiot.
"Really? You're sure. You've seen your sister. She didn't end well, did she? Well, of course, she didn't have a choice. She's too young to be of much use to me." he laughed "Well, okay, if you want it to end like this." he laughed again. I hated his laugh. It burned my ears.
A few men I hadn't noticed before surrounded me. "Wait, I want to do the honors." Kony picked up the gun. Click! He laughed again. can't end like this. More tears ran down my face. Hurry it up, man! Come on....come on....I heard one more click....and it all went black.

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About This Story
25 Apr, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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