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The Real Me

The Real Me

By NobodyImportant - 2 Reviews

I want to take off my mask and show you me,
I’m just so full of fear
I can’t open up or let you see
I can’t let anyone near
‘Cause I’m scared I’ll be broken
I guess I’ll get over it someday
With every word that is spoken
I get a little closer I pray

You say you want me to lay it all out
The good and the bad
The things that make me cry out
To God asking if he’s had
Enough of this world
Because I know I have
Sometimes I’ll sit
And write it all out
Sometimes I’ll shout
Screaming about
The things that make me cry
Or make me want to die.

I want you
To be mine forever
But I’m scared you don’t want me
Just like everyone ever

It’s you that I need
So I cut, hoping to bleed
Away my insecurity
And replace it with trust

I’ll always keep trying
To be someone, to be the one
You need and deserve
Someone you could love.

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13 Mar, 2017
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