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The Revolution Of Peace
The Revolution Of Peace

The Revolution Of Peace


The Fall Of Humankind – Part Four

The Revolution Of Peace

This is the continuation of messages from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘Naturally, the human evolutionary journey has to start at the lowest point of the upwards winding spiral of life and the lowest unevolved aspects of your nature had to be explored first. At the outset of your travels you were at the giving end of the experiences that go with this part of your development. When the Karma that was thus created returns to you, you find yourself at their receiving end. Initially, the aims of everybody’s lower self for a long time are in polar opposition to those of their higher or Christ part of their nature. This, however, changes so profoundly when it wakes from its slumbering state that you look with horror at the things you are likely to have done during past lifetimes. Eventually you will have only one desire and that is to make good and redeem yourself where you once sinned. Freely and willingly you then surrender and submit your whole being to the will and desires of your Highest Self, so it can show you how to go about it.

‘Your Highest Self is the pure Spirit of God, in whom we are all one and who has always been working with every one of us, Its lower earthly self by steering us through the unavoidable dark and ugly parts of our early development. However, as soon as one of the earthly selves has learned to work harmoniously with its higher nature, the suffering on the cross of earthly life is perceived in the right light. Whatever happened in the past and still has come your way in the future, are no longer rated as suffering but as necessary developmental stages and passing phases that served the paying of your karmic debts and redemption.

‘The so-called fall of humankind always has been a metaphor for the evolutionary process that demands that every human spirit/soul for a while takes part in the school of earthly life, in keeping with God’s great plan of life. The ultimate purpose this education provides is the realisation that we are individual beings who from time to time take part in earthly life for a while to become familiar with every aspect of its nature. During the later stages this includes changing the weaknesses of your lower earthly nature into strengths and adjusting your desires to those of your Christ nature.

‘The higher purpose of that which is known as darkness and evil in your world is the bringing forth of goodness and light. Hence the old wisdom of: ‘Out of evil cometh good and out of darkness cometh light.’ In the beginning there was darkness and God said: ‘Let there be light!’ And there was light.’ Spiritual knowledge and understanding are light and ignorance is darkness. Ultimately, all dark and inharmonious conditions in earthly life are for humankind’s highest good and greatest joy because their intention is always to teach them something. Rest assured that there is a great plan of life and that it is held safely in the loving hands of the Great Architect of the Universe. The Angels and Masters of the Christ circle, the highest level of life, are its executors and in charge of it.

‘Nothing happens outside this plan and a wise higher purpose has always been hiding behind everything that happened on the Earth plane and to this day is taking place there. For every individual soul, as well as for the whole of your world, God’s plan guarantees a final outcome that is fair and just, good and beautiful. And when in the end all evolutionary possibilities have been sufficiently explored, everything that exists in the physical world will be de-created and the creative process starts once more.

‘The Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and of an ever increasing awareness of humankind’s siblinghood with all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation. This development has been unfolding in your world for quite some time by now. Yet, the gates to Heaven, by which we mean the higher and Highest levels of life, cannot be crashed by anyone. Everybody has to proceed one small step after another, guided and protected by their inner guidance learning to conduct their life in keeping with the Universal laws and to love God’s way, totally and unconditionally, without inhibitions and prejudice against anyone. In this way alone can the rose of love unfold and fully open in human hearts. All of you are walking the same road that in the end leads to mastering the drives and urges of your lower nature and being in charge of the matter of your physical bodies.

‘As time passes by, there will be increasing numbers of surprising events in your world that, when viewed from a purely earthly perspective, will appear like miracles. They are made possible by the light in the form of spiritual knowledge that is increasing your race’s wisdom and understanding which for some time has been flowing into the spiritual darkness that to this day fills humankind’s consciousness. Aquarius is the sign of revolution and one of the Air signs, which are responsible for the development of humankind’s mental faculties. Under the influence of the Aquarian energies a mental revolution has been taking place in your world for quite some time. It has its roots in people consciously changing their thinking and behaviour patterns into more positive and constructive ones.

‘As mentioned earlier, spiritually knowledge is light and not knowing – or to say it less politely: ignorance – is darkness. With every new bit of spiritual knowledge you find along the pathway of your predestined pathway through life you are becoming a bit more enlightened being. Through this your earthly existence evolves into a more colourful and interesting one. Many are becoming aware that they may have gifts and talents that could have taken many lifetimes to develop and are still waiting to be discovered by you. With the awakening of your higher nature they are likely to rise to the surface of your earthly self’s awareness. They can then be taken possession of and developed some more. The best way of finding our whether you have any such gifts is following your natural inclinations and consciously working on unfolding what emerges.

‘Even though attending the earthly school of life is compulsory, nobody is ever forced to apply for having another go at it. If during this one you have had and maybe still are having rather a tough time, comfort yourself with the knowledge that you yourself chose this painful pathway. And don’t chide yourself by saying: ‘I must have been crazy! No-one in their right mind would choose a lifetime like mine.’ On the advice of the wise ones in charge of you in our world you did decide to once more pick up the cross of earthly life during these very special times of transformation and humankind’s rebirth into the conscious awareness of its true nature. That’s why a multitude of opportunities for some time has been on offer for those who wish to redeem their most ancient karmic debts.

‘Making this choice was easier than usual because you knew that, if you reacted the right way to the events that would be coming their way, the coming lifetime could turn into the natural end of your earthly existence because it had nothing left to teach you. You would then be ready to be released into the freedom of continuing their studies in our world, exploring and gradually moving onto ever higher levels. Until you have completed your earthly education and passed the final exam of redeeming every last one of the debts in your spiritual bankbook, this is impossible.

‘The main reason for accepting the offer of another earthly lifetime was the knowledge that we, your spirit friends and helpers, would be with you all the way to support you and help you work your way through the tough patches that inevitably would be coming your way. You were aware that your main obstacle would be assisting your earthly self to become aware of its true nature and the spiritual background of its existence, and that whatever it required would unfailingly be provided by the wise ones in charge of it. The only thing it would have to do is ask, as without that no help can come to anyone in your world.

‘Many other spirit/souls came to the same conclusion as you and that’s why your world for some time has been so heavily over-populated. Do not worry about this unnecessarily, as this too will sort itself out in the natural course of events. And don’t be disheartened whenever you have to work your way through periods of despair and darkness. Whatever happens, comfort yourself with the knowledge that much good will come out of everything in the end and that you are clearing up some more of your karmic debts. There is no need for blame, only for forgiveness. What you are going through is a clearing and cleansing process that steadily increases your spiritual stamina and endurance. At the same time it provides you with greater wisdom and a better understanding of the spiritual background of earthly life in general as well as your own.

‘For some time the Christ light has been flowing with increasing force into the individual and collective consciousness of your world. There is good reason for being of good cheer and rejoicing because everything that is presently making earthly life so hard to endure is but a passing phase. It is a preparation for an initiation of such momentous proportions as has never before taken place on the Earth and that is the rebirth of the human race into the conscious awareness of its true nature.

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21 Jul, 2019
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