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The Rock : Lack Of Knowledge And Understanding
The Rock : Lack Of Knowledge And Understanding

The Rock : Lack Of Knowledge And Understanding


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Amazing Grace – Part Two

Amazing Grace, the sound of Your truth that is rolling ever more of the rock of not knowing and understanding from this tomb of humankind is sweet indeed. Because You and the Angels have been doing this for quite a while, ever more of us by now are aware that: a) You are as much part of us as we are part of You; b) The most essential part of every human being always has been and forever will be their higher spiritual God or Christ nature; c) The essence of everybody is spirit/soul, who are eternal and immortal, the same as You; d) Because of this, nobody in our world ever has really died and in all Eternity nobody ever will do.

For long enough has humankind’s lack of knowledge about its spiritual nature and the spiritual background of its world kept too many of us imprisoned in a web of false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices. The most damaging one is the belief that earthly life is all there is to our existence and that, as soon as it has reached its end we are snuffed out like candles and not a trace of the fact that we ever existed remains. Thanks be for showing us that nothing could be further from the truth of what really happens. Once You and the Angels have equipped us with sufficient knowledge about living and dying, the end of anyone’s earthly lifetime, including our own, ceases to be a big deal.

Thanks be for Your great evolutionary plan of life and that, since the beginning of humankind’s existence on the Earth, it has constantly been unfolding in keeping with Your will and wishes. It’s good to know that by now we have reached the Aquarian age and that this is the age of truth and of spiritual freedom. Its Zeitgeist, among many other things, consists of the spirit of rebellion and revolutions. In Your time, which means when the energies are right, this spirit will help us to throw off the yokes of oppression and slavery, which the authorities and organisations of the material outer plane, religious and otherwise, to this day are trying to inflict upon humankind.

To help us move forwards and upwards on our evolutionary journey, thanks and praise be for the gift of Your sacred wisdom and truth, which by now is flowing with ever increasing strength directly from the highest levels of life into the individual and collective consciousness of humankind. That’s how we found out the following things. Earthly life is a place for learning, a school, no more and no less. Taking part in its lessons is compulsory for every human being. It’s a tough training ground and that’s not surprising because we are young Gods in the making. We are serving the first part of our apprenticeship by playing the role, on the grand stage of earthly life, of a physical being in a material world.

For a long time we do not know who and what we truly are and that the essence of our being, the same as everybody else’s, is spirit/soul and that they are eternal and immortal, the same as our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. S/H is part of everything that exists in the whole of Creation, therefore also us and our world, and that’s why every one of us actually is God. This is true, even though at the beginning of our development we are nothing but a minute spark of the Universal Christ’s light and fire. This is what God and the Angels are placing in the physical body of each newly created earthly human being. Each one of them is destined to evolve, in the course of many lifetimes spent on the material plane, into a Christed one in their own right.

Thanks be for at last relieving humankind of the yoke that, during approx. six thousand years of patriarchy, enslaved humankind with the false beliefs that an all-male God-head is in charge of the whole of Creation, therefore also us and our world. During that time, the masculine forces alone were commanding the direction in which the human race’s ship, individually and collectively, had to sail. This has been God and the Angels’ way of teaching our world the value of the feminine. The last instalment of this lesson has been the legend about a God-man, by the name of Jesus, who once dyed on a wooden cross in Golgotha. The cross is the oldest symbol known to humankind of its earthly existence.

Thanks be for allowing us to know that Your wisdom and truth have always been hiding behind the surface words, not only of the Jesus legend but all other religious teachings that been declared to be sacred and therefore untouchable. It’s good to find out that the God-man Jesus is not a historical figure who once walked in our midst; that in truth it represents every human being’s higher God or Christ nature; that this aspect is in the process of waking up in ever more of us; that this is the only one who really can save and redeem us, the whole of humankind and our world; and that this manifestations of the human Christ spirit, in the fullness of time, will be the true ruler Mother Earth and all her kingdoms.

Thanks be for paraphrasing St. John 12:31-33 for our time: ‘There is no judgement day. In the world of light every one of us stands naked, not before God but before ourselves. Everybody is their own judge and jury. Lying and cheating, deception of the self and others have for long enough been the outer material world’s supreme rulers. The deeper we and our world are moving into the age of truth, the more of us are going to gain access to God’s sacred wisdom and truth that for a long time has been hiding behind our world’s religious teachings. The Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, always have been in charge of attending to all aspects of God’s great plan of life for the development of the whole of Creation, including humankind and its world. The truth and nothing but the truth has been flowing directly from them into any human mind that had been tuned into their frequencies.

‘The Piscean age has been the age of lying and cheating, deception of the self and others, when false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices were the order of the day and so flourished. During this age, the gifts received from the highest levels could be treated by the scribes of their time in any kind of manner that suited the requirements of their employers. This can still be done in the age of truth. Yet, the deeper we move into it, the more those who refuse to run with the herd and prefer telling the truth will stand out from the crowd. The way intuitively received gifts from the Highest are being treated reveals to the wise ones in charge of us and our world which level of spiritual maturity a person has reached. The right level has been reached when all they want to do is unselfishly sharing the truth they have found along the pathway of their present lifetime with as many as possible.

‘God’s main laws of life are love and evolution, i.e. evolution based on love. The closer these two laws are working together, harmoniously and peacefully , the way all things are doing on the highest levels of life, the sooner they will bring about the end of the lying, cheating and deception that have ruled our world for such a long time. The truth received directly from the Highest will eventually enable every one of us to lift themselves, as well as those around them, above believing that they are nothing but earthlings, because their eternal and immortal spirit/soul are the most essential aspect of everybody’s being.

‘By revealing the truth about ever more concepts like these, God and the Angels are drawing ever increasing numbers of us into the loving embrace of their wisdom. Finding it is not hard when one knows that the truth has always been hiding behind the surface words of our world’s religious teachings. Love and understanding are the only keys that are needed to unlock the doors of humankind’s prison of not knowing about its spiritual nature. The realisation that the most important aspect of everybody’s earthly existence is its inner spiritual background, that this is the place where everything that’s to appear on the outer plane has to be created before it can come into being on the outer, rolls the rock from the tomb of our ignorance, as if by some kind of magic, almost on its own.’

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14 Apr, 2021
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