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The Rope For Hanging Themselves
The Rope For Hanging Themselves

The Rope For Hanging Themselves


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Ten

The laws of life are love and evolution. God’s ways are known to be mysterious and no matter what happens in our world, because of these laws everything always works out well in the end. Nowhere can this be observed more clearly than with large organisations like the religions of our world and the pharmaceutical industry. As soon as each in its own way grew too big and powerful for its own good, the people in charge of them seem to be unable to recognise how they are producing a rope for hanging themselves. In the case of Christianity and its churches it’s the scandals have been rocketing the foundations of this religion for decades. They have been talked about sufficiently in other parts of my jottings, especially in ‘The Aquarian Revelations’. See link at the end of this chapter.

Let’s take a closer look at the pharmaceutical industry for a moment. It is true and should not be overlooked that some of their companies started as benefactors of humankind whose products helped to stamp out a number of our world’s worst health scourges. By now, however, the industry as a whole has evolved into a gigantic international money spinning machine, just like many other large organisations of our world. The swine flu of several years ago is one of the finest examples for illustrating this. An outbreak of this illness was artificially created, capably assisted by our ever willing mass media.

They enjoy nothing more than spreading fear through reporting about the negative things that are happening in our world, especially disasters. It did not take long to blow up the swine flu news to such an extent that one got the feeling that our world was preparing itself for an international epidemic of previously unheard gigantic proportions. Fortunately, God and the Angels were having none of it and the balloon burst. Read more about this in ‘To Jab Or Not To Jab’ at the end of this chapter.

Fear is the most powerful and destructive emotion of all that in the past has been the predominant theme of the patriarchy with its all-male Godhead and the religions accompanying it. The pharmaceutical industry carried on with this highly successful tradition and has been using the fear of ill health, suffering and death for its money making purposes. Would you agree that our world has seen more than enough of fears of all kinds and don’t you think it’s the highest time we all did our best to rid our world of this the greatest evil of all?

Fear is at the root of all warmongering, the fear of each other and what others might do to us. The natural end of these fears is coming because ever more of us are discovering that our true nature is love and are manifesting this fact in our world. When we love someone, we only want their best, that which is good and right for them. We would not dream of hurting and harming them.

The Mass of people is under the influence of Cancer, the Moon’s own sign that rules the world of our feelings and emotions. That’s why it has always been easy for the manipulators of our world to use these energies for their purposes. That’s precisely what some of the pharmaceutical companies did when, in pursuit of sending the sales figures of their swine flu vaccines sky-high, they tried to artificially produce a mass hysteria that would induce large parts of humankind to accept them.

The positive backwash of events of this nature is that ever more people are waking from their spiritual slumber and losing their faith in the products of the pharmaceutical industry. They prefer turning towards the age-old tried and tested natural healing methods. Realising that their physical body has the wonderful ability to heal itself when something is in need of it, for example when it has been cut by something, wise ones look to alternative methods rather than to what is on offer by what has become known as ‘conventional medicine’.

Aware of the power of spiritual healing that can come our way when we learn how to tune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into the frequencies of God and the Healing Angels, in quiet times of reflection, prayers and meditations wise ones connect with them. Even though they are invisible to earthly eyes, they most certainly are there. As Helen Keller, the blind and deaf author, political activist and lecturer, once said: ‘The best and most beautiful things in our world can neither be seen nor touched. They have to be felt with our heart.’

When our link with the higher and highest Forces of life has grown strong enough, our inner guidance of the wise one or living God within lets us know intuitively that our physical body’s illness has its roots in soul memories that have been troubling our small earthly self for a long time. The pain we experience is invariably a message that something on the inner level of our being is crying out for assistance from us. Suppressing symptoms through the products of the pharmaceutical industry’s is likely to interfere with the natural ability of our body to heal itself and put right whenever something has gone wrong that manifests itself as discomfort in our outer vehicle.

This is particularly true when it comes to locating the causes of depression and suicidal tendencies and bringing healing and peace to those who are afflicted by them. Their suffering as likely as not has its roots in the events of previous lifetimes and the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that accompanied the sufferer into their present one. Now they are tucked away in the deepest recesses of that person’s soul memories. From the subconscious level they are constantly influencing every one of their earthly self’s thoughts, words and actions, without them having the slightest idea why this should be so. Such memories are excess luggage that could have been waiting for a long time to be shed. Having reached the age of truth, they need to be replaced with the knowledge of God’s true nature and our own, and the wise higher purpose of every human being’s earthly existence.

With regards to fear the religions of our world have a great deal to answer for and it can be exceedingly hard to completely shed the influence they have had on us and our world in the past. Having reached the age of truth, it is necessary to overcome and leave behind the false beliefs that our have systematically been drumming into our race’s individual and collective consciousness. The conviction that human beings in general are useless miserable worms and sinners to this day are part of many people’s soul’s memories. That’s responsible for making their earthly selves feel unworthy and depressed.

They are but shadows of the past that are waiting to be left behind in exchange for God’s sacred wisdom and truth that every one of us is a beloved child of the Highest. We are precious and many faceted jewels who are loved beyond compare and have been gifted in some special way. We may not yet be consciously aware of the nature of our gift, even though it could have taken many lifetimes to develop. When unearthed and used the right way, i.e. unselfishly and for the good of the whole, in due course we may find to our greatest surprise that we are capable of making a major contribution towards Mother Earth’s transformation and the rebirth of humankind, which for quite some time has been taking place.

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2 Feb, 2020
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