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The Safe Place
The Safe Place

The Safe Place

simplemanRedNathan M Green
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I’ve got to be quiet. Mummy said to stay in here, not to make a noise. He might not know I’m here. I’m to be brave. I don’t know how. I want to cry but that will be noisy.

It’s dark. I don’t like the dark. The monsters are only meant to come out in the dark. Which is worse, the monster in here or that one out there? If I roll up in a ball, make myself smaller he might not see me if he opens the door. If I move to the back behind the hanging clothes I could disappear. He won’t see me then.

I could give a little cry, he won’t hear that will he? My throat feels sore. I’m keeping my tears away. Mummy said think of happy things. Think of Christmas. I like Christmas. I like toys.

I can hear him downstairs. He’s banging things. It’s making me jump. I’ve let out a whimper. Please don’t hear, please don’t hear.

He’s still down there. I wish my mummy was here. I want my mummy. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Christmas, think Christmas.

It’s quiet. Has he gone? Mummy said wait until she comes. It won’t hurt if I peek. I won’t open the door, just look through the holes. I can see the sunlight, the carpet and the door. It’s open wide. I can see my fire engine. I got that for Christmas. What was that creak? It’s coming from outside the room. I can see the stairs from here too. There’s a creak again. It’s getting louder and closer. What’s that? It’s his head. He’s looking for something. He’s looking for me.

I’ll sit back against the wall. Make myself small again. He won’t find me. Please don’t find me. Mummy help.

He’s walking around the bedroom. He keeps blocking the light. I mustn’t cry, not now. Not now he’s here. He’s standing in front of the door. No, please not again. I’ve been good. I am good.

The door’s opening. If I hold my breath he won’t hear me at all. If I close my eyes he can’t see me. I’ll put this coat over me.

The door’s opening. I can see the light on the shoes. There’s no monsters in here. There wasn’t.

My coat’s being dragged from me. He’s found me. If I don’t cry he won’t hit me. He’ll see I’m being good. Please daddy don’t.

“Stephen, it’s okay. I’m here to help you. Your mummy sent me,” said the nice voice.

I open my eyes and there’s a lady smiling at me. She’s kneeling down holding the coat.

“It’s all okay now Stephen. You’re safe,” the lady said.

I don’t know. Mummy said to stay here and wait. Who’s that behind her? I point at her.

“That’s a police officer Stephen. She’s here to make sure you’re safe.”

A police officer? They’re meant to help. Mummy said if I get into trouble I need to find the police.

“Stephen, don’t you remember me?” said the lady. “I’m Catherine. I’m Susan’s mummy. I live a couple of doors down? I’m came to your birthday party last week. Do you remember?”

Susan’s mummy? I remember her. She was nice. She bought me a rocket.

“Come on out Stephen. The police officer wants to talk to you and take you to your mummy. It’s okay, the other police officer has taken your daddy away. He won’t be coming back.”

Shall I trust her? She’s a grown up, but so was daddy. There is a police here though. I’ll slide out on my bottom. I can quickly jump back in if it’s a trick.

It looks okay. Everyone is smiling at me. The police is holding her hand out. She looks nice. I’ll hold her hand.

“Hello Stephen. My name’s Stef. You’ve been a brave boy haven’t you?” said the police. “Your mummy is waiting to see you. Do you want to drive in a police car to see your mummy?”

I want to see my mummy. The police is nice. I can cry now.

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About The Author
Nathan M Green
About This Story
31 Oct, 2016
Read Time
3 mins
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