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The Saviour And Redeemer Not An Empty Promise
The Saviour And Redeemer Not An Empty Promise

The Saviour And Redeemer Not An Empty Promise


Even the slowest small earthly self eventually reaches the evolutionary point when it awakens into its true nature and begins to take peeks at the higher esoteric meanings hidden behind the surface words of the religions of our world. One of the finest examples of this is the Jesus tale. What a surprise it will be for such people when they discover that they have been following a legend and not a story that is based on historical facts. It is as if a light had been switched on inside when the tale is viewed from the right angle. Every aspect of it suddenly makes a great deal of sense.

For any earthling awakenings of this nature can only come about when the time is right, i.e. when our energies are changing so that our superconscious faculties come into a closer alignment with the Universal forces. The Divine spark within us then commences to stir from its sleeping beauty slumbers and one small step after another the spiritual aspect of our nature begins to open up and unfold. For example, this is the case when the Midheaven of our birthchart by progression moves into Sagittarius, or on the occasions when our progressed Moon moves through this sign or the ninth house, the natural domain of this sign. This is the time when people, who never were interested in religions before, have been known to wander off into the setting Sun with missionary zeal and a Bible tucked under their arm. Whichever way the Sagittarian energies express themselves in our life during that development, the religious/spiritual side of our nature gradually moves into the foreground of our consciousness and we become interested in things connected with the religious and philosophical aspects of life.

If up to that point we were a person who took the Christian teachings literally, we may now start wondering about the strangeness of our necromantic religion and begin to ask ourselves questions like: ‘How did it ever come about that I fell for a belief that worships a dead man hanging on a cross? When taken literally that is a graven image, if ever there was one. What a surprise when one looks at it from an esoteric point of view and it turns into a symbol of release from the bondage to earthly life. What was it I once found in the macabre literalist version of this religion when it has at its most holy centre a strange ritual with cannibalistic undertones of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of its God – who never existed? Why did it never occur to me earlier how reminiscent all these things are of ancient and long forgotten, prehistoric religions with their pagan ceremonies, when human sacrifices were the order of the day?’

‘In these cultures and civilisations undoubtedly Christianity has its roots, the same as all other religions – none of them appeared out of nowhere. In orderly procession each new religion grew from those that came before. Is that why echoes are stirring in my soul memories of life in prehistoric societies and the rituals we performed around the Gods we worshipped in those lifetimes a long, long time ago? How could I ever have been taken in by such things in this day and age? Now that ever more of the scales are peeled from my eyes, I cannot help coming to the conclusion that the bloodcurdling details of the tale must have been added to make the story more credible, as if it were indeed about historical facts rather than a storyteller’s flights of fantasy.’

As our perception and with it our inner vision gradually opens to the higher realities of life, it is no longer hard to understand that the story of the Master Jesus’ life all along has been intended as a parable that describes the earthly self’s evolutionary spiritual journey. The Jesus story consists of parables. The tale of Christ child’s birth describes the moment of every earthly self’s awakening into the awareness of God’s true nature and its own. The allegories continue up to the time when our earthly self is dying on the cross of earthly life, to which we ourselves once nailed it. This enables our Christ nature to ascend to the Heavens. This means that although we are still taking part in Earth life, we have moved onto a higher level of consciousness and can now serve the higher and highest levels of life as their channel for bringing the Divine wisdom and truth onto the Earth plane.

Wise ones, who have learnt to gaze beyond the ends of their noses, do not find it difficult to recognise that every one of the myths and legends of our world have always tried to bring our race closer to the awakening of who and what we truly are. In this form the Goddess’s love and wisdom – as much of it as we could understand at any given time – have never stopped flowing into each individual soul and that of our world from the highest level of life. Even though the awareness of Her presence was taken from us during the patriarchy, the Angels of the Christ circle continued to serve Her.

Every one of the tales they brought throughout the ages contained esoteric messages that in the end would reawaken even the last human soul in earthly life to the fact that all of us are sparks of the Divine. At the moment of our release from the heartmind of God this spark is placed in our heart as a tiny glint of light. But it takes many lifetimes in physicality before it begins to stir into life and the Christ love awakens in us and our very own Christ child is born. To help it grow into a strong and healthy adult, all we have to do is live in keeping with our real nature, so that as the days go by we become ever more kind and loving, compassionate and tolerant, patient and forgiving towards all we meet.

But let’s return to the Jesus legend for another moment. I believe that from the moment it came into being it has been trying to tell us that, when the time was right – in God’s time, not ours – the man named Jesus, said to be the Father’s only born, who once walked in our midst in earthly life, would reappear for a second time in our world. He would then keep his promise, but only for those who believed in him and followed him and no-one else. All who refused to do so would forever have to fry in the fires of hell and damnation.

Isn’t it obvious from these words alone that, when taken literally, they could never have been spoken by a God who loves the whole of humankind and before whom we are all equal? Such things are clearly the produce of a church in pursuit of power, empire building and material gains, conceived and written as a tool for manipulating the mass of people into providing these things. The chosen name of catholic, i.e. universal, shows that the story was presented by the people running this organisation were dreaming of one day ruling the whole of our world.

The Divinity of the Christ Spirit deals with us and our world far more magnanimously, kind and loving. In the realities of spirit, our true nature and home, none shall ever be forgotten or left behind. Irrespective of who, what or where we presently are, at all times we are in the process of walking the pathway up the spiritual mountain, which eventually leads all of us back into the oneness with God. Every human soul does this in its own way and at its own pace gets to the top of the mountain in the fullness of time. Each goes the same way because there is nowhere else for anyone to go. And by coming alive in all human hearts and souls, the Divine spark in the end saves and redeems every one of us and that without exception.

As you can see for yourself now, the pledge that Jesus can and will save and redeem those who believe in him was an empty one, for the simple reason that he never existed. The esoteric promise behind the legend’s words, however, is being fulfilled and that in rich measure and in the simplest possible way. It is firmly and safely grounded in the realities of our eternal relationship between the small earthly self and its Divine counterpart, our Highest or God Self, the Christ Spirit, in whom we are all one. In earthly life we are quite capable of tying ourselves into knots over just about anything. Spiritually however everything is simplicity itself. Simplicity is a great gift, maybe the greatest one of all, that God and the Angels can bestow upon us.

It reveals itself in the fact that our salvation and redemption is not going to take place in some nebulous future and a far distant mystical location. It is happening right here and now in earthly life and that hand in hand with the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light. All we have to do is ask and they are only too happy to show us how to go about this task. Isn’t it astonishing that after all the pledge has by no means been an empty one? That through the Christ Spirit coming alive – in each one of us individually and collectively in our world – it is being fulfilled in a very different and much more beautiful manner from what anyone could have imagined in the days of yore when the promise was made?

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10 Mar, 2020
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