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The School Of Earthly Life
The School Of Earthly Life

The School Of Earthly Life


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Six

To assist the full unfolding of our earthly nature’s characteristics, within the boundaries of the Karma we have brought with us from previous lifetimes, good and bad alike, every new lifetime presents us with the gift of free will – though only up to a certain point. We are allowed to make our own decisions, for example how we wish to react and respond to people and situations and also how we spend our life’s savings. However, individually and collectively, when things in our world threaten to get out of hand and we and it are in danger of veering too far from our predestined pathway, something happens that stops us in our tracks. It nudges us back into the direction in which God’s great plan for all life and the small plan for each one of us, within it, wants us to go.

My German friend Doris has for many years been wheelchair bound because she is suffering from M.S. Some time ago she told me that she was going to spend her entire life savings on a journey to a well known faith healer in Brazil. He had been recommended to her and she went in the hope that he might be able to work a healing miracle for her. By the time we spoke again, she had overcome her disappointment that nothing had changed with regard to the state of her health. Hearing this did not surprise me and reminded me of what came to me intuitively, as ever, many years ago in ‘Healers And Healing – The Truth Will Set You Free’:

‘Humankind’s rebirth is progressing rapidly because the Divine spark in ever more human hearts and souls is waking up from its slumbering state. A renewed understanding of our own true nature and God, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is bringing increasing numbers of us the healing that we and our world have been in need of for a long, long time. Through rediscovering that the roots of every human being are forever deeply anchored in the heartmind of these our true Divine parents on the highest levels of life, the relationship of ever more people with their Creator is slowly beginning to renew itself and heal.

‘This development constantly brings us, individually and collectively, the healing that is required for the countless wounds in mind and body, spirit and soul which we – in our ignorance of the spiritual background of our existence – have been inflicting relentlessly upon each other in the course of many more earthly lifetimes than me may imagine. During this healing process our own inner latent healing abilities awake from their slumber and become part of our earthly self’s consciousness. The power of healing is a very precious gift. Through using it, first for ourselves and then also for anyone else who is in need of it, under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, it keeps on unfolding until it has developed to its highest potential.’

As the most painful lessons of our earthly existence have to be experienced by us, no-one warned Doris about the danger of losing her savings. As a Sun Taurean she loves money almost more than anything else because of all the beautiful things of the Earth they can buy with it. Capricorn, another Earth sign, also loves money but for the sake of the security with which it provides their earthly existence. Losing her savings must have been particularly unpleasant for Doris. However, there is nothing wrong with that. The most unpleasant lessons, because they are never forgotten, are the best learnt in this school life, where everybody simultaneously plays the role of teacher and pupil.

And whether one of our lifetimes lasts an hour or over a hundred years, they are nothing but the batting of an eyelid in God’s time and a passing phase in our development. What once started as an idea in the heartmind of God, another manifestation of the archetypal perfected, whole and holy Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life, in the fullness of time evolves into a perfected being. Perfect in this sense means when all powers and characteristics of our higher and lower nature have been integrated and married into one.

For many years by now, we and our world have been occupied with the process of leaving behind six thousand years of male dominance with its testosterone driven aggression and arrogance, lust and insatiable appetite for conquering, dominating and powerseeking, empire building and owning other people’s possession, especially their countries, through constantly escalating and ever more destructive warmongering. The human male’s strutting, parading and general showing off in front of their feminine counterparts reflects the behaviour patterns of our animal forebears where to this day it can be observed as much as in many of the males of the human species.

The tale of the Master Jesus life is but one of the many legends God and the Angels gave our world during the patriarchy with its all-male Godhead. In spite of the false beliefs that were thus created, the aim of all of them has been to gradually move us closer to a better understanding of God’s true nature and our own. With the re-appearance of the Goddess’s wisdom and love steadily increasing numbers of us realise that the life of the Master Jesus has always been but metaphor for every human being’s own higher God or Christ nature. For the healing of our relationship with God it is essential to know that the different stages of this tale represent the initiations all of us experience in the course of many earthly lifetimes.

The Divine plan for our race has always provided that during the present Great Year, when the Age of Aquarius comes round once more –which it does about every 25,800 years –, humankind’s highest hopes, dreams and aspirations of peace and harmony ruling earthly life are going to find fulfilment. The Aquarian Ages are times when spiritual wisdom and knowledge are flowing with ever increasing force from the Highest levels of life, the heartmind of God, into all hearts and souls that are open and ready to intuitively receive them.

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26 Jan, 2020
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5 mins
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