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The Seagull’s Message For Us And Our World
The Seagull’s Message For Us And Our World

The Seagull’s Message For Us And Our World


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Eighty-Three

The Seagull As Animal Totem

I live in the United Kingdom in a seaside resort on the beautiful Yorkshire Coast in close proximity to a nine hundred year old Anglican church that has been dedicated to the Virgin Mary, one of our world’s many symbolisms of the Great Mother of all life. Before the pandemic there was always lots of bird activity around the church, which I loved watching. Alas, from the beginning of the lockdown the birds almost disappeared. Only a few of them could occasionally be seen and that set me wondering why this should be happening. But when one fine day, a single seagull came into view and majestically sailed by, I realised that it had a message for us and our world.

Birds as animal totems can assist us with acquiring higher knowledge. Air being the most ethereal of the elements, the creatures inhabiting it is sent to help us find a new understanding of the spiritual aspects of life that cannot be seen by earthly eyes. Because they inhabit what on the earthly plane is know as the Heavens, birds are our best allies for communicating with the wise ones in charge of us and our world on the highest levels of life. This is particularly good when it comes to the fulfilment of our hopes and dreams for humankind’s progress on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Birds represent physical and mental strength and sovereignty. These are very important characteristics when major changes are happening and we need to get used to new ways of living and being. To find out how to go about it, we need to consult the wise ones in charge of us and our world and ask for their advice so that their ideas can come to us intuitively. All their bird messengers are meant to encourage and strengthen us, to boost our confidence and remind us that the highest powers are with us, all the way. Even though for a long time, we are unaware of their presence, they have always been as much part of us as we are part of them. And forever they will be guiding and protecting every human being’s steps along the road of their development and that on all its levels.

That’s why the presence of birds is a good omen and a signal from the Highest that our spirit friends and helpers are with us. It’s up to you and me to decipher the meaning of each bird’s message. Seagulls are no exception to this rule. They too are trying to attract our attention for wise higher reasons. For starters, seagull reminds us that, to enable us to cope with any kind of situation, we need to make good use of our inborn resourcefulness and look for the opportunities that exist around us. Through taking advantage of any kind of favourable circumstance that presents itself, it becomes possible to reach the goal of this lifetime, not only for ourselves but our whole world.

God’s great plan of life provides that we should succeed and that there is no point in allowing ourselves to get lost in our world’s present situation. Like all earthly things this too will pass, in God’s time and not ours, and that is going to be sooner than anybody would have thought possible, only a short while ago. That’s why seagull asks us to be adaptable and pay attention to what comes to us intuitively from our inner guidance about moving forwards and upwards to the next higher level of the evolutionary spiral of life, for ourselves and also our world. It may mean moving out of our comfort zone, thinking outside the box and doing things that have never been attempted before.

Our inner perception needs to be opened to the opportunities that are hidden in the present situation, because the time has come for going further than ever before and looking out for distant horizons. Only through reaching out for them can our own and humankind’s highest potential find fulfilment. Whatever steps are necessary to survive the pandemic have to be taken. Seagulls go to great lengths to find food. Their ability to discover something nourishing even in what’s considered to be wastelands, is meant to show us that something good is hidden in every experience that comes our way. Seagull is guided instinctively by the Great Mother’s love and wisdom. It is a symbolism of the fact that everybody’s own higher God or Christ nature will always show its earthly counterpart how to survive any condition.

Seagull urges us and our world to take up new challenges, because we have been going about the same things in the same old way for long enough. A wise ones described insanity as doing the same things the same way, over and over again and expecting different results. Our spirit guides want us to move away from the vicious circles of doing this because our individual and collective development demands that we begin to view our earthly existence from the higher spiritual perspective. There is no need to be scared of trying something new that is sure to bring us and our world results of a more satisfying nature.

Seagull tells us that life is not a rehearsal and should be lived to the fullest. And no matter what circumstances we may ever find ourselves in, we need to approach it with love, so there will be no regrets at the end of our present lifetime. Seagull opens our minds to perceiving that many opportunities are contained in every experience, because everything that happens on the earthly plane is there for the wise higher purpose of teaching us something.

There is no such thing as accidents or coincidences. Everything is predestined and was created by us, either earlier in this lifetime or a previous one. The time has come for accepting this and cleansing our consciousness of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of the past. This enables us to appreciate our true role in the order of things. It helps us to recognise with great clarity what needs to be retained in our life and what should go.

Seagull invites us to realise our strengths and weaknesses. It expands our vision and enables us to see our way forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life and our goals more clearly. There is no need for being happy with limiting ourselves to small and easily achievable ones. Seagull encourages us to be more ambitious and have faith in our abilities. Our level of self-confidence and determination then increases, so we can confidently play our predestined role in the Highest Forces’ evolutionary plan for us and our world.

Seagull is a powerful symbol of a new dawn and moving into the position that’s rightfully ours and that means leaving behind the self-defeating thinking and behaviour patterns of the past. Seagull’s courage, strength and determination enable us to adopt the strategies that produce the desired results and because we are very adaptable, they are achievable. Every experience that’s ever come our way has been and still is in perfect alignment with God’s plan for our evolutionary journey, so there is no need for allowing any situation to get us down.

Some of them may seem to have been meant to derail us and halt our progress. But in truth they are meant to build up our strength and help us tap into our deep innermost reserves of energy and resourcefulness. Seagull opens our inner eyes to the rich blessings that have always been part of our life. Each one of the earlier hardships was merely a blessing in disguise and everything that’s available to us now is meant to move our whole being to the next level of our personal evolutionary spiral.

Seagull suggests that we reassign and redefine some things in our life. We need to make the decision whether we wish to do what we can to contribute to our world’s greatest healing miracle ever and so bring about its happy natural ending of our world’s suffering. Instead of being a hapless bystander who is at the mercy of a small minority’s greedy machinations, let’s join the ranks and files of aspiring healers and lightbringers, saviours and redeemers of themselves, the whole of humankind and our world.

The time has come for removing some of the clutter from our perception of the purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence. An essential part of this are the false beliefs, superstition and prejudices we brought with us from earlier on in this lifetime and also previous ones. Individually and collectively, these things have been weighing us down for long enough. They are nothing but ballast now and for achieving the predestined goal of our present lifetime, they need to be shed.

Seagull wants us to know that challenges are healthy for our overall growth. It suggest that we stop avoiding them and turn to the healer and lightbringer’s pathway. Through tackling this situation head-on, it too can be overcome. Yet, this is often easier said than done. Remind yourself that the Universe at all times has our highest best and greatest joy in mind and that this is why it has brought this particular animal totem to our attention and will continue to do so. Let’s be grateful for the wisdom of that kind of love.

It’s good to call on the seagull spirit to:
• Exercise the power that comes with adaptability and flexibility.
• Set mature long-terms goals.
• Avoid unnecessary drama in our life.
• Gain clarity by getting rid of all clutter.
• Through rising to the challenges of our life, hand in hand with God and the Angels, any one of them is meant to be overcome.
• Get a different approach to achieving the goals of our present lifetime.
• Set clear personal and emotional boundaries.

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17 Oct, 2020
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