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The Seasons Of Our Life
The Seasons Of Our Life

The Seasons Of Our Life


The world around us is a mirror that reflects what is happening to us on its inner level. And our lives are subject to a constantly repeating succession of cycles of rebirth and death. Just like our planet we are moving through seasons of spring and summer, autumn and winter. Every year that passes they seem to be same, but imperceptibly on the earthly plane we and our world have always been moving forwards and upwards on the individual and collective evolutionary spiral, not only our own and that of our world but the whole of Creation.

Earthly human lifetimes usually consist of childhood and adolescence as spring and old age as winter. On all levels of life every winter is followed by a new spring that brings the gift of resurrection and rebirth with a renewal of life’s forces. At the end of each lifetime we leave our outworn and tired physical bodies behind and return to the world of spirit, our true home. That’s how time and again we are resurrected and reborn into the awareness of God’s true nature and our own. One of the Angels of Death comes to release the spirit and soul, who have been held captive in their physical body and returns them into the greater freedom of our true home, the spirit world, where learning experiences of a different nature are waiting for us. Could anything be better?

The unceasing and relentless flow of our world’s and our own life’s seasons are clear evidence of who truly is in charge of humankind and its destiny. During the early parts of our earthly education we, with typical human arrogance, for a long time believe that we ourselves are. Yet, even the last and slowest one of God’s children of the Earth eventually reaches the developmental point when they realise that the only thing we can ever do is paddle the canoe of our existence. The steering is done by the Highest Forces. Because they are part of us and everything else that exists in the whole of Creation and are holding and executing the evolutionary plan for every manifestation of life, they really know the way of all things

Being aware of what’s going to happen to me when my time for departure from the earthly plane has come, I cannot say that the thought of growing old ever disturbed me unduly. Yet, now the winter of my life is here and it must be coming ever closer, I sometimes cannot help wondering what’s happened and how did I get here so fast? Where have all those years gone? I remember seeing older people earlier in my life and thinking they were years ahead of me. The present season of my life was so far off in those days that I could not imagine what it would be like when I was as old as they were then. Nothing prepared me for the aches and pains that creep up on us with increasing age. There is no way of telling how long this particular season will last for me, but it’s good to know that when its end comes for each one of us, our lives are by no means over. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. New adventures are surely waiting for all of us in the world of spirit. Now, there’s an exciting thought for you!

If you have not yet reached the winter of your life, take it from me that it will catch up with you surprisingly quickly. Therefore, whatever you would still like to accomplish, get on with it and do it. Do not procrastinate and put things off any longer. Earth life has a dreamlike quality and the whole thing passes by amazingly fast. Do what you can today, as you can never be sure when you will be called home. In any case, there is no promise for any one of us that we shall experience as many seasons of life as other people. That too is okay with me. Live for today and say all the things you want to tell your loved ones while there still is time. It will help them to appreciate and love you even more for yourself and not only for the things you have done for them over the years and what you will be leaving behind.

Earthly life is a gift from the Universe to everybody who is presently taking part in it. The way we conduct our present lifetime needs to be a present for those around us and also for our whole world. We are here to make our stay and theirs as pleasant as we can, but living modestly and in a manner that cares for and nurtures Mother Earth, instead of contributing to the general robbing and plundering of her precious resources. Wise ones leave this plane of life in as good a state as possible because they are aware that if, in one of their coming lifetimes, they will be required to return to this plane, they will come as their own descendants – probably without being consciously aware that this is the case.

These wise ones appreciate that in one of their previous lifetimes they themselves could have been the people they used to think of as their great-grandparents and those who came before them. What an amazing thought! It puts quite a different slant on genealogy, don’t you think? Should further lifetimes on the Earth be required by any of us, by acting in positive and constructive ways now we can do our share of ensuring that we find a planet that has recovered from the ravages of humankind’s thoughtlessness and greed.

Today is the oldest I have ever been and when I am honest with myself, I have to admit that I do have some regrets. Mostly they are about the things I wish I had not done, but also those I should have done and somehow did not get round to. I comfort myself that this is balanced by the many things I did well and am glad about. When you take stock of your life, you may find the same. No matter what age you presently are, it is likely that the winter of your own life will sneak up on you in no time at all. So make the most of every day the Universe grants you and enjoy what it brings as much as possible. Be content with whatever experiences come your way, but don’t forget to have some fun, too. The awareness that everything that happens to us in the final analysis serves a wise and higher purpose can turn even the darkest day into a good one.

Live healthily and remind yourself every so often that nothing in our present existence truly belongs to us. Only what we are has power and value and not the things we acquire and think of as our possessions. A happy and loving heart and a peaceful accepting mind are the only wealth in this life that is worth having and not pieces of gold and silver. The riches of our spirit and soul are ours to keep. They are the only things we are allowed to take with us into Eternity. All the rest stays behind and inevitably has to go to someone else. Therefore, whatever goodness is in you and your life at any given time, make a special effort to share it with those around you. It’s not what we gather in material goods, but that which we scatter and share with others that reveals the quality of our character and life.

Our physical bodies are masterpieces of precision engineering. Yet, the dweller inside them, our spirit and soul, are of far greater importance. The outer shell is part of Mother Earth and belongs to her. It is our means of transport for one single lifetime only. We are responsible for it, its maintenance and wellbeing. At the beginning of each new lifetime a new body is entrusted into our care and should eventually be returned to the Earth in as good a condition as possible.

The same as all other earthly things physical bodies are easily hurt and damaged. Frequently they are in need of being repaired and when they have reached the end of their usefulness, they are returned to the Earth and decay. In contrast to this the indwelling spirit and soul is immortal and eternal. It moves on and will never perish. The level of consciousness that has been reached by the inner self at the time of leaving its outer shell behind has been imparted to each one of its cells and atoms.

They have always remained part of Mother Earth, who absorbs them so that in due course they can be recycled time and again. And because on the inner level all life is one, when we are evolving the rest of humankind is moving forwards with us, so does our whole world and the rest of God’s Creation. This is how each one of us at all times is helping all life to move ever forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. Having patiently and lovingly put up with humankind’s ignorant and unruly behaviour for far too long, isn’t it the highest time that Mother Earth, our beautiful home planet, is at last treated with the consideration and love it deserves?

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2 Jun, 2020
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