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The Second Coming
The Second Coming

The Second Coming


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Amazing Grace – Part Twenty-One

For long enough by now, Christianity has been trying to convince humankind that a saviour and redeemer, by the name of Jesus, will one day re-appear in our world for all who believe that what has been told about him is literally true. The legend promises that the God-man will appear a second time on the earthly plane and that this will mean the end of all suffering. The deeper we move into the Aquarian age, the clearer the higher esoteric meaning that’s always been hiding behind the surface words of the Jesus tale emerges. Yes, there will indeed be a second coming. But it’s not going to come about in the shape of the God-man Jesus. That’s because the story of his life is but a legend. He never was a historical figure who once walked in our midst.

Jesus only ever existed as a thoughtform that had been created by God and the Angels, so that when the right time had come for discovering the truth this tale, the idea of it would ever more be withdrawn from our world. And that is what’s been happening for quite some time by now. The second coming consists of the waking up of the Christ spirit in ever more human beings. The plandemic is one of the instruments for bringing this about.

That’s why the cuckoo’s egg with the idea of Jesus, which God and the Angels once deposited in the nest of the Roman political leaders when their earthly empire kept on shrinking away. The Jesus idea came into their minds and turned out to be most useful for gaining power of a different kind over ever larger portions of humankind. And so they employed the most efficient scribes of that time and ordered them to invent a tale about a God-man by the name of Jesus. That was the beginning of the Christian teachings insisting that it is literally true that a man by the name of Jesus once walked among human beings on the earthly plane.

This man was said to have the power of saving people from destruction and forever burning in the fires of hell, as written in the new religion’s Old Testament and therefore is literally true. Every human being, who declared to believe that Jesus really exists and that everything that the Christian teachings are saying about him is literally true, will be saved and redeemed by him. When everybody had reached this state of development, the whole of humankind would be saved and redeemed by Jesus. Ever greater miracles and wonders would be created through this man.

The deeper we penetrate into the Aquarian age, the more people become aware that higher esoteric meaning has always been hiding behind the surface words of all religious tales. First in line are what the old religions liked to tell us about God and the devil, Heaven and hell, and Jesus. It’s good to know that: a) places like Heaven and hell never existed; b) there is no death, merely a moving into different dimensions of life, into a world that is filled with light and love; c) Jesus is not a historical figure who once walked in our midst. The story of his life is a legend.

The God-man is a symbolism that represents every human being’s higher God or Christ nature which, in the course of many earthly lifetimes, slowly but surely comes to the surface of our consciousness. By the time our education in the earthly school of life reaches its end, our Christ nature has emerged from deep within our own being. As soon as it has fully unfolded, earthly life can teach us no more. When the natural end of that lifetime comes round, our energies are right for being released into the greater freedom of the spirit realm. Guided and protected by God and the Angels, consciously now, every one of us is an eternal student whose learning then consists of exploring the next higher level of humankind’s existence.

Alas, for the wise higher reason of teaching humankind the value of honesty and truth, the telling of lies and untruths were necessary and that for quite a long time, approx. six thousand years. It was for this reason that Jesus first had to appear in our world as a thoughtform and that, with the passing of time, it developed into a very powerful one. When Judaism had been around for long enough, the idea of the existence of the God-man Jesus was the next carefully prepared cuckoo’s egg that the Highest Forces of life placed into the nest of humankind’s consciousness.

Each time new ideas appeared, God and the Angels wrapped them carefully into eggs that were intended for those who were ready to receive and understand them. They were also capable of recognising the ideas’ potential for being developed into tools that were going to allow their political ‘owners’ to manipulate the masses into submission, so that they could exploit their resources. The organisation’s true intentions of warmongering and empire building, in those days, could be hidden behind pseudo-religious façades that consisted of ever more hideous lies and untruths that supposedly were literally true. And that’s how, with the passing of time, every one of our world’s new religions was successfully turned into one of the most efficient money-spinners of all times.

What about the First and Second Coming of Jesus in our world? Yes, there will be two of them. The first one was the appearance of the Jesus legend. However, the second one will be very different from what the Christian teachings to this day are promising. My inner guidance tells me that it has been with our world for quite some time by now. The Christ spirit can and indeed will save and redeem every one of us, the whole of humankind and our world. Yet, the only way Jesus will be involved in this process is as follows: a) with the passing of time, ever more of us are going to realise that the life story of Jesus is but a legend; b) Jesus is a symbolism of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature; c) the only person in the whole of Creation who can save and redeem you and me, and that’s we ourselves.

That’s why I believe that there is no point in waiting for a Second Coming. This is it, it’s already with us, right where we are. God and the Angels are calling those who spiritually are sufficiently mature to understand what’s at stake. Each one needs to do their best to contribute to the saving and redemption of our world. First we need to do this for ourselves. The next step is helping the Christ nature of our younger and less evolved siblings in the great family of humankind to wake up from its slumbering state. From there we need to reach out to the whole of humankind and our world.

My inner guidance tells me that sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to our world’s troublemakers and scaremongers, as many times as possible, is the best way of assisting the emergence of someone else’s Christ nature, and also that of our whole world. This is how every human being on the earthly plane can make a valuable contribution to taking us closer to the new golden age of friendship and kindness, honesty and truth that is ‘written in the Stars’, i.e. God’s great plan of life, for us and our world.

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28 May, 2021
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