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The Shadow
The Shadow

The Shadow

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The shadow

As the window slowly opened from one of the rooms downstairs, there was a clashing sound that woke the Steele children from Silverstone Avenue. "Mother" the children whispered as they crept into heir parent's room that night. There was no response, there was no movement and as they grabbed onto the covers that entangled their parent's together all they saw was blood and the traumatic view of a dark shadow leaping away into the night.

The children ran to the phone and called the police. Their tone was soft, shaken and tired as they answered questions and spoke about what happened. The questions ran in their minds of where had their parent's gone? and where had the blood come from?. The next door naighbour a Mrs Pine would help them until she found their parents. They all had stayed and slept in the livingroom of their four bedroom house with Mrs Pine.

There was a thud at the front door that had woken them all. The two children had ran to hide while Mrs Pine answered the door saying that everythings alright. As the door swung open there stood in the light sun of the early morning was the children's parents.

"I'm here for my children" exclaimed Mrs Steele.

"What do you mean?, where have you been all night?" Mrs Pine said loudly.

The children were seen standing behind Mrs Pine. The look of surprise and happiness filled their faces as they ran over and hugged their parent's who acted as though it was a normal day. It was far from it and the children were taken next door. Mr and Mrs Steele were in clean clothes but with little blood stains on the cuffs of his jacket and on top of her head.

There wasn't much happening for a few days after the incident and everything seemed fine, then on the fourth day of their parent's return the children heard the same noise and looked around at each other and the room before darting out of their room and into their parent's. Their mother and father were sleeping and they began to get scared. Over on the table Sally the eldest of the children at age 15 who has been reading mystery books saw a glass which had a powder substance at the bottom and she instantly thought they were drugged. Her younger sister Beth at age 10 stood shaking as she heard someone coming up the stairs from the small squeaks being made by the floorboards under the rough carpet.

They hid in the wardrobe and waited to hear what was going to happen. They couldn't see very much because it was very dark and they had to try and not panick because who ever it was would hear. It had been a few minuites and then silence like something wasn't right. The children opened the door and saw in amazment that the dark figure was in a cloak and only his eyes were seen before he ran down and out into the garden trying to get away.

Both children looked over at the bed and saw that their parent's were fine and were still sleeping, it was very curious that it was over so fast. They decided to ask their parent's about what had happened and all they got was that someone important was coming, someone they knew but shouldn't worry the person who was in before was just after something and got angry. He was physical and that's where the blood came from.

The children took that as the reason and went to talk to Mrs Pine who they liked, about what was going on. On this night as everyone was put to bed the children made themselves ready to grab the person this time sot hey carried a weapon of choice which was a pan for Sally and a bat for Beth which they gripped tight.

The sequence began, the window then the noises and as they reached the top of the stairs both children began swinging their tools and watched the person fall hard onto the landing. Both parent's came rushing outside to see a cloaked figure. Who to their surprise was the children's distant uncle who was thought to have been dead because he was missing for years on a ship only to return years later to cause stress on his family.

Everyone went downstairs and closed the window. "My name is Josh, I was missing for a long time and I tracked down where my sister stayed, so I thought I could come and make peace and tell my story but, your mother was angry with me because I wasn't very nice to her before I left and I guess I'm just the same but I am wanting all the help from you and others to change. I have gone so long without a family I want to be forgiven to try again". He pleaded with them.

The children were happy to have an Uncle as their family was quite small but to see the hurt on their mother's face they chose not to say anything for now and waited for the response of what was happening. The mystery was solved of the shadow person that kept getting away.

"Yes Josh, you may stay for a little while so that you can get on your feet" she said in a sighed tone that the children new wasn't happiness. As he was around for a while the children grew fond of him and played alot with him that pleased their mother and they could see this from her smiling expressions she exposed while watching from a distance.

The children found an Uncle, their mother fround a sibling and the family were happy again.

The end

By Louise Clark

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28 May, 2017
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4 mins
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