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The Shortest Dead End

The Shortest Dead End

By Kat - 3 Reviews

His hands shook as he held the little girl, amazed at what he had just accomplished. The human had smiled. He had made the small child giggle, something that no one had done for a while. In triumph, he cradled the girl next to his shoulder, silently thanking the stars.

The little girl giggled as he tossed her up and down in the air, a delighted look upon her face as she expected him to catch her, which he did with gentle hands. His kind had been made to look like the humans, to try and restore the laughter and willingness of them.

They had worked endlessly, trying to bring the humans out of there coma-like state, when one of the babies started coeing. It was the little princess, the one that had barely survived inside her mother's womb.

Shoulders relaxing, he took the girl to the recovering room, where she would learn to be happy and seek her future. He lay her caringly on the glass and blanket cradle of the new room, gently rocking her until she fell asleep.

He listened to her short, shallow breaths, and knew that one day she would grow up to rule the planet.

Chapter One-

Delilah skipped playfully through the fake grass, imagining what it would be like to touch real plants. She had been here for her whole life, the first to fully recover from the disease that had sprung about her people.

Just turning sixteen, Delilah knew that she would have to take the throne soon, and dreaded the day. Queens' weren't allowed to play in the gardens or run in the meadows, or even socialize with the animals. They just sat and did paperwork all day, deciding fates and assuming other boring duties.

Author Notes: Please review to have me write more quickly, I'm distracted very often and with motivation I guess I will work harder. Weird right? 😄-KP ❤️

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21 Dec, 2016
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