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The Soul's Pathway Through the Zodiac
The Soul's Pathway Through the Zodiac

The Soul's Pathway Through the Zodiac


The Soul's Pathway Through The Zodiac

My earthly self fought a long and embittered battle
With my spirit and soul.
For aeons it believed that it was a lost and fallen Angel
From a misty and half forgotten galaxy of Stars.
We have made peace with each other because
Both of us are now aware that in truth we are
A spark of the Divine and a child of the Sun,
The great spiritual Sun behind the Sun of earthly life.

Our spirit once descended from the Highest levels of life.
We came to this plane to take part in it
And so learn and grow through our own experiences.
In the course of many lifetimes we have been
Wounded cruelly by the painful thrust of Mars,
Caught in Neptune’s tangled web and
Shocked and torn asunder by the sudden violence of Uranus.
Tortured by the clever lies of Mercury,
Crushed beneath the icy weight of stern and unyielding Saturn,
Hours often felt like days, days like years,
And years like eternities of frustration and waiting.

There was a time when my soul and I believed we were the Sun,
Whose exploding bursts of arrogance and pride
Scorched and almost blinded us.
Ignorant of our true self, the feminine and masculine,
Eve and Adam deep within cried helplessly.
Yet, we fought on in unrelenting fury and striking blow for blow,
Driven on by the pounding drums of Jupiter’s throbbing passions,
Stumbling at the precipice of the Moon’s enticing madness,
To fall in trembling fear before the threat
Of Pluto’s ominous tomb-like silence,
Consumed by inconsolable sadness
And the bleakness of despair.

Bravely bearing the wounds and scars of furious battles,
My spirit and soul are now coming home at last.
We are walking hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Serenely and in quiet peace,
The way we once did.
Having gathered together the scattered pieces of our being,
We are healed and whole once more.
A great evolutionary circle is closing
And the twin serpents of the dual forces of Creation,
The Highest and lowest, masculine and feminine,
Who for a long time were opposed to each other in earthly life
Are learning to harmoniously work together again.
They are the serpents of wisdom and healing
Who are winding themselves around the Caduceus,
My own and that of all humankind and our world.

Willingly my spirit and soul together with my earthly self
Are now following the pull of the Sun.
Yielding to the attracting power of Venus,
We are leaving the enslavement of earthly existence behind.
A rainbow of light surrounds the Earth.
Under its protection humankind is coming home
Into its true nature and the oneness with God and all life.
The long promised golden land of peace and plenty
Lies within the reach of every heart and soul,
As our highest ideals and aspirations, hopes and dreams
Are finding fulfilment at last.

Following the call of gentle Venus and the call of
Our Creator’s love and guidance that never left us,
We and our world have survived the might of selfish seeking
And the downward pull of our earthly self’s desires.
Equipped with the gift of a renewed understanding of
God’s true nature and our own,
A new world that is filled with tolerance and forgiveness,
Patience and peace is waiting to unfold itself
Before us and our world.

Edited by Aquarius

* * *

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4 Oct, 2018
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2 mins
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