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The Source Of All Inspiration
The Source Of All Inspiration

The Source Of All Inspiration


The Source Of All Inspiration

My life’s experiences have taught me how astrology, the Divine science, can provide us with a better understanding of the processes of our present existence and how this knowledge can considerably ease our passage through it. I would not have taken any further interest this subject if it was nothing but fortune telling. What attracted me to it like a magnet was its higher esoteric side that relates to the evolution and development of the individual and collective human psyche, the soul. Once I had started writing about the meaning behind the astrological concepts, ever more insights came to me. As time went by, it became increasingly clear to me that in contrast to the attempts at astrological fortunetelling that have been made throughout the ages, the astrology my inner teacher was helping me to find and develop works with ideas that have their origin on the highest levels of life.

This raises the question: where does any inspiration we receive, as human beings on the Earth plane, actually come from? With the help of our inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, God and the Angels have always been trying to show us intuitively the right way of going about things. They are the small still voice of humankind’s individual and collective conscience, which for a long time has been ignored to our detriment. Now at last, ever more of us are becoming aware of the preciousness of their inner guidance and are willing to follow it.

The earthly mind of every human being is a receiver/transmitter station for the ideas that are constantly flowing from the highest levels of life into our earthly existence. The knowledge that comes from there is available to all who are ready to receive and understand it. And because it is given free of charge, in my view they do not belong to any individual person but to everybody. Every human being’s small still inner voice of consciousness is one of the manifestations of the Highest. The flow of my inspiration can be sparked by anything in my daily life. Fresh ideas and insights frequently arrive from where I would least expect them. I suspect that, if one went out looking for them, they would refuse to come. Frequently, I feel motivated to take a thought or an idea that was first given through someone else, a step or two further.

I have never been one for swallowing things blindly. Whenever I come across some spiritual knowledge that is new to me, my inner guidance tells me whether it is true or false. Only when in my heart of hearts I know that something makes sense, when I can verify with my own eyes, inner and/or outer, that it is true, am I willing to take it on board. I only share it with others when I feel that in some way it could be of interest and help to them. I have always found that the more of my insights I give away, the more fresh ones come flooding in – it’s quite magical and also extremely hard work.

During the early stages of my work, when I had been writing about one theme or another and maybe thought what emerged was a bit too daring and way out, time and again it happened that after a while someone else’s insights into the same subject quite naturally came my way. Usually they came through one of White Eagle’s teachings in Stella Polaris, the magazine of the White Eagle Lodge. They always felt like the Universe’s way of reassuring me that what my inner teacher told me – wrote through me – was all right and meant to be given to others.

Some might say such happenings are coincidences. How does one explain them? As we know by now, there is no such thing as coincidences and accidents and everything has purpose and meaning. That we fail to recognise them for what they are, as we often do, does not mean they don’t exist. My feeling is that these things happen because, as mentioned earlier, at least potentially we are all channels of communication, receiver and transmitter stations, for the wisdom of the Highest. This is how, whenever the time is right for its appearance, a fresh amount of the Source’s wisdom and knowledge is seeded into the individual and collective consciousness of our world.

They are meant to be received, worked with, explored and then distributed by those who are sufficiently evolved for playing this part. That’s how, from the beginning of humankind’s appearance in earthly life, ever more spiritual knowledge from the water-bearer, the intellectual aspect of the Great Father/Mother of all life, has gradually been flowing into our world. With the passing of time, increasing numbers of earth-bound spirit/souls have been trained by God and the Angels to tune their earthly minds into the frequencies of their consciousness, so they can be used as receiver/transmitter stations for fresh spiritual knowledge. Those who are no longer required to provide this service are free to move on to continue their studies on the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

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12 Jun, 2019
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