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The Source Of My Inspiration
The Source Of My Inspiration

The Source Of My Inspiration


The Source Of My Inspiration

Part One

It took me a long time until I realised that my writings are inspired by God and the Angels as part of the celebrations for the return of the love and wisdom of the Great Mother of all life to our world. My jottings are my contribution towards the process of healing the conflicts of our world. In my view this can only come about through a better understanding of God’s true nature, our own and the high and holy ultimate purpose of our earthly existence. That’s what my work is all about. The spiritual knowledge you receive from me is of invariably of an intuitive and original nature, through which God and the Angels are communicating with you. I have no need for going into a trance or anything of that nature, I just write. The source of my inspiration is God and the Angels and they are telling me that most of the spiritual teachings of the past are outdated by now. They were valid when they were given because that was all humankind could understand in those days.

Increasing numbers of us are becoming ready for the Divine wisdom and truth that has been waiting for the Age of Aquarius, so that under the influence of its energies they can flow with ever more ease directly into the consciousness of those who are ready to receive it. My writings embrace and honour the teachings of every one of the many belief systems that our world has seen with the passing of time. Their aim has never been to wipe out any existing spiritual knowledge, but to add to it in order to advance of humankind’s evolutionary progress. Updating and refreshing some of the ancient themes with new insights is my contribution to the expansion of our race’s individual and collective consciousness.

I was not brought up on a steady diet of what any of the traditional sources have to say about various religious/spiritual themes. I never studied them in my present lifetime, though I probably did in others. Looking back from where I am now, the result of that must have been an essential part of my preparation for the job I had come to do this time round. I had not occupied myself with religious/spiritual matters for the simple reason that before the start of my jottings, I was too busy with ordinary things like running a home, bringing up children and later returning to full time work. My lack of knowledge of the religious/spiritual traditions of our world ensured that I had no preference for one of them and therefore could look at all of them without prejudice. And that enabled me to approach the existing material with an open mind.

Looking at it from where I am now, it is not hard to see why, when I first started holding my insights down in writing, it felt like some kind of floodgates were opening inside me. The inflow of ideas was so great and intense that, trying to keep up with it, the pace of writing had to be so fast that I would not have had time to study spiritual subjects in the traditional manner. Much later I found out that this is neither necessary nor desirable when one acts as a channel for the wisdom of the Highest. If anything, too much book knowledge and head activity can shut the heart-centre.

And that closes us off from the world of our feelings and therefore gets in the way of the intuitive process and stops us from developing into a clear and undisturbed communication channel. The heart-centre is the dwelling place of the Divine spark of our Christ nature. Even though at first this exists merely in seed form in everybody, our Highest Self has always accompanied us and tried to guide us through the small still voice of our conscience. As with the passing of time this aspect of our nature grows stronger, it communicates with us ever more clearly through the world of our feelings. At any given moment, the way we feel about something tells us whether it is right or wrong and what we hear or read is a truth or an untruth.

The teachings of every one of the old belief systems came into being just the same as my contributions to the pool of spiritual knowledge have been doing for more than twenty years. The only difference between the scribes of the days of yore and modern ones is their writing instrument. And that’s a fascinating story in its own right. If that sounds interesting, please follow the link at the end of this chapter.

The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘In the fullness of time, we shall no longer learn from others or from books, but find the knowledge we are looking for within ourselves, for we are part of everything that ever has been and shall be.’ And that’s what has been happening to me for many years. The knowledge I am sharing is brought to you by the love and wisdom of the Great Mother and the Angels. The Mother is the feminine aspect of the Divine and the soul of the whole of Creation. She is the storehouse of the memories of everything that ever happened anywhere in the whole of Creation and the learning that was gained from it.

The human soul is the soft, sensitive and vulnerable aspect of our nature, women and men alike. Our soul is an integral part of the soul of our world as well as the Great soul, the Mother of all life. Through re-establishing our inner connection with God, the Great Father/Mother of all life, every human being is going to learn eventually how to tap into the Mother’s wisdom and truth. Through finding the right and truthful answers to their questions, ever more of us are releasing themselves from their bondage with earthly life and their numbers are steadily increasing.

As we know by now, on the inner level all life is one and there is no separation between anything. We are all connected with and responding to each other. That’s why when one of is hurt and wounded, everybody is and this is also true whenever someone is healing. Life in the whole of Creation is subject to the Universal laws and unfolds in keeping with God’s great plan, in which everything has its allocated place and happens at the predestined time. This also applies to our race’s earthly education and because during its early stages the meaning of God’s wisdom and truth cannot yet be grasped by earthly minds, throughout the ages the Angels in charge of us and our world have been presenting parts of it with the help various myths and legends.

Tales of this nature that have survived to this day are living proof that there is no point in storing spiritual knowledge in something that can be likened to waterproof containers and trying to be too precise in defining their contents. The best we can do as earthlings is to accept the good intentions of the Divine plan and rest safely in the knowledge that everything in the end will work out for the highest good and greatest joy of all, irrespective of the fact that God’s way of going about it are frequently hard for us to comprehend.

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4 Jul, 2019
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