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The Spark (Part 1, Cancelled Bc My Life Is Being Stinky)
The Spark (Part 1, Cancelled Bc My Life Is Being Stinky)

The Spark (Part 1, Cancelled Bc My Life Is Being Stinky)


I stand by the sink, scrubbing dishes for The Boss. She liked the dishes to be cleaned a specific way, so using a dishwasher was out of the question. I glared down at a smudge on the plate I was holding. Must've been something sticky because it didn't want to come off. I scrubbed harder, but it still didn't come off. I give up on my sponge and grab a cloth instead. Using my artificial thumbnails, I scratch the stupid crusty shard off the plate. It falls down the sink's drain and I smile to myself at my task, finished in record time. The Boss would be pleased.

I wash my hands next, then busy myself by cleaning up one of the larger rooms in the house. The Boss owned a large estate, but she prided herself in nature. The front yard was twice as big as the house, the backyard even larger. She didn't like the modern technology yet, somehow, she put up with me. Back in the living room, the building blocks of her grandkids needed to be stacked in an orderly fashion, the old 3000's television was still playing ancient Disney cartoons and needed to be shut off, and the boss's youngest grandkids needed to be carried up to their rooms for bed. By the time they were snug in their beds, it was around nine o'clock.

The Boss was awake and sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee. She must've been around one hundred years old, but she acted as though she was still in her sixties. She sat, gazing out the window that was stationed on the right of the long, wooden table. It was an antique design, but I liked how it looked among the wooden cabinets and drawers. The walls of the kitchen were painted a beautiful green, making the kitchen almost look like the woods out back. The room gave off a soothing atmosphere and so I wanted to take a short break.

I sat down beside The Boss and didn't say anything for a moment. I just gazed out the window with her. Her short, wavy hair was beginning to strip in grey. Her round face was fixed in a kind smile as she looked out at the scenery. There was a small wood behind the house, one that hadn't been touched by the "greedy hands of those good-for-nothing businessmen," as The Boss would often tell me. She had bought this property before they could, and she intended to keep it away from them for as long as possible. It was one of the few remaining areas that still burst with wildlife and trees.

"A beautiful night, ey?" The Boss said. It sounded like she was asking a question, but I had learned that she was just trying to start a conversation. For some reason, she like to chat with me. She would ask me to take breaks, to slow down, let my circuits rest for a moment. And we would chat for a while, letting my unfinished work just sit there. It used to bother me at first, but now I quite enjoy taking breaks and talking with her.

"It certainly is Miss," I respond, looking out at the trees that covered a good portion of the backyard. The sun had already gone down, and it was already a cool autumn night. I could hear an owl hooting in the distance. "Would you like a blanket?" I ask The Boss.

She turns to look at me and says warmly, "No thank you, dear. I won't be staying up much later anyway." She smiles at me and I smile back, another thing I had learned to do. It was considered polite among the humans, so I did what they expected of me. The Boss had always thought I was more than just an android. She seemed to think that she could get me to act, think, even feel like a human. But that didn't work out. Her smiles began to seem stressed, even hurt that I couldn't feel like she wanted me too. So, I began pretending. Being a good little human/android was hard work, but seeing her real smile always made me keep going. So I kept pretending and here I am, pretending again just to see her smile.

"Well, that's enough coffee for me," The Boss says, standing up to go to bed. "If I have any more, I won't fall asleep." She winks at me and I fake another smile. I stand and take her cup from her, walking over to the sink to clean it.

"Remember," she calls from the staircase, "rinse, then scrub, and rinse again!" I hear her footsteps as she continues up the stairs towards the master bedroom. Once I could no longer hear her, I began scrubbing fiercely.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed! Let me know how I can improve and if you have any story requests, feel free to contact me. Love you all, have a wonderful day! And if it's night when you're reading this, go to bed! >:(
So, I was in the middle of writing part 2, which was c r a z y l o n g, btw, and then my page reloaded and now all my work is gone. I doubt I'll be able to write all of that up again. I'm sorry, but there will not be a part 2 q^q

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19 Mar, 2021
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