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The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (3)
The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (3)

The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (3)


Greetings From The Wise One Within

For Thursday 18th November 2021

‘Yet, you may find it impossible to conceive or if you do, your pregnancy ends in a miscarriage; sometimes one after the other. No matter how hard you try and how much time and/or money you spend on turning to the scientific progress that by now has been made in this field, for example in vitro fertilization. Either your body does not respond to the treatment or you become pregnant, but after a while you once more have to struggle with another miscarriage.

‘At all times God and the Angels are in charge of you and your development and what, on the surface of things, appears to be your misfortune never comes about because they are making many mistakes with the production of human offspring. Miscarriages are not due to any kind of sloppy workmanship on their behalf. The only reason why they are happening is because of karmic debts which the sufferer has brought with them from previous lifetimes into the present one. Much as you may hate the thought, but your suffering is your redemption.

‘How many miscarriages ever happen to other members of the animal kingdom? After all, humankind belongs to this kingdom. However, first and foremost every one of you is a spirit/soul who is occupied with taking part in the lessons of the earthly school of life through experiencing each one first hand. None of you is merely a physical being who also has spirit/soul. Every human being in truth is a young God in the making, a beloved offspring of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. Alas, it takes a long time until another one of you becomes aware that this is so.

‘Until you at last wake up to this realisation, time and again you have to take part in all lessons that the earthly school of life offers, without for a long time having any idea of why you are there and why anything is happening to you. None of you appears just once on that plane, but spends a great many lifetimes coming into it and after a while leaving it to return to the true home of every human being, our world of the spirit realm. Sometimes you take part in earthly life as a woman and on other occasions as a man. And on every occasion one of you wishes to re-enter the earthly plane, a woman of childbearing age has to be found through whom God and the Angels can create a new physical body to serve as a vehicle for getting around on your planet.

‘Many of you are destined to play a major role in your world’s greatest ever transformation that for quite a while has been unfolding. That’s why a long time ago, God and the Angels provided them with special gifts and talents that, in due course, would enable them to act as wayfinders and pioneers for those who do not yet know why they are taking part in earthly life, when all too frequently it seems to be nothing but a world of suffering. They are asking themselves: ‘Why have I come? There seems to be little point in being here.’ Part of the answer to questions of this nature is the fact that for quite a while by now your planet, Mother Earth, has been changing from an over-materially oriented place into an ever more spiritual one.

‘Every one of the gifts and talents of those who are chosen to walk the road of pathfinder and comforter for those who following behind and lacking the understanding why miscarriages have to happen to them, has taken numerous lifetimes of developing and unfolding them to ever more flowering. Each time one of these blessed ones re-enters the earthly plane, these gifts soon become noticeable. Parents who are as evolved as the child that’s coming through them, realise that they have not been inherited from them. This applies in particular when another one of what in your world is considered to be a ‘Wunderkind’ is honouring its parents with coming through them.’

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- To be continued. –

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18 Nov, 2021
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