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The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (4)
The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (4)

The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (4)


Greetings From The Wise One Within

For Friday 19th November 2021

‘Each time you re-enter the earthly plane in another physical body, the gifts you have developed in previous lifetimes are stored in your soul memories. You bring them with you into each new one and the main reason why you come through a particular set of parents is because they are people of similar inclinations. You appear as their child in the hope that, and they will do if they are sufficiently evolved themselves, from early on recognise your talents. In that case they will provide you with the support and encouragement you need to develop what you have brought with you some more. Maybe even bring it to full unfoldment, the way Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven did – to name but a few.

‘It’s also possible that a newcomer on the earthly plane contains a much older and more experienced spirit/soul than the parents the wise ones in charge of it have chosen for the wise purpose of teaching certain lessons as well as the redemption of karmic debts. The child is coming through these parents in the hope that in spite of the burden it brought with it into that lifetime, being there will nonetheless be good for developing its special gifts some more. Sufficiently evolved parents realise that every new child that reincarnates on the earthly plane is by no means an empty vessel that’s waiting to be filled. They appreciate the likelihood that their child is bringing with it gifts and talents that may already have taken many lifetimes to develop.

‘Through getting to know things of this nature, every human being on the earthly plane eventually learns to appreciate the true value of the new physical bodies that God and the Angels are constantly in the process of creating through one of your world’s women. Rejecting a spirit/soul who is trying to come through you is the first part of the lesson that opens a circle that intends to teach you the higher purpose and meaning of childbearing. Your circle closes through the suffering, in one of your future lifetimes, when you long and yearn for children of your own. Independent of how hard you try, it just will not happen. A great deal of scientific progress has by now been made in this field of your world. Yet, for wise higher teaching purposes plus the redemption of karmic debts, attempts of applying them are frequently unsuccessful, to the greatest disappointment of the people involved.

‘That brings us back to the question: ‘Why is there so much suffering on the Earth?’ To enable God and the Angels to safely release any of the young Gods in the making from the earthly plane into the great freedom of the spirit realm, every human being, without exemption, has to be familiarised personally with every aspect of their nature as an offspring of the Highest Forces of life. And that means from the worst and evil up to the highest and most holy. God and the Angels command and control all of these characteristics. Each one is released by them at will for the teaching of yet another lesson in the earthly school of life.

‘All lessons are designed to teach humankind to differentiate between good and evil. At the same time you are getting to know the nature of suffering, why it is necessary and what purpose it serves. Every one of these lessons is compulsory for all human beings and cannot be avoided. Each consists of two parts, in the first one you are on the giving end of suffering. You are joyfully handing it out to everything that comes your way. In one of your future lifetimes when you have become sufficiently evolved to cope with what comes your way, you are going to find yourself on the receiving end of suffering.

‘The best news of all is that truly nothing on the earthly plane is intended to last forever. Every new physical body that comes into being is but a gift on time. With the passing of time, these bodies age and are meant to be parted with, and disposed in some way. Independent of how this is carried out, burial or cremation for example, the atoms of the physical matter are recycled. Time and again something new is created from them. Every physical body that exist on the earthly plane has an indwelling spirit/soul. Being eternal and immortal, they can and will never die, the same as humankind’s true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. Of Its light every bit of matter that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation has been created by them. This will forever continue.

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- To be continued. –

* * *

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19 Nov, 2021
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