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The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (5)
The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (5)

The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (5)


Greetings From The Wise One Within

For Saturday 20th November 2021

‘The first instalment of your education in the school of earthly life consists of getting to know and enjoying inflicting the ugly, cruel and masochistic side of your nature onto anyone who comes within your reach. Whatever enters your mind is good enough. The second stage of this development comes about when, in the fullness of time, the law of cause and effect or Karma returns what you once so thoughtlessly pumped into your world, in thoughts, words and deeds. This time round you have to endure the same kind of thing at the hands of others, finding yourself on the receiving end of that which you in previous lifetimes did to those around you, unaware that you are personally responsible for everything you do and have to deal with their consequences when they find their way back to you.

‘As a young God in the making, every one of you has to personally experience the lower as well as the upper aspects of their nature. The lower is meant to be gradually overcome and left behind once and for all, on the road of evolving into a Christed one in your own right. A tough school, yes! But what else can you expect for beings of such calibre for whom a high and holy destiny is written in God’s great plan of life. Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, that’s what every one of you is. And if you have to go through the ordeal of suffering one miscarriage after another, does not mean that as a woman you are in any way a failure.

‘It’s merely an indication that you are an old and experienced spirit/soul who has taken part in life on the earthly plane many times before. Each time you appeared in a different guise, sometimes as a woman and in other lifetimes as a man. That’s how you took part in the first instalment of the lesson through which God and the Angels are teaching humankind the value of being able to producing their own offspring. Through the suffering that each miscarriage causes you in the course of this lifetime, your karmic debts with regards to childbearing are redeemed.

‘From now on, how about allowing nature to take its course so that one of these days God and the Angels might be willing to reward your patience and newly found understanding of the situation to create a miracle through you by granting you the gift of a successful pregnancy? Maybe, just maybe one of these days you will at last be holding a child of your own and possibly, after while even several in your loving arms? Through what you are finding out here about the spiritual background of miscarriages, by sharing it with those who are suffering they way you used to, you could act as pioneer and wayfinder for others who are still struggling, the way you used to, trying to discover the reason why miscarriages are happening to them.

‘With regard to the spiritual perspective, the more miscarriages you have to endure in your present lifetime, the older and more experienced spirit/soul you are likely to be. Time for starting to go on a healing journey and the best way of doing so is through forgiveness. First you need to forgive yourself for many lifetimes ago, having set the wheels of this experiences in motion. Forgive yourself in spite of the fact that you are not really guilty. In truth, nobody is. You were and still are a pupil or student in the earthly school of life and therefore had to become familiar with both sides of everything that likely to ever be experienced on that plane.

‘And that’s the reason why you had to take part in both aspects of childbearing and miscarriages, on the giving as well as the receiving end. No more and no less. Accidents or coincidences, good or bad fortune do not exist on the earthly plane. Everything that happens there was once created by every one of you themselves through their own thoughts, words and actions. You are personally responsible for every one of them and their consequences. Because you are all co-creators with God and the Angels each one of you brought everything into being that’s in your own life as well as your whole world. This applies in particular to the present situation.

- To be continued. –

* * *

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20 Nov, 2021
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