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The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (8)
The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (8)

The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (8)


Greetings From The Wise One Within

Observations Of A Stargazer

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

‘What follows now really happened many years ago to a woman by the name of Emma. She first gave birth to a little boy and in the years that followed she endured one miscarriage after another. When her first boy was eight years old, as a reward for her patience and endurance God and the Angels created another little boy was created through her. A doctor had been called to attend the difficult birth that was demanding the utmost of both mother and child. When it had been born at last, he declared it was the longest and thinnest baby he had ever assisted to bring into this world. He advised husband Joseph to prepare his wife that the child was unlikely to reach its first birthday.

‘And because initially the baby was too weak to suck, brave mother Emma squirted milk from her breasts into his mouth, until it had become strong enough to suck and help himself. As the parents were very poor, they took out a Prudential’s special life insurance for this offspring in case a coffin would be needed, so they could pay for it. A policy was available in those days that cost, if the writer remembers right, one penny per day until the child had reached its first birthday. Lo and behold, it responded to his mother’s loving care and thrived. He was born in the small wee hours of 8th January 1937, a birthday present for his mother who on this day started the 34th year of that lifetime. 3 + 4 = 7 = the highest love vibration in the whole of Creation.

‘Mother and child both were double Capricorns because the 8th January, the day as well as the month, is twice over under the rulership of Saturn, the stern and undeviating schoolmaster of the zodiac. It was a Friday, the day of the week that’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Everything that happened to mother and child somehow was ruled by the 8, Saturn. They lived in a house with the number 35 = 3 + 5 = 8. The street was called Wide Lane. Guess what? It consists of 8 letters. The boy stayed there until he got married and his mother until she passed into the world of light, well advanced into her eighties.

‘In the year 2020 the child passed into the world of light at the ripe old age of just over eighty-three years. Saturn is the ruler of old age. In the year 1965, the boy married the writer of the Aquarian writings. He was her husband for fifty-six years and best friend for sixty-nine, when he passed into the world of light. It’s from there that he is greeting you now. He wants you to know that he is alive and well and greatly enjoying the greater freedom of that realm.

‘In the year 1966, the writer of these greetings and her husband lost their first child, a boy, in the twentieth week of pregnancy in a long and traumatic miscarriage. That’s why the theme of miscarriages is particularly close and dear to her heart. She is grateful for having found, through these writings, a better understanding that what happened to her at the beginning of their marriage, was not meant to be some kind of punishment. It was the second instalment of the lesson that teaches humankind the spiritual value of every new arrival on the earthly plane. At the same time it serves the purpose of redeeming some of the karmic debts that have accumulated in her spiritual ledger. She has brought them with her from previous lifetimes into this one.

‘They rest there until the person, in one of their lifetimes in which they appear as a woman, has spiritually matured enough to cope with the severity of miscarriages. With this part of her life’s work, the writer of these greetings would like to share what her miscarriage taught her with as many as possible, in the hope that they might benefit from her learning. As pointed out before, nothing that ever happens on the earthly plane is an accident or coincidence, or maybe is something that’s due to either good or bad fortune. There is no such thing. Everything is part of God’s great evolutionary plan and serves the wise higher dual purpose of teaching lessons as well as redeeming some of the debts in the person’s spiritual ledger. That most certainly applies to the deeply disturbing experience of miscarriages.

‘However, as soon as Saturn’s demands of self-mastery and self-discipline have been attended to sufficiently, its role changes from teacher to rewarder. And when the rewards arrive they can be considerable. And that’s why Emma’s endurance eight years after the birth of her first child was rewarded with the gift of a second little boy. In spite of a difficult and complicated birth, Emma’s Capricornian nature provided her with the determination and stamina, patience and perseverance to reach out for the initially far away goal of raising this child.

‘Emma most certainly was no failure as a woman, no woman who experiences a miscarriage, maybe even one after the other, is. If nonetheless she never gives up the hope that one day God and the Angels will reward her with the gift of a child or children of her own, she may well be rewarded the way Emma was. Every one of these women deserves a monument to be placed somewhere in her honour. The writer hopes to have done this here.

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23 Nov, 2021
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