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The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (9)
The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (9)

The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages (9)


Greetings From The Wise One Within

Observations Of A Stargazer

Friday 26th November 2021

‘If you love children and long for some of your own, become pregnant and then to your greatest disappointment your pregnancy, maybe even several of them, end in a miscarriage. If someone draws your attention to these notes and when you start reading them, something inside you reacts with ‘This is right, you know!’, that’s the small still voice of your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, that’s trying to tell you that it would be good for you to go on a healing journey of the most wondrous kind. Like any journey, this one starts with one step and that’s the discovery of what’s before you now. If you decide to take your chances and go travelling your wish for a child of your own, maybe even several, may eventually be fulfilled. If it’s meant to be, it will happen but not until the conditions and the time for it is right. So be patient!

‘As pointed out before, everybody’s inner guidance is the only truly reliable teacher or guru that exists in the whole of Creation. And an inborn aspect of every human being’s nature is their very own lie-detector. So far not enough people in your world have discovered theirs and taken possession of it. It is always trying to communicate with you through the world of your feelings. It has always tried to let you know whether something is right or wrong, true or false for you. You ignore its messages to your detriment. And when at last you have taken possession of yours and discover how beneficial they are, don’t forget to share the knowledge of it with as many as possible. Any kind of learning that’s been acquired in the earthly school of life is meant to be shared with those who are likely to benefit from it – yet, only if they so wish.

‘The love, wisdom and compassion of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, are infinite. Everybody in both parts of your world, the outer as well as the inner, is their beloved offspring. And if you keep on sharing what your miscarriage(s) have taught you, you may eventually not need any further miscarriages. That’s why the wise ones in charge of you and your development have brought these notes to your attention, in the hope that they will speak to you. They hope that one of these days you might be willing to. Maybe, just maybe, their dream as well as your own will eventually be fulfilled, similar to what happened to the woman called Emma mentioned in my previous greetings.

‘Nobody ever forces you to do anything in the earthly school of life. Every one of you at all times enjoys the freedom of making their own decisions and coming to their own conclusions. And all those who at any given moment are taking part in the earthly school’s lessons, is destined to eventually evolve into a healer and a bringer of light, in their own right. Light in this context means a better understanding of humankind’s existence and the high and holy destiny that’s in store for every human being.

‘Each one of you eventually reaches the end of their education as a physical being in the material world. It comes about after you have taken part on a great number of occasions in every one of the earthly school’s lessons. Each earthly lifetime lasts for a predestined length of time only. When one of them has reached its end, you leave your physical body behind and your spirit/soul returns to humankind’s true home, the spirit realm. And then, for your next earthly sojourn you need a new physical body. God and the Angels are willing to create it on your behalf through a woman who not only is willing to accept the responsibility of childbearing but longs and yearns for a child of her own.

‘Every pregnancy that ends in a miscarriage comes about for the wise higher reasons explained earlier and the tears that are being shed over them each time, increase the impression that the earthly plane is nothing but a vale of tears, of lying, cheating and deceptions. You will be glad to hear that his is not destined to continue forever. All your world’s suffering is caused by nothing more than a lack of knowledge and understanding of why you are taking part in earthly life, who and what you truly are and the true nature of God, as well as what wise higher purpose every human being’s earthly existence serves.

‘The time has come that ever more of you become aware that the earthly existence of every human being has its origin in your world’s counterpart, the spirit realm. It’s from there that everything that ever happened on your plane always has been and for a long time to come will continue to be directed by wise spirit friends and helpers. Although they are invisible to earthly eyes, they are constantly with you and observing everything you do, in thoughts, words and actions. They have always been trying to help to cope better with earthly life and if you ask for their assistance with anything that’s too difficult to handle on your own, for example a miscarriage, they will show you intuitively what needs to be done next. I shall never get tired of repeating that without asking for the assistance of your spirit friends, it cannot come to you.

‘With their help, every one of you in the fullness of time is destined to evolve into a pioneer and wayfinder for those who are still unable to understand why sad things like miscarriages have to happen to them. If you tell them why it has been necessary, they too in due course will be able to provide the correct answer when anyone asks them: ‘Why should this happen to me, out of all people?’

‘That’s how every one of you is destined to evolve into a healer and bringer of light, in their own right. Yet, the ancient adage of ‘First healer heal thyself!’ applies. None of you is by any means as alone with the healing process that’s required as you might think. Fortunately, ever more of you are becoming aware that the best way of dealing with anything that’s troubling them, health- or otherwise, is by turning to the wise one or living God within. That’s their inner guidance who knows the way of all things and can provide the answer to any questions you may ever care to ask. When you request its help, it is happy to show you intuitively down which avenue you need to walk next on this extraordinary healing journey.

‘Those with their Sun in Aries, the point of all beginnings of earthly life, are most suitable to act as pioneers and wayfinders for those around them. It’s for the simple reason that this suits their natural inclinations best. They enjoy nothing more in life than forging ahead, fearlessly exploring new grounds and ideas, unafraid of whatever might happen them to on newly trodden pathways. This is because they are used to fresh ideas of how to proceed further will surely come to them from the highest levels of life. They always do and that’s why Sun in Aries are they original ideas people who like nothing better than walking on unexplored grounds, where Angels so far fear to tread, as one of your world’s sayings goes.

‘And if you have a miscarriage and it is a deeply disturbing experience that touches the innermost core of your being and hurts like nothing else ever did, it’s a sign that you are an old and experienced spirit/soul. You are taking part in the second instalment of learning how to appreciate the value of human life and the healer’s pathway is calling for your attention. This is how the first part of the Aquarian writings with the title ‘Healers And Healing’ a long time ago came into being. With ‘The Spiritual Background Of Miscarriages’ this is a circle in the process of closing. Whatever you do, look with compassion at your own suffering and never forget that you are by no means a failure as a woman. You are merely a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother and if you decide to walk the healer’s pathway and ask for their guidance and protection, they may eventually fulfil your wish for an offspring of your own and maybe even several.’

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26 Nov, 2021
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