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The stalker
The stalker

The stalker

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"Next up we have a Steve with news of the killer stalker striking yet again", Victoria turned her tv off. She was sick of hearing about the killer stalker. She decided to go to bed, so she turned off the light and lay down. Her cat Juniper jumoed up and curled up in a ball next to her.

The next morning as Victoria was making coffee, her phone pinged, alerting her of a new text message. She picked her phone up and looked. The text was from an unknown number. She opened it up and read the text.

I see you, it said, and accompaning it was a picture of her in her kitchen, wearing the clothes that she had on right then. Startled she dropped the phone and looked outside. Noone was there. With shaking hands she picked her phone up and texted back.

Who is this?

There was no reponse, and after a while, she calmed down. She decided to go on her normal morning jog.

As she was getting ready, her phone rang. SHe answered it.


There was no reponse, just heavy breathing.

"Look, this isn't funny." and with that she hung up, and put in her earbuds to listen to music, and started jogging up the street. It was only dawn so none of her neighbors were awake.

As she jogged her mind strayed to the news articles about the killer stalker. They had murdered about five people in this county so far. All of whom they had stalked for a couple days beforehand. After a while she stopped to take a break, and catch her breathe.

As she stood there panting, she saw a figure out of the corner of her eye, and whipped around to look, but noone was there. She took her earbuds out looking around. She had definitely saw someone, but they seemed to have dissapeared.

She decided that it was time to head back home, after all she still had to shower and go to work. As she started jogging back towards her house, she thought she heard someone following her. She heard footsteps and heavy breathing. As it got closer, she moved to the side of the road, figuring it was another jogger. But noone passed, so she stopped to look behind her. Noone was behind her.

Starting to get frightened, she raced back to her house. When she got in, she locked the door behind her and collapsed gasping for air.

As she was showering she calmed down, figuring it was her imagination. As she prepared to leave the house, her phone pinged. She looked, and it was anonther text from the same unknown number as before. She opened it up and frowned.

Did you enjoy your jog? It read, and attatched to it was a video of her jogging.

Her heart raced. This is exactly what happened to the people who were getting stalked and killed by the killer stalker. Hands shaking she called 911.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"Hi, I think there's someone stalking me. And I think it might be the killer stalker." She said in a rush, not breathing.

"Ok please calm down ma'am. What's your address? I'll send an officer to talk with you."

"6453 Oakmont Drive. Shadysville 13201"

"Ok I'm sending an officer right now. Just stay put. He sould be there in about ten to fifteen minutes. Ok?"

"Ok," and with that the operater hung up.

Victoria sat down and her cat jumped on her lap purring.

"Oh Juniper, I hope it's nothing." She muttered.

Juniper meowed in response.

About ten minutes later she heard a knock at the door. When she opened up there was a police officer.

"Hi, are you Victoria?"He asked.

She nodded.

"I was sent here, because you believe you're being stalked."

"Yes," She breathed.

"May I come in so we can talk?"

She nodded and let him in. They sat down on her couch.

"So tell me everything you can about the stalker."

So she told him about the weird texts and picture, and video.

He nodded. At the end he asked if she would feel more comfortable with a police officer outside her house 24/7 untill the stalker was caught.

"Yes please." And with that he left. She went to work,a dn when she came home, there was a police car outside her house.

As she ate dinner, her mind drifted to her boyfriend, who had recently died from cancer. She missed him terribly. They had been together for five years, and he had proposed to her a couple months before he passed. She wished he was still here with her. He always knew how calm her down when she was anxious.

Suddenly the dorrbell rang. She got up to answer it, but noone was at her door. She was about to close it, when she saw a note.

She picked it up and read it. Your turn to die. It said. Scared she ran to the police car, but when she looked inside, the cop was dead. It looked like he had been stabbed multiple times. Screaming, she stumbled backwards and fell. All of a sudden she felt someone grab her hair,a dn start dragging her backwards.

"Help!!" She screamed, but noone seemed to hear her. All of a sudden she felt a pain in her side, she looked down and there was a knife in her side. Then she felt something bash into her skull and everything went black.

Author Notes: Tell me how I did, and how I can improve please. :)

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29 Jan, 2021
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