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The Swallow's Message
The Swallow's Message

The Swallow's Message


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Eighty-Two

The Swallow As Animal Totem

Part One

At the beginning of October 2020, my friend in Wales sent me the above two pictures of swallows getting ready for their annual migration to our world’s warmer countries. I have never seen swallow gathering in such great numbers. My inner guidance tells me that this is the Angels telling us that the time has come for healing all our relationships, especially the one with God, all of humankind, our world and the whole of Creation. The swallows are bringing us the spirit realms message is one of hope and encouragement that is not only meant for Wales and the United Kingdom but our whole world.

Swallow’s homing instinct, which we shall deal with in more detail later, is drawing the whole of humankind back into the conscious awareness of its true eternal home, the world of spirit. The instinct of returning to it’s home is programmed into every tiny human spark when, for the first time, it leaves behind its true home, the spirit realm where lying and cheating, deception and dishonesty are unknown. Each spark is placed in a physical body. As a physical being in a material world it then starts taking part in the lessons of the earthly school of life. And just like the swallow faithfully returns every year to the nest it builds for itself at the beginning of this round of its earthly existence, we too at the end of each earthly lifetime, whichever way it may come about, return to the safety of our true home.

Every springtime the swallows return to our Northern rougher climate and conditions of life. Like them, as soon as we have rested sufficiently in the spirit world, we freely and willingly return to the rough and tumble of another earthly existence. We rest safely in the knowledge that, guided and protected by the Great Father/Mother’s love, we shall find our way home, just like the swallow who instinctively finds its way over thousands of miles over some of the most treacherous parts of our world’s oceans. Year after year the swallow does this, when it could always stay in the warmer countries. Why and why don’t we stay in the spirit world? We apply for another earthly lifetime because we know that without attending to some more of its lessons, it will be impossible to grow in wisdom and understanding that help our consciousness to expand the way it should.

Swallow shows us that we and our world will always be safe, protected and guided by the love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother and their Angels. This is the knowledge that got lost during six thousand years of patriarchy with its all-masculine religions and the yoke of male dominion-seeking and exploitation of the feminine, warmongering and oppression. Fortunately, by now this part of humankind’s development has been left behind. The pandemic is part of its remnants because the time has come for discovering the truth about God’s nature, our own and the special relationship every one of us has always had and forever will have with our Creator.

Our world’s present situation serves two purposes. The first one is the redemption of the outstanding karmic debts of the patriarchy. The second and maybe even more important one is humankind becoming aware of its true nature. Time for finding out that everybody’s earthly existence serves the wise higher purpose of progressing as much as possible, individually and collectively, on the evolutionary spiral of life. Time for discovering that we are in relationship with everything, ourselves, each other, our world, God and the whole of Creation.

The Age of Aquarius, among many other things, is the age of friendship and siblinghood with all manifestations of life, not only on the Earth but throughout the whole of Creation. The time has come for healing and transforming all our relationships into friendships and the realisation that everybody’s true and eternal best friend is their very own God or Christ Self. For the healing of every one of us and our world the twin flames of Heaven and Earth are now in the process of joining forces. And that’s how the greatest healing miracle of all times is in the process of happening on our planet.

Apart from continuing to send kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to our world’s troublemakers and scaremongers, swallow advises us to:

• Be more vocal about the love, respect and admiration we feel for each other, our world, the whole of Creation and its Creator.
• Reflect on the things where we and our world have gone wrong, individually and collectively. Ask God and the Angels to intuitively show us ways of how to improve them.
• Accept the changes that are necessary for conducting all our relationships with love that comes not only from our hearts but also our heads, through the gift of understanding the processes of life.

Let’s call on swallow for spiritual guidance on how to:

• Express our feelings towards the whole of humankind and our world in visible ways.
• Examine what we have been doing to those around us and intuitively show us ways of doing better.
• Wherever necessary, to restore the love we once had for each other, especially with those who passed into the spirit world without an opportunity for making peace with them.
• Make every one of our relationships into more loving ones.
• Trust that it is the goodness of life that provides us with relationships that act as mirrors of ourselves as well as teaching us something. This is particularly true for difficult and traumatic relationships. Understanding their lessons is particularly helpful for the redemption of some of our most ancient karmic debts.

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2) ‘Lockdowns Are Not The Answer’



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13 Oct, 2020
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